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Chapter 1175

“Kneel down, make atonement!”

“Kneel down, make atonement!”

Lin’s guards also shouted together.

This was prepared by Mr. Lin for Levi.

If you want to explain, kneel down enough first!

But Levi looked at everyone coldly.

It didn’t mean to kneel down.

“Don’t you want to explain? What about your sincerity? Are you not ashamed of Sarah? She has done so much for you, and you don’t even kneel down to confess?”

Lin Fengxian said angrily.

Levi was a little angry. He asked, “Where is Sarah?”

“Sarah is inside. If you want to see her, you must kneel and go in, otherwise you are not worthy!”

Levi sneered: “Did you ask me to explain to Sarah, or did you come to kneel?”

“Of course I listened to your explanation, but if you want to explain, you must first kneel in!”

The Lin family hated Levi too much.

Now he really shows up.

It’s hard to get rid of the hatred if you don’t torture it well.

Sarah didn’t even know about going in on his knees.

This is what the Lin family deliberately wanted to embarrass Levi.

“Is this what Sarah asked me to kneel in?”

Levi asked.

Lin Fengxian nodded: “Of course! You don’t know how much nature hates you? She also wants you to go in on your knees!”

Levi smiled.

He knows too much about plum dyeing.

She just wanted to hear an explanation instead of kneeling on her own.

She absolutely didn’t know the Lin family embarrassed herself.

“Okay, then I will leave! It is impossible to make me kneel!”

Levi turned and left.

“Hey, why are you leaving?”

Lin Feng first shouted with anger.

But Levi came and left without looking back.

They really didn’t expect Levi to leave.

Just want to be a little embarrassed.


Lin Feng exploded first.

Lin’s hall.

“Huh? What about people? He just said it to the door.”

Seeing Lin Fengxian, Sarah asked curiously.

Lin Fengxian said angrily: “This Levi is not a man! Guess what, Sarah? When I picked him up at the door, I said a few things about him, saying that it was not easy for you, this kid was angry!”

“If you say you don’t go out to meet him personally, you are not sincere and don’t believe him! He also explained a F*rt!”

“You also said that you even changed his child’s surname to Logan. He didn’t run away for a year and a half…”

“I was so angry that I quarreled with him, and in the end he ran away and didn’t intend to explain it to you!”

Lin Feng added a lot of fuel and vinegar.

But the thing that made Levi come in on his knees never mentioned.


Sarah shouted with anger.

“Can I decide what the child’s surname is? That’s what the Garrison family didn’t let me! I can’t twist my thigh! You disappeared for a year and a half, you are reasonable!”

“Don’t explain if you don’t want to explain! I don’t want to listen!”

Sarah cried with anger.

“This rubbish, I can’t wait to slap him to death! It’s really disgusting!”

Lin Haotian roared angrily.

“Yes, he just doesn’t want to explain it! I really want to give you an explanation, why not go to the capital in Jiangbei? It’s just a trick, I don’t want to explain!”

“Besides, what does he explain? The facts are all in front of him, he just abandoned his wife, children and mother!”

Hearing the discussion of Lin’s family, Sarah was crying.

“Mom, stop crying, stop crying…”

Jun Jun wiped Sarah’s tears with his little hands.

The other side.

After Levi left the Lin family, he did not go back.

He came directly to Garrison’s house.

Chapter 1176

The Garrison family’s ancestral residence is said to have been through thousands of years, and it was an ancient palace.

The Garrison Family’s ancestral home is very large, comparable to a town.

Levi stood on the top of the mountain behind the Garrison family and looked at the whole picture of the Garrison family.

Don’t say anything else.

According to the view of geomantic omen in the mountains, the house of the ancestors of the Garrison family is a treasure of geomantic omen.

To be exaggerated is to rest on the dragon veins.

The descendants are evergreen, and the family stands firm.

It is indeed the first family of Morendam.

Seeing the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers, Levi couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Who dared to break into the forbidden land of my Garrison Clan?”

Suddenly an old voice came.

Levi already felt the sound of a person’s breathing and a force of pressure, and he was quickly approaching him.

After a while, an old man with white beard and hair appeared behind Levi.

From the looks of it, he is not more than a hundred years old, at least eighty or ninety.

But the spirit of the old man’s body was surging into the sea, and there was a faint sound of stormy waves.

Especially a pair of eyes, closed, like thunder and explosion.

The old man is a Lord!

Absolute super Lord!

No less than the Hall Lord and the Four Blood Kings that Levi encountered before!

Probably the oldest existence in the Garrison family, right?

“Who are you? You don’t look like a member of my Garrison Clan, right?”

The old man asked.

Levi smiled and said, “It does not belong to the Garrison Clan!”

“Little Wawa, then leave! This is not where you should come! This is a forbidden place for the Garrison Clan, even people from the Garrison Clan can’t come!”

The old man urged.

Levi glanced at the Garrison Family Ancestral House below, and he sneered: “Isn’t the Garrison Family where? Why? This mountain is yours too? This is Morendam’s land. I can go wherever I want? What’s up to you? “

Levi was very angry.

This group of people are really domineering and used to it.

The mountains that stretch for dozens of miles are forbidden areas for his Garrison Family?


“What nonsense are you talking about, Little Wawa? I’ll make it clear again that this is the Garrison Clan forbidden area, and no one can break into it! Offenders will die!”

The old man roared.

Levi Linle said: “Is it forbidden? Then I just broke into it, what can you do with me?”

“court death!”

The old man gave a cold slap and slapped Levi.

This palm seems soft, but it contains supreme energy.

Under one palm, open the stele and crack the stone, destroying everything.

If it falls on people, it will definitely crush everything.

Levi let out a cold snort and blasted out with a punch.

This punch is like a heavy artillery strike.


The two fought together with one fist and one palm.

There was a sound of thunder, especially when they were on the top of the mountain.

It sounded like a thunder in the sky above Garrison Family Ancestral House.


Under Levi’s heavy fist, the old man was invincible, sprinkled with blood, and flew out with the force of a car accident.

It was thrown on the ground fiercely.

Unbelievable flashes across his eyes.

The seemingly ordinary punch actually possesses such power?

Still a young man?

This is incredible!

The old man looked at him blankly.

The old man has a great background!

Named Garrison Tianlin, he is the patron saint of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

He is the oldest and most terrifying person of the Garrison Clan.

Known as the old god by the Garrison Clan!

Because he is a hundred and thirty years old!

He has experienced the ups and downs of the Garrison Family for several generations, he is equivalent to the Garrison Family’s heaven.

Garrison West’s strength was also trained by him.

Even the top three of the saber list were trained by him!

The strongest members of the younger generation of the Garrison family were all his experience.

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