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Chapter 1169

A figure appeared at the door of the hall.

Hundreds of eyes in the field looked over.

Everyone saw a strange face.

But when Gao Qingyu saw it, his face changed.

It turned out to be Levi!

Lawrencelong smiled at the corner of his mouth, hiding in the corner and watching.

A good show is about to be staged.

“who are you?”

Long Kuangfeng asked angrily.

“Brother-in-law, you are here!”

When Xiao Qin saw Levi, he ran over.

“what happened?”

Levi asked with a cold face.

Long Kuangfeng stepped forward and said, “Let me tell you what’s going on. I want Na Xiaoqin to be a concubine! It’s that simple!”

Xiao Qin nodded fiercely.

“What age are you still taking concubines? The one that allows you to take concubines?”

Levi’s eyes were cold.

Long Kuangfeng was full of arrogance: “I still need someone’s permission to take a concubine? You don’t want to find out who I am? I am the second young Lord of the Long Family. The Long Family pampers me, and even the Patriarch of the First Family Garrison Family pampers me. “

“Then you won’t ask others to agree or disagree?”

Levi asked.

Long Kuangfeng smiled and said, “Of course, what I like is what I like. Where do I need to ask other people’s opinions!”

Levi was happy.

It understates the bullying of men and women ignoring what Wang Fa said.

How domineering!

No wonder Xiao Qin asks for help.

It turned out to be in such trouble.

Long Kuangfeng condescendingly looked at Levi: “Boy, let me tell you, no matter what your identity and background, Xiao Qin is my concubine, I’m sure! You can’t stop it!”

“Oh, isn’t it? Then I also said, if anyone asks Xiao Qin to do something against her will, I will not forgive!”

Levi was also determined.

“Do you want to join in the fun about Levi and Young Lord Long? You leave now!”

At this time, Gao Qingyu got up and said.

“What did you just say? Garrison… Levi?”

Long Kuangfeng asked in surprise.

Others also looked over.

“Yes, he is Levi!”

This introduction of Gao Qingyu.

Everyone in the audience stood up.

Although Levi had never seen him before, everyone had heard of his name.

“He actually came to the capital?”

Everyone was very surprised.

Everyone looked at Levi carefully.

Shame on this Garrison Family!

In order to survive, abandon mother and wife and children.

Let women and children bear everything for him.

“Levi, you don’t deserve to be a man, do you dare to come here?”

“I really want to kill you!”

“You are really not a person, a coward! It’s a shame that I have someone like you in Morendam!”

Everyone yelled at Levi as if a gunpowder keg had been lit.

“Levi, I advise you to leave quickly, Young Lord Long can spare your life!”

Gao Qingyu quickly persuaded.

“Young Lord Gao deserves to be a gentleman, and he is obviously competing with Levi for Miss Sarah, so he is still thinking about him!”

“Only you can be worthy of Miss Sarah, this kind of thing that is not a man is not worthy at all!”

Everyone praised the high-definition reputation.

Different colors flashed in HD Yu’s eyes.

Levi smiled and said: “Okay, I can leave, but I will leave with Xiao Qin!”

“No! You can go, but Xiao Qin must stay and be my concubine!”

“Now in the entire capital, who doesn’t know that Xiao Qin is going to be my concubine? How can he go with you? Is my Dragon Kuangfeng shameless?”

Long Kuangfeng said angrily.

“Then I just took her away today! Those who stop me, kill!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

Chapter 1170

“Boy, you are looking for death!”

“Dare to threaten Shao Long? You grew up eating a bear heart and a leopard, right?”

Two people rushed up immediately.

They are Cui Hongxuan and Wang Guangyao, the elders of the royal family in the capital, ranking ninth and tenth on the list of young Lords.

The two have also grown up in martial arts since they were young, and they are especially good at fighting, first-class Lords.

“Step aside!”

Levi said coldly.

“Take it down!”

Long Kuangfeng shouted.

Cui Hongxuan and Wang Guangyao rushed over immediately.



Seeing Levi kicked out with both feet, the two men flew out directly.



The two knocked over several tables in a row, and finally smashed to the ground violently, convulsed a few times, and then fainted.

At this moment, the audience was silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

No one thought that Levi would be able to martial arts…

Still so strong!

These two are the ninth and tenth on the Young Lord’s List.

A rare martial arts genius!

Gao Qingyu and Long Kuangfeng changed colors one after another.

“Huh? The kid has two chances? But do you know who you are hitting? These two are the eldest Lords of the royal family! You are done!”

Long Kuangfeng pointed to Levi’s nose and shouted.

“Levi, you are in trouble! You dare to fight anyone!”

Gao Qingyu also shouted.

The royal family was beaten, this problem is very serious.

These families in the capital are notorious for protecting their shortcomings.

Levi was happy: “What’s wrong with the royal family? Can’t you fight? Laozi is the royal family!”

Long Kuangfeng was going to explode in anger.

Levi provoked him repeatedly!

He can’t bear it!

“Get out of me, or even you will fight!”

Levi stared at Long Kuangfeng coldly.

“There is a kind of you move me to try?”

Long Kuangfeng got used to being arrogant and domineering.

Beijing, who would dare to touch his finger?

“Everyone has heard it, he himself asked me to beat him!”

As soon as Levi’s voice fell, he suddenly kicked Long Kuangfeng’s left leg.


With a crack in the bone, Long Kuangfeng knelt down in front of Levi with a thud.



Levi threw a kick on his right leg again.



He abolished the two arms of Long Kuangfeng with two consecutive feet.


The screams of dragon kuangfeng killing pigs echoed in the hall.

He was deposed!

All limbs were interrupted!


Too ruthless!

Everyone looked at Levi incredulously.

Madman, right?

Even Long Kuangfeng dare to abolish it?

Levi really caused a disaster this time!

A catastrophe that no one can save!

“Young Lord Long…”

All the people who reacted rushed up.

“Levi, are you crazy? Anyone dare to move? This is the young Lord of the second family of Morendam!”

Gao Qingyu shouted.

“You have caused a terrible disaster! If you can live today, my last name will be yours!”

“Levi, don’t want to go, today you are destined to be a dead end!”

Everyone also scolded.

Everyone began to contact their families, asking the elders to come forward.

After all, things are making a big deal.

If the Long family blames it, everyone is responsible.

For a time, the sixteen and thirty-two major royal families in the capital were all alarmed.

Patriarchs and Lords of all major families rushed to the Dynasty Manor.

Almost for a while, the entire capital was completely messed up.

After all, the person who was abolished was the young Lord of the second family.

Nature is completely different.

“You have to give an explanation about Levi today!”

Everyone stared at Levi.

He simply sat in a chair: “Well, I am waiting for everyone to come and solve it together.”

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