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Chapter 1173

There was a heartache in the Long family.

What everyone loves most is Dragon Kuangfeng.

Now that he has fallen into this, everyone is very heartbroken.

“Grandpa, father, you don’t have to pursue this matter!”

Long Kuangfeng shouted.


Everyone looked at Dragon Kuangfeng in surprise.

This is not his character!

In the past, Long Kuangfeng was not aggrieved at all, if he hurt him, he would definitely afflict him with the nine races.

Now he won’t be held accountable anymore?

This is how the same thing?

“Don’t ask, this matter is over, okay?”

Long Kuangfeng was a little anxious.


Take revenge on the God of War?

Are you crazy?

“Your uncle Lawrence just called to ask what’s going on? He also cares about your affairs!”

The Garrison Family also knew about Dragon Kuangfeng’s injury.

Everyone wants to know who did it?

Provocation to the family?

At this time, Garrison West came quickly.

“Who did Brother Kuangfeng?”

Seeing Long Kuangfeng’s miserable appearance, Garrison West asked with a sullen face.

“Say the name, I will solve it!”

This waste was Long Kuangfeng, and it hit him Garrison West in the face.

“Garrison West don’t want it, it’s my problem, you don’t need to pursue it, I won’t talk about it!”

When Long Kuangfeng died, he would swallow this matter in his stomach.

His abnormality made everyone very strange.

What happened?

Make this unbelievable dude unwilling to say it?

Who did he meet?

Garrison West hanmang flashed: “Okay, don’t you say yes, I can find it!”

Every major family in the capital is wondering who caused Dragon Kuangfeng to abolish it?

The news also reached Old Man Lin’s ears, including Sarah who knew about it.

“Is that the dude?”

Sarah still remembered that Long Kuangfeng almost did it on himself, but fortunately, Mr. Lin appeared.

“Yes, he was annulled by someone, and he didn’t say who did it. I plan not to pursue this matter. This is not his character, it is really strange!”

Lin Haotian frowned.

“By the way, did Sarah that Levi contact you? Didn’t you say that I want to give you an explanation?”

Lin Feng asked first.

Sarah shook his head: “No.”

After Levi came to the capital, he seemed to have disappeared.

“This man is unreliable! What is the explanation? What more can he tell?”

Lin Fengxian roared angrily.

“Enlighten my lord, please see the Gao family high-definition outside!”

At this time the butler came to report.

“Okay, let him in quickly!”

Lin Haotian is still very optimistic about the high-definition reputation.

Now that Qin Zhantian is defeated, Lawrencelong is crazy.

Gao Qingyu is actually No. 1 on the list of young Lords in Beijing.

Soon, Gao Qingyu came to the chamber.

It’s just that his face is extremely ugly, extremely pale, and his whole person is extremely decadent.

It’s like experiencing a serious illness.

“Xiao Gao, what’s wrong with you?”

Everyone looked at him incredible.


Gao Qingyu suddenly knelt down in front of Lin Haotian.

“Old Lin! I came this time to ask you to dissolve my marriage contract with Miss Logan!”

Gao Qingyu almost cried.

Let him fight Sarah with the God of War War God, how many lives will he have?

“Ah? Didn’t you agree well before? Why did you suddenly release it?”

Lin Haotian was surprised.

“Do you think that Sarah has been married and has children?”

Lin Feng asked first.

Gao Qingyu shook his head quickly: “No, nothing! I am not worthy of Miss Logan! I also hope that the old man can dissolve the marriage contract!”

Old man Lin looked at him and said angrily: “Speak? What reason?”

Chapter 1174

Lin Haotian is the head of a family, a person who has experienced strong winds and waves.

What a fierce vision.

At a glance, you can see that the HD reputation is abnormal.

He would be like this if something absolutely happened.

“Let’s talk, you must have gone through something that made this kind of decision!”

Lin Haotian was determined.

After all, Gao Qingyu had promised well before.

Gao Qingyu almost cried.

“I’m afraid…”

Gao Qingyu whispered.

“Huh? What are you talking about? What do you seem to be afraid of?”

Lin Haotian asked.

Gao Qingyu gritted his teeth and said, “Lord Lin, don’t ask why, it’s my own business. I beg you to dissolve the marriage contract!”

“You are not afraid of me blaming?”

Lin Haotian was obviously angry.

“I’m not afraid! I beg Elder Lin to dissolve the marriage contract! All the consequences will be borne by me! If you want to kill, you must kill you!”

Gao Qingyu was completely spared.

Would rather offend the Lin family than Levi.


Gao Qingyu looked at his death like home, and shocked Lin Haotian.

Even Sarah is very curious.

What’s going on here?

Gao Qingyu would rather die than dissolve the marriage contract?

what happens?

Old Man Lin was taken aback.

“You don’t say what the reason is, right?”

Gao Qingyu nodded fiercely: “Yes, it’s my own business, it has nothing to do with other people.”

Lin Haotian was completely angry when Gao Qingyu was like this: “Do you really think I dare not do anything to you?”

“Foster father, just follow him!”

Sarah quickly said.

“Well, I’ll listen to my daughter!”

Mr. Lin agreed.

“Thank you!”

Gao Qingyu knocked his head a few times, relieved.

Finally freed.

“Don’t think you don’t tell me, I don’t know! I will find out!”

Old Man Lin roared.

Today is really strange one after another.

First is the thing about Dragon Kuangfeng, and then the high-definition reputation.

Why on earth?

“Is Gao Qingyu afraid of that kid Levi? That’s why he came back?”

Old man Lin was surprised.

“Isn’t it, father? They’ve already met before, let alone Levi can scare the son from third place? Impossible!”

Lin Fengxian immediately said.

Sarah also felt impossible.

There are other reasons why Gao Qingyu does this.

“By the way, where is Levi? Let him come to Lin’s house, I want him to give you an explanation in person!”

Lin Haotian changed his words.

Sarah could only call Levi.

“Hey, are you in the capital yet?”

“I’m in the capital, and I’m with Xiao Qin now, what’s wrong?”

Hearing what Levi said, Sarah was immediately angry: “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you say that you are coming to Beijing to give me an explanation? How about you?”

“Excuse me, I have dealt with a little bit of other things, how about I’ll give you an explanation tomorrow?”

Levi apologized.

Sarah sneered: “I think you don’t want to explain to me at all, do you? If you want to explain, come to the Lin family to explain to me immediately!”

“Okay, then I’m going to the Lin’s house now, just to thank your foster father!”

After Levi separated from Xiao Qin, he went straight to Lin’s house.

But Levi was about to enter the gate of Lin’s house, but was stopped.

“Didn’t you call me? Why stop me?”

Levi frowned.

“You can come in, but you can’t walk in, you have to come in on your knees!”

Lin Fengxian said coldly.


“After disappearing for a year and a half, don’t you have any guilt for Sarah? Letting you come in on your knees is to wash away your sins!”

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