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Chapter 1177

Legend has it that Garrison Tianlin’s strength has reached an unimaginable level.

I didn’t expect to lose to Levi!

“You… who are you?”

Garrison Tianlin asked.

“My name is Levi! Today I will observe the situation of the Garrison family, and tomorrow I will call the door of the Garrison family personally.

Levi said helplessly.


Garrison Tianlin said the name silently.

What suddenly sounded.

“It turned out to be you…”

Although Garrison Tianlin lived in seclusion in the mountains behind the Garrison family, he had been practicing martial arts.

But he knew everything about Garrison Family and even Morendam.

He knew Levi.


Thinking of this, Garrison Tianlin could only sigh silently.

Garrison West is known as the number one genius.

But compared with Levi, it was nothing.

What did the Garrison Clan lose?

“Well, I will come to Garrison’s house tomorrow, I hope you don’t interfere! Otherwise I will kill you!”

Levi left here after speaking.

At this moment, the ancestral home of the Garrison family was in chaos.

Because of the huge movement just now, they realized that something might have happened to the forbidden area.

Lawrence and Garrison West hurried to the forbidden area.

“What happened to the ancestor?”

Lawrence asked.

“Go back!”

Garrison Tianlin did not tell them.

Lawrence and Garrison West looked at each other.

What exactly happened here?

There seems to be something serious in the capital recently.

Strange things everywhere…

It is said that all the royal families and royal families have collectively dispatched to do a major event.

But their family had no idea.

Furthermore, Long Kuangfeng was abolished, and they couldn’t find the slightest.

Now the ancestors have problems here…

“Since the ancestor is okay, then we will retreat!”

The father and son left the forbidden area.

“Father, I think something is going to happen, my right eyelid keeps jumping!”

Garrison West already had a bad feeling.

Lawrence also had a heavy face.

“I think it’s all Levi! He is really a broom star, with his own bad luck. Since he appeared, there is nothing good for you to see! It is said that he will come to my Garrison’s house!”

Garrison West nodded: “I heard that Levi is coming to Garrison’s house tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow, I must abolish this kid!”

Lawrence’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty killing intent,

the other side.

Levi had just left the vicinity of Garrison’s house.


His heart was sweet, and blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

he is hurt?

Even Levi didn’t know it.

The Garrison family elder is indeed strong, but only a little higher than the head of the Blood King Palace.

He still has the ability to cope with ease.

But he was actually injured!

The poison of the Blood King Palace!

Levi understood.

The nameless poison given to him by the Palace of the Blood King broke out again, causing his injury.


In an instant, Levi felt extremely weak.

He was much more serious than the last time HD Yu pushed him.

After all, he had just had a battle with the old god of the Garrison family.

With that punch, Levi still used a lot of force.

Levi once again forcibly suppressed the toxin.

The body gradually returned to normal.

This poison did not materially harm him, and he didn’t care much about it.

At night.

Alton reported: “God of War, what you want has arrived in the capital!”

“Okay, get ready, go to Garrison’s house tomorrow!”

The next day.

Early in the morning.

Levi took Ollie to the Garrison Family Ancestral House.

At the same time, he called Sarah and told her to go to Garrison’s house too.

“Okay, let’s go to the Garrison’s house. What explanation does he want to give?”

Lin Haotian said coldly.

Chapter 1178

The Lin family, the old man Lin Haotian took Sarah and the senior Lin family to the Garrison family.

Long Family, Long Zhanye took the Long Family high-level personnel to Garrison Family.

The Huo family is also an aristocratic family, and the head of the family, Huofeng, also took the seniors to the Garrison family.

The eight great families in the capital went to Garrison’s family together.

Qin family, Wesley also took Qin family up and down to Garrison family.

Ling family.

Jiang family.

Cui’s house.

All major families have acted one after another.

He kept going to Garrison’s house.

The sixteen great royal families and thirty-two royal families in the capital also went to Garrison’s house one after another.

There are hundreds of quasi-royal giants also all come to join in the fun.

Today, the capital is really messed up.

One after another, top luxury cars drove supercars on the road, converging towards Garrison’s home from all directions.

Today, tens of thousands of people or more will gather in front of the Garrison Family’s gate.

This kind of battle might not have been expected by the Garrison Family.

Can a Levi cause such a big battle?

Garrison Family Ancestral House.

Last night, the ancestor Garrison Tianlin suddenly issued an order: All members of the Garrison Clan in Beijing must return to the capital within one day, and there are important things to be announced.

As soon as this news came out, the entire Garrison Clan exploded.

The key is that even Lawrence didn’t know what was going on.

But this is an order from the ancestor, and even his Patriarch needs to obey it.

So the members of the Garrison Clan who were out returned one after another.

Just early in the morning, most people returned.

Others are still coming in an endless stream.

“Father, I just received news that Yun Garrisonyi and their three uncles are back!”

Garrison West said.

Lawrence was overjoyed.




These are his three brothers.

These three are the top three powerhouses on the Morendam Sabre List.

Together with Lawrence, they are called the Four Dragons of the Garrison Family.

The four of them represent the pinnacle of the second generation of the Garrison Family!

The three are also people Garrison West has always admired.

After all, the trio’s accomplishments in martial arts are superb, and they are all true legends of their ancestors.

That is the top three on the Morendam Sabre List!

The ultimate dream of countless predators in Morendam!

All the major fighters are proud to be listed on the Morendam Sabre List.

“In addition, Garrison Feng, Garrison Qing, Garrison Austin, and Garrison Hua are also coming back.”

Garrison West smiled.

This is the young powerhouse of his generation, each of whom is on the Morendam Sabre List.

Garrison Hart and Garrison Long, who had participated in the Ian training camp before, also happened to be back.

Of course these people weren’t qualified for Garrison West to remember, so he didn’t mention it at all.

“I don’t know what decision the ancestor will announce to let everyone return!”

Lawrence looked puzzled.

Garrison West frowned and said, “It should have something to do with what happened last night!”

“Should be a good thing? Probably the ancestor is going to take out the treasure of the town clan!”

This is Lawrence’s guess.

With the current status of the Garrison Clan, there must be no bad things.

What’s more, he is the patron saint of the Garrison Clan, an “old god” who has lived for more than a hundred years.

There will be nothing wrong with him.

“This is definitely a good thing, there will be no bad things!”

Garrison West said very positively.

“It should be a blessing to the Garrison Clan! What should the ancestor give me? After all, everyone can see the achievements of this year and a half!”

Lawrence is still very confident.

“Patriarch, I don’t know what’s going on, many people from other families have come out, and they are still increasing!”

Someone came in at this time to report.

Lawrence smiled and said, “It’s normal for all the Garrison clan to come to worship the big event!”

“Unlucky is that Levi is coming too!”

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