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Chapter 1171

“You call people? What is the list of the sons, how many people can come and how many people can come!”

Levi shouted at the crowd.

Levi’s arrogant posture made everyone angry.

Everyone continues to shout people.

It is bound to let Levi understand how cruel and powerful the capital is.

Gao Qingyu took a deep look at Levi, and he came outside.

He made a careful look.

Deliberately use the relationship to suppress this matter, so that the big families will not know it.

He was afraid that what the Lin family knew might change.

He deliberately blocked the news, just to get rid of Levi completely with the help of the great royal families.

Want to explain to Sarah?

No chance!

The true essence of Gao Qingyu is actually a hypocrite.

He is bound to marry Sarah, so he can enter the Lin family…

The appearance of Levi is bound to disrupt his series of plans.

So Levi must die!

The capital is already in chaos at the moment.


Ling family.

Jiang family.

Cui’s house.

Wang’s house.

The royal family of the capital and the people of the major royal families all rushed to the Imperial Villa.

Except for the Qin family, the first royal family, all other families have arrived.

Soon, hundreds of cars gathered in front of the Dynasty Villa.

Patriarchs of major families rushed in.

There are countless Lords behind him.

In the hall, the screams of Long Kuangfeng still echoed.

Levi came to calm down and relax.

“Who hurt my son?”

“Who wastes less dragons?”

With a stern shout, a group of elders in beautiful clothes arrived, followed by a large number of people.

In particular, Cui Tiancheng, the head of the Cui family, and Wang Donghua, the head of the Wang family, rushed to the forefront.

Jiang Wenhan, Jiang Zhaokong and Jiang Yijun also appeared one after another.

The big people that you don’t see on weekdays gather today.

“It’s him! Levi!”

Everyone pointed to Levi.

Levi glanced at the audience and sneered: “Are everyone here? Let’s go together, I want to fight them all!”

“Arrogant! You are looking for death!”

Someone rushed up immediately.


Levi kicked out.

The man flew out with the force of a car accident, and there was no movement after he fell to the ground.


“This is the top Lord of the Cui family, but it’s not the same?”

Everyone’s eyes are flying out.


Next, a large number of Lords all killed Levi.

Just come and kill one, come and kill one pair.

Levi always sat on the chair.

There were people lying on the ground around him, wailing.

“He can fight like this? This…”

Jiang Wenhan and Jiang Zhaokong looked at Levi incredulously.

Is this still a coward in that person’s population?

For a moment, they regretted breaking the marriage contract.

Everyone else is crazy.

So many Lords are not opponents?

Even Gao Qingyu was dumbfounded.

“Sure enough, the Garrison family doesn’t make waste! Even an illegitimate child is so powerful!”

Everyone exclaimed.

Long Kuangfeng, who was supported by everyone, stared at Levi: “I don’t care how good he is, kill him for me!”

“Otherwise, I will let the Long Family and Garrison Family take care of them personally! Then you won’t be able to eat and walk around!”

Faced with the threat of the dragon gust, the big families can only compromise.

“Everyone listen to me, be sure to kill this person! Garrison family knows, it won’t blame it, but will reward it!”

Cui Tiancheng shouted.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.


“You can’t afford this person, because he is the God of War!”

Chapter 1172

Just listen to Jiang Yijun’s hysterical yelling.


As soon as this was said, the audience took a breath.

The hundreds of Lords who were just about to start all stopped and petrified on the spot.

Everyone was stunned.

Like a lot of stone statues.

Lawrencelong, who was hiding in the corner, smiled.

You messed with the wrong person this time!

This person can really suppress the entire capital wealthy family by one person.

His Lawrencelong can be like this, mainly because he met this one.

One full minute!

Everyone was stunned for a full minute!

“Kun…God of War…”

Someone swallowed fiercely.

Lawrencelong said loudly: “Yes, that’s right! Standing in front of you is my God of War of Morendam Town-God of War! Lawrencelong pays a visit to the God of God of War!”

“Jiang Yijun pays homage to the God of War!”

Accompanied by the two affirmative voices.

The dragon kuangfeng puffed and fell to the ground.

Gao Qingyu slumped in a chair.

The eyes of everyone present were about to fly out.

God of War? ? ?

It turned out to be Levi?

Did you make a mistake?

Jiang Wenhan and Jiang Zhaokong looked at Levi and then at their daughter. They finally understood why Jiang Yijun made this decision after returning.

“It turns out that Tianlong and Yijun didn’t happen to meet the God of War. They went to find Levi!”

“No wonder Levi will make a gambling agreement with Lawrence? It turns out that he really ignored the Garrison family!”

“I also understand why Levi would suddenly disappear? He went to the Northern Realm to Kill the Blood King Palace! So he didn’t come back when his child was born, and even missed the bet with the Garrison family!”

In an instant, everyone sorted everything out clearly.

Long Kuangfeng understood why Xiao Qin couldn’t afford to offend him…

No one can save this trouble.

It is very likely that even the Long Family will suffer.



Everyone knelt down one by one.

“Ling family visits the God of War!”

“The Jiang family visits the God of War!”

“The Gao family pays respects to the God of War of God of War!”

The scene was extremely shocking.

Only Gao Qingyu stood in place like a walking corpse, at a loss.

He finally understood what kind of explanation Levi wanted to give her when he brought Sarah to the capital.

Is he actually robbing his wife and children from the God of War?

“What are you doing? Don’t you kneel down?”

The Gao family was anxious, and hurriedly shouted at Gao Qingyu.

Gao Qingyu knelt down with a puff: “God of War, I was wrong, I shouldn’t…”

Levi sneered: “Although you are not worthy of a gentleman, but at least you said that the movers have come to the capital. I will spare you once!”

“Thank you God of War!”

Gao Qingyu crawled on the ground, kowtow again and again.

“You have to be rules in everything, don’t be so overbearing, okay? Still take a concubine? Take yourself as the ancient emperor? Do you have that qualification? Someday, someone will cure you!”

Levi said coldly.

Long Kuangfeng knocked his head repeatedly.

“Don’t dare! Never dare anymore!”

Levi then left here with Xiao Qin.

This day is a thrilling day for the big wealthy and prominent families in the capital.

They even knew why the Qin family was trampled down, because Qin Wentian was the Azure Dragon King.

Finally, the abolished Dragon Kuangfeng was carried back to the family’s Long family.

Long Kuangfeng didn’t say a word, he didn’t dare to tell the truth.

“Who abolished my grandson? I will be held accountable to the end!”

Long Zhanye, Patriarch of the Long Family, roared wildly.

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