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Chapter 1165

“Well, I support you and always stand behind you!”

Levi patted him on the shoulder.

The next day.

In the Qin family mansion.

Everyone is dining in the restaurant.

Everyone was silent.

The Qin family has a strict system. After all, it is the first royal family under the aristocratic family and is currently attacking the aristocratic family.

Perhaps, in the near future, the Qin family hopes to be promoted to the ranks of the aristocratic family.

“Grandpa, do you think that kid Qin Wentian will come?”

It was Qin Zhantian who broke the silence.

Others cannot speak, nor dare to speak.

But Qin Zhantian is different, he has this qualification.

“Do you think it’s possible? It’s just a quick talk!”

Qin Longfei sneered.

Xiao Bass smiled and said; “Zhantian, what do you care about that waste? Even if you give him a hundred years, he can’t compare to one tenth of yours!”

Xiao Bass has a coquettish appearance and figure, and a single glance can make a man salivate.

Jiang Yijun is the most beautiful in Beijing.

She is the most charming in Beijing.

I like the strong!

It was Wesley who had taken the heir’s position to get along with him.

After Wesley was abolished as the heir, she turned and plunged into Qin Zhantian’s arms.

It is rumored that Xiao Bass had social experience with many men.

It’s just that Qin Zhantian has not given up on her, it can only show that this woman has the means to firmly hold Qin Zhantian’s heart.

Qin Zhantian looked cold and arrogant: “He doesn’t even have the qualifications to be my opponent. How can I care about him. I’m just afraid that he will do some embarrassing things and shame the Qin family!”

“Don’t worry about him! Anyway, he would never dare to come to the Qin’s house to make trouble! Want to beat the Qin’s house? Idiot dreaming!”


At this moment, there was a sudden explosion.

Immediately afterwards, a cold shout came: “Qin Zhantian came out to die!”

The sound is all over every corner of the Qin family’s house.

“what’s the situation?”

“Is this kid really here?”

Qin Longfei and others who were eating were extremely surprised.

“Death! I must abolish him!”

Qin Zhantian got up.

Others also got up.

Soon, everyone from the Qin family came to the gate.

In addition to Wesley, there are five people.

The appearance is similar to that of Wesley, just like refugees fleeing from famine.

“Why? Looking for a helper? Just relying on the six of you who want to overthrow the Qin family?”

“Find a helper, you can find something awesome! Each one looks like refugees…”

Xiao Bass sneered.

Wesley smiled: “Xiao Bass, you are a bit bad, your eyes are too narrow, you can never imagine who are standing in front of you!”

Wesley’s eyes swept across the Qin family again.

“I’m giving you a chance, as long as you kneel before me one by one and repent of your evil deeds, I will forgive you!”

“Otherwise, I will level the Qin family today!”


After the Qin family listened, they were all happy.

Wesley looked like a fool in their eyes.

“Shut up, what are you talking about?”

Wesley’s parents scolded.

“Do you still want to level the entire Qin family? You can’t even pass the battle of Zhantian!”

Qin Zhantian smiled and said; “Qin Wentian, don’t you have any self-knowledge? Eight years ago, you could not catch up with me anyway! I am your fear and your nightmare. Now I am stronger. From the Xia Jundao ranking, I am at least ranked in the top 20! What are you fighting against me?”

As soon as these words came out, Wesley trembled.

Qin Zhantian has always been fearful.

“No! I want to defeat you! I want to prove that I am better than you!”

Chapter 1166

“Hahaha, ants, I will let you know how far you are from me!”

Qin Zhantian dismissed it.

“Zhan Tian hurry up and let this waste lie at your feet for a long time!”

Xiao Bass shouted anxiously.

He has been sitting at the top of the capital list for eight years, and no one can shake it.

In the past eight years, his martial arts hasn’t fallen for a moment.

He is much better than he was eight years ago.

Now his is unattainable!

An unattainable existence.

In the eyes of the Qin family, Wesley is a dead body.

“If you look for death, I will fulfill you!”

Qin Zhantian stepped out and came to Wesley in an instant.


Qin Zhantian wanted to kill Wesley with a punch.

But his face changed drastically.

Because Wesley escaped.

The audience was terrified.

Next is the confrontation between the two…

The Qin family’s expressions were arrogant at first, then they were surprised, and then shocked…

After a hundred moves against the bomb.


Suddenly one person was beaten into the air, and the other bullied himself up, hitting him with a punch in the air.


In the end, the man smashed to the ground heavily, and fine cracks appeared on the green bricks on the ground.

Everyone looked over.

The Qin family was dumbfounded.

Because it was Qin Zhantian lying on the ground.

He was covered in blood, his bones were broken, and his body twitched violently.

His eyes were full of incredible.


Very shocking!

No one thought that Wesley would become so strong!

Even Qin Zhantian is not an opponent!

Qin Longfei was dumbfounded.

Qin Fengliang was dumbfounded.

Xiao Bass was dumbfounded.

Why did he suddenly become so powerful?

Isn’t it eight years in jail?

“Qin Zhantian, you are no longer my fear. I naively thought that you were the most terrifying person I had ever seen. When I stepped onto the battlefield, I realized that my vision was narrow!”

Wesley laughed.

“Battlefield? Are you not a prison?”

Xiao Bass asked in surprise.

“The road to heaven is inexhaustible. I was selected to a special team in prison. You have definitely heard of my identity now-the Azure Dragon Battle King.”


“What? The Azure Dragon King of War?”

The Qin family’s face changed wildly.

“And standing in front of you, this one is my boss, God of War, and my brothers, which are Alton…”

When Wesley introduced the identities of several people one by one.

The Qin family was dumbfounded.


Xiao Bass knelt down in front of Wesley with a puff, clutching Wesley’s leg and crying: “Wen God is my fault, please forgive me once! These years have passed, and my heart has always been on you! As long as you want We will go back in time, I am willing to accompany you for life!”

“Wen Tian is the fault of mom and dad, we shouldn’t be indifferent!”

“Wen Tian is the fault of Grandpa! Grandpa will give you the position of heir! Grandpa is confused!”

“Wen Tian is the second uncle wrong, second uncle shouldn’t treat you like that!”

Faced with the overwhelming power, the martial arts crossover Wesley.

The attitude of the Qin family immediately changed.

Everyone said they were wrong.

Levi had seen this face too much.

He left the Qin family with the others, and let Wesley handle it by himself.

Today, major news broke out in Beijing.

The Qin Wentian who was in jail for his younger brother from the Qin family leveled the Qin family after returning.

It even defeated Qin Zhantian, who was number one on the Young Lord’s List.

Solved the Wesley thing.

Next is my own business.

“Garrison Family, are you ready?”

Levi’s eyes were filled with cold light.

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