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Chapter 1179

Lawrence’s expression immediately changed when he thought of Levi’s coming.

Garrison Family’s joyous event, but Levi came to the broom star.

What a bad luck!

Garrison West also looked disgusted.

In his eyes, Levi could not be called an opponent.

He actually wants to come?

“At this time, I will drive him away again, I am afraid that I will lose face in front of the hundreds of people, or see what he is going to do?”

Garrison West suggested.


Lawrence stood on a high place, watching the cars that kept gathering on the square in front of the Garrison family’s gate.

He shouted: “Did you see it? This is the grand occasion of the Garrison Clan! Garrison Clan’s big event, thousands of people come to worship!”

Everyone in the Garrison family thought that the big families came to the Garrison family to worship the Garrison family.

As everyone knows, most families are not here for them.

After a while, all the Garrison people from the capital gathered together.

“Did the ancestor show up?”

Lawrence asked.

Garrison West, who had just been to the forbidden area, said: “The ancestor said he will appear when he should appear!”

“it is good!”

“In that case, let’s go outside and take care of Levi’s affairs first!”

Lawrence led the team, and all the Garrison family seniors came to the square in front of the Garrison family.

At this moment, all the eight great families gathered in the square.

The 16th National Congress of the Imperial Clan, the 32nd Royal Clan, and a hundred other clans also came together, and the originally huge square was actually crowded with people at this moment.

A scene like an empty street!

In fact, most people are dumbfounded.

What are they here for?

What is going to happen to the Garrison family today?

Everyone is like everyone else.

When everyone else went, so did he himself.

The Eight Great Aristocratic families came to the Garrison family explicitly to see what decision the patron saint of the Garrison family had to make, and by the way, the Lin family looked at Levi’s explanation.

As for those who knew Levi’s identity, naturally they came to cheer on Levi.

So so many people are roughly divided into four parts.

Looking at each other blankly.

Everyone doesn’t know why they are here?

Originally, Lawrence felt that these people had come to worship the Garrison Clan.

But after coming out, I faintly felt that something was wrong.

He didn’t even know what he was doing.

“Patriarch Garrison! Where’s Levi?”

The first to break the silence was Lin Haotian.

Lawrence stunned: “Patriarch Lin, Levi is not here!”

“Are we fooled by this kid? He never came!”

Old Man Lin said angrily.

Plum dyed his face ugly.

Lawrence wondered: “Ah? What’s the matter with Patriarch Lin?”

He couldn’t understand more and more.

What are these people here for?

In fact, he didn’t know that the ancestor’s decision was Levi’s matter.

Everyone is here for the same thing.

“That kid Levi said, today I am going to give my daughter an explanation at Garrison’s house! I will see what the explanation is!”

Old Man Lin said loudly.

“But Levi didn’t come at all?”

“Probably you were deceived! He didn’t dare to come! Come, I definitely told him to die here!”

Lawrence said angrily.


Suddenly there was a burst of hearty laughter.

“Levi is here!”

Someone shouted.

Everyone naturally separates a path.

Levi came with someone.

Next to him were nervous Ollie and the four Alton.




Suddenly the earth shook for a while.

I saw Ron carrying a coffin and a tombstone on his back to the field.



He placed the coffin and tombstone in front of the Garrison family’s gate.

It was the coffin and tombstone that Garrison West gave to Levi.

Today Levi wants to return it to him!

Chapter 1180

This scene shocked the audience!

In front of the first family, bring the coffin and tombstone.

How arrogant is this?

Completely provocative!

Garrison West’s eyes twitched and his face was angry.

Because he recognizes these two things.

Does Levi want to return it to himself?

court death!

Lawrence was even more angry.

I thought that Levi came to beg him.

It now appears that he was smashing the scene.

How could the majesty of the first family of Morendam allow a wild species to provoke it?

Thousands of eyes in the field all focused on Levi alone.

Sarah was actually excited when he saw him.

Not to mention the explanation, Levi’s ability to come to Garrison’s house proved his courage.

“Today is really lively, even more lively than last year’s gambling appointment!”

Lawrence laughed.

“Levi, what are you doing in the Garrison Clan?”

Levi did not answer directly.

He first looked at Ollie: “Mother, I brought you to the Garrison family today to ask for an explanation from the Garrison family, and an explanation from Lawrence! Why? Why did I abandon you back then!”

Ollie’s body trembled, her face was full of excitement, and tears flickered.

This day has finally arrived!

Levi looked at Sarah again: “Sarah, in front of Yejiashan gate today, I will give you a perfect explanation!”

“I, Levi, will never be like Lawrence and abandon his wife and daughter!”

“King’s Landing…”

Sarah whispered quietly, and the two lines of tears slipped silently.

Finally, Levi’s gaze was fixed on Lawrence and Garrison West: “Today, I, Levi, stepped down the entire Garrison family to let you know how vulnerable the so-called Morendam First Family Family is in front of me!”

When Levi said this, everyone laughed.

In particular, everyone in the Garrison family leaned forward and backward with a smile.

No way?

Wouldn’t anyone in this world really think that they would overwhelm the first family with their own power?


The wealth of the family for thousands of years, and the results of the efforts of countless people in more than ten or even dozens of generations, why would you lose to your efforts for more than ten years?

is it possible?

The possibility is not entirely impossible.


“Hahaha, funny! It’s so funny!”

Lawrence likes to see this kind of “ant crawler” struggling scene.

Especially the struggle in front of the real dragon.

“Well, well, Ollie, I want to see how your son can reach the sky today?”

Lawrence’s eyes were cold: “Garrison Tian?”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Garrison Tian, ​​known as the gatekeeper of the younger generation of Garrison Clan, stepped forward.

It is also the standard challenged last year!

“Beat him!”

Lawrence gave the order.


As soon as the voice fell, Garrison Tian started, and when he stepped on his feet, two deep footprints appeared on the floor.

Garrison Tian rose up into the sky and slammed a fist towards Levi.

With a punch, the wave of air churns, and everyone feels the scorching breath across their cheeks, especially the blade tearing.

This is Garrison Tian, ​​a martial arts genius.

Have already cultivated to this point.

“too weak!”

Levi whispered softly.


He kicked Garrison Tian out of midair with one kick.


Garrison Tian flew out several tens of meters, and slammed into the stone lion at the door of Garrison’s house. After falling to the ground, he stopped moving.


The audience was shocked!

No one in the Garrison family expected that Levi was a martial arts expert!

Even Ollie did not expect them.

“This this…”

The Garrison family changed color collectively.

“too weak!”

“Call the Garrison family the strongest to come out and fight!”

Levi looked straight at Lawrence.

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