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Chapter 1167

“By the way, what do I want you to prepare, Kylin?”

Levi asked.

“Enlighten to the God of War, the things are on the way to the capital, and they will be in the capital soon!”

Alton answered.

Levi was about to take the next step, but received a call.

Look at the number is Xiao Qin.

“Hey, Xiao Qin, how did you know my new number?”

Levi was surprised.

“I learned through Mr. Qin!”

After Xiao Qin came to the capital, he had a lot of contact with Old Man Qin.

“Xiao Qin, what’s wrong with you?”

“Brother-in-law, can you come and pick me up? I have something troublesome! Brother-in-law, I’ll hang up first, you come to me…”

Xiao Qin’s tone was a little anxious.

Levi looked cold: “Suzaku quickly locates Xiao Qin!”

Suzaku shot, and quickly positioned Xiao Qin’s position.

In the Dynasty Villa.

It is the place where the powerful and powerful people in the capital come and go.

Tonight, Dynasty Villa was booked by a young man.

It’s the top party for young and old ladies.

The dozens of luxury cars parked at the door are worth more than two billion.

Limited editions of top supercars are available here.

Because the person who started the party tonight is Long Kuangfeng, the second young Lord of the Long Family of Morendam’s second family.

Those who attended the party were all young and old ladies from the royal family of the capital, each with a distinguished identity.

Even Gao Qingyu was invited to the show.

After all, the young and old of the aristocratic family can’t help but give the face.

The topic everyone discussed today is naturally a major event in the Qin family.

“I really didn’t expect the first son of the list to be defeated? Qin Wentian has been in jail for eight years!”

“The list of young Lords in the capital is really messed up. The first one was defeated, and the second one is now a lunatic!”

“Now I’m relying on Gao Xiaoyou to support it!”

Everyone talked.

Gao Qingyu smiled and said, “As you know, I have never been cold to fame, so what’s the difference?”

“I faintly feel that something major is going to happen in the capital recently? First, the God of War of God of War and the God of Asura were engaged in a battle in the capital, then Qin Wentian stepped down on the Qin family, and then there was another Levi! It is said that he is going to the Garrison family… …”

Someone said.

“It’s true that a lot of major events have happened recently, but can Levi be called a major event? It’s just a coward, and he doesn’t deserve our attention!”

Gao Qingyu smiled, but a cold light flashed through his eyes.

“Young Lord Long is here, please be quiet, everyone!”

There was a tall young man in the field, and he calmed down immediately.

He is Dragon Kuangfeng.

Family members.

Above the top of the list of sons.

There was a girl next to him who didn’t know the powerful and powerful people in Beijing, but Levi knew him.

It is Xiao Qin.

Long Kuangfeng smiled at everyone and said, “Today, we gather everyone together for two points. One, let us discuss the recent failure of Qin Zhantian, and second, I want everyone to announce a decision.”

Everyone looked forward to Dragon Kuangfeng.

Gao Qingyu even asked; “Is there a happy event for Young Lord Long?”

Gao Qingyu discovered Xiao Qin next to him and thought of something.

“Well, Xiao Gao is right! It is indeed a happy event for me!”

Long Kuangfeng glanced at Xiao Qin next to him and said, “I decided to marry Miss Xiao Qin next to me!”

“Ah? Long, don’t you already marry a wife and have children? Why do you still want to marry?”

Someone spoke subconsciously.

Long Kuangfeng children can make soy sauce, this is something everyone knows.

And the family is very strict in marrying a wife.

Long Kuangfeng smiled and said, “This time it is a concubine, I want Na Xiaoqin to be a concubine!”

Chapter 1168


Everyone took a breath.

Although all the people present were of super family background, the three wives and four concubines were all in the past tense.

Now even no one from the royal family would go to take a concubine.

You can have a confidante, but there is only one person who is truly famous.

Wouldn’t give a concubine like that.

Even Lawrence couldn’t.

But everyone dare not have any objections.

This is the young and old of the family!

What’s more, the dragon kuangfeng is extremely delicate.

Known as the first dude in the capital, a woman killer.

I don’t know how many women have been harmed for so many years.

There must be five or six hundred if you say less.

It is said that many minors have been poisoned by him.

Many women disappeared directly after being taken away by him, and neither people nor their bodies were found.

He is a complete pervert.

So everyone is not surprised to hear him take a concubine.

After Xiao Qin came to Beijing and worked in the enterprise under Long’s house, he was spotted by Long Kuangfeng inadvertently.

Forced to accept her as a concubine.

Xiao Qin was helpless.

Just when she heard that Levi came to the capital, she hesitated for a long time and dialed Levi’s number.

“Congratulations Long Shaona! I will ask for a wedding drink at that time!”

The first thing that came out was the high-definition reputation, he celebrated Long Kuangfeng.

“Congratulations, Young Lord Long!”

Others also reacted one by one, celebrating Dragon Kuangfeng.

For Xiao Qin, they can only sympathize.

What a nice girl, but unfortunately she fell into Long Kuangfeng’s hands.

“Well, well, everyone will come to have a wedding drink at that time!”

Long Kuangfeng was delighted.

Seeing the charming and innocent Xiao Qin next to him, Long Kuangfeng couldn’t bear it anymore.

In fact, he doesn’t need to take concubines at all.

It’s just that he found out that Xiao Qin’s sister was the righteous daughter of Old Man Lin.

It may be troublesome to directly attack Xiao Qin.

So he wants to take a concubine!

No one had any objections to Xiao Qin’s attack in such an open manner.

“Is she willing?”

Suddenly a voice rang out in the field.

Everyone looked at the source of the sound, and it turned out that the “madman” Lawrencelong was speaking.

No one thought he would come.

After all, in everyone’s eyes, he is a lunatic, not the second son of the son.

“I never look at other people’s willingness or not to do things! As long as I like it, I will force it!”

Long Kuangfeng is extremely domineering.

Long Kuangfeng also glanced at Xiao Qin: “As long as I like it, she is mine! Who can do anything to me?”

Long Kuangfeng has arrogant capital.

The Long Family is extremely protective of shortcomings, and his fathers have protected him everywhere.

As long as he doesn’t do particularly big things, he will protect him.

What’s more, his uncle Lawrence and younger brother Garrison West also loved him very much.

He does everything without restraint, never considering the consequences.

Because the sky is falling, there are people to help him.

“It’s a pity Long Kuangfeng, you got the wrong person! Do you know her identity?”

Lawrencelong asked.

“Of course I know, her elder sister is the righteous daughter of Mr. Lin! I only have to take a concubine, and Mr. Lin can’t do anything about me!”

Long Kuangfeng looked calm.

“Haha, isn’t it? You can’t afford to offend her, you are looking for death if you accept her as a concubine!”

Lawrencelong laughed.

Naturally, Long Kuangfeng didn’t believe it.

“Hahaha, I can’t afford to offend? I’m going to take her as a concubine today! I want to see who will stop it? You want me to die?”

Long Kuangfeng roared.

Lawrencelong shook his head speechlessly.

This time the first dude encountered hard stubble.


At this time, the door was suddenly blasted open.

“He’s right! Xiao Qin, you really can’t afford to offend!”

A cold voice came.

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