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Chapter 1181


“In front of the Garrison Family Ancestor House, how can you allow you to be wild and presumptuous?”

Garrison Zhan shouted coldly for the younger generation of Garrison Family.

Among the younger generation, he ranked in the top ten.

He rushed up.


Levi slapped Garrison Zhan away.

“court death!”

Garrison Xiao, ranked eighth among the younger generation of the Garrison family, rushed forward again.


Flew out with a punch.



The sixth Garrison Cross also lost.

Garrison Ping, fourth, also lost.

The third Garrison Fan also lost.

Levi looked impatient: “Let’s go together!”




Next, the younger generation of the Garrison family challenged Levi one by one.

The result is the same.

All fiasco!

In a short period of time, Levi blasted the younger generation of the Garrison family.

No matter who it is, how strong it is!

It’s all a seckill!

Don’t give a second chance at all!


too strong!

Levi’s strength blocked the mouths of everyone present.

Everyone looked at him incredible.

Sarah’s beautiful eyes widened, his mouth opened slightly, and his heart flew out of his throat.

It turns out that his husband is not only well-versed in business, but his combat power is even more powerful.

“Dad is great, dad is great!”

Jun Jun clapped his little hand and shouted.

The Garrison family were all startled.

Among other things, for Levi’s strength value alone, the Garrison Family has to hold him up!

Levi plus Garrison West, absolute gemini!

One out of Ssangyong, no other family would even dare to think about it!

Lawrence and the Garrison family seniors were numb.

They seem to have done something wrong.

I knew Levi had such a strength, how good it would be to bring him back.

One him, plus another Garrison West.

Garrison family can’t imagine the future!

“Is this my Lawrence’s son? Haha, I’m ashamed of my blood! It’s from my Garrison family! Not bad! Not bad!”

Lawrence suddenly yelled: “Hold on!”

He looked at Levi and said, “Levi, I used to blame you for my father. Now as long as you nod your head, I will let you enter the Garrison Clan. I guarantee that you have the same status as Garrison West and even get more resources!”

“Yes, I agree with Levi’s return to the Garrison family!”

“I also agree that Levi will return to the Garrison family!”

The Garrison family leaders said one after another.

Everyone unanimously agreed that Levi would join the Garrison family.

This kind of genius, wouldn’t they be sick if they killed it?

Ollie was so excited that she was crying.

His son is so prosperous that he won Garrison Family’s approval by his true ability!

Sarah’s mood is the same.

This is his husband.

Relying on both hands to play a piece of heaven and earth, let the first family recognized it!

Lin Haotian touched the beard on his chin and smiled: “Well, that’s right, so I can be worthy of my daughter!”

In everyone’s eyes, Levi was approved by the Garrison Family and would definitely agree.

After all, you can become a talented arrogant like Garrison West!

But Levi sneered and said, “Want me to enter the Garrison family? Impossible! You are not worthy!”

He looked at Lawrence even more: “Do you want to be my father? Are you qualified? The Garrison family is like an ant in my eyes, not worthy at all!”

Levi’s words angered the entire Garrison family.

“We’re just pitying our talents, do you really think we can’t do anything about you?”

Lawrence roared.

“Who will come next!”

Levi shouted coldly.

“I come!”

There was a cold drink.

Garrison West stepped out.

Levi had just blasted the younger generation of Garrison Family, but Garrison West, the only one, hadn’t shot yet.

Chapter 1182

Lawrence sneered and said: “Levi is very strong, I admit. But you take yourself too seriously! You can’t get past Garrison West!”

Lawrence had mysterious confidence in Garrison West.

Garrison West is the facade of the Garrison Clan, but also the facade of Morendam’s younger generation.

On the bright side, he is number one!

The younger generation has never surpassed him!

Even if Levi blasted the entire younger generation of Garrison Clan today.

But still not Garrison West’s rival!

Because of all this just now, Garrison West can also easily do it.

Garrison West stood up.

The audience took a breath.

He is as bright as a dragon in the sky.

Everyone is recognized as the first person in the younger generation.

No matter in that field.

It is the greatest pride of Lawrence and Long Aoqing!

Long Aoqing looked at Ollie and smiled: “Your son is indeed a little capable, but he wants to defeat my son, it’s impossible! Don’t be crazy about dreaming!”

Her pride cannot be defeated!

The pride of the Garrison family cannot be defeated!

Looking at Levi on the opposite side, Levi smiled: “Have you seen the coffin and tombstone? It’s for you!”

“Don’t be ashamed of talking! Looking for death!”

Garrison West roared.

As soon as the momentum of his body dispersed, a wave of air spread and impact around him, forcing all the people around him to retreat.

Everyone seemed to be pushed back several meters by an invisible big hand.



“God-level powerhouse???”

Someone drew in a cold breath and shouted.

“Garrison West turned out to be a god-level powerhouse!”

This world has established a strict hierarchical system for the strong, divided according to the combat power situation.

Generally, it is the mortal level, king level, god level and grandLord level, etc.

Ordinary ranks are generally just new to martial arts training, or just stepping on the threshold of entry.

The king class generally possesses terrifying combat power, and will always be the leader of a party in the army.

The god level is exaggerated, that is the real strong!

There is a saying that a god-level arrives at the first army!

At that time, Levi’s Conferred God battle was the siege of one man defeated by the powerhouses of the eighteen kingdoms and the Conferred God!

There are not many god-level powerhouses.

At the beginning, the Eighteen Kingdoms barely gathered hundreds of god-level powerhouses.

It can be seen how scarce God-level powerhouses are!

But Garrison West was a god-level powerhouse at a young age, which shows how talented he is.

The young first person is not an exaggeration at all!

If you join the military, in time, you will definitely be proud of the Morendam Sabre Ranking.

In the next moment, Garrison West moved.


His punch has the power of a mountain whistling and a tsunami.

A fist abruptly pulled out a wave of anger.

“Boom boom boom…”

Garrison West rushed forward, the air was extremely compressed, making a sound like a firecracker.

“Crack, click, click…”

The floor under his feet broke apart one by one.

He got up even more domineering, fell in a swooping posture, and blasted Levi with a punch.

This punch has the power of ghosts and gods!

It’s just that Levi has a plain face, his hands are on his back.

Seems to be frightened.


Garrison West’s fist hit Levi’s shoulder fiercely, making a dull thunderous explosion.


What is even more frightening is that the ground under Levi’s feet shattered and spread out like spider webs, extending for hundreds of meters.

The ground has collapsed a lot…

A punch is even more billowing smoke and dust, covering the sky, and many people around have sand and rocks in their eyes, and they can’t see anything.

It’s like a cannonball burst.


It’s horrible!

Garrison West deserves to be an upgrade powerhouse!

“Hahaha, my son won!”

Lawrence and Long Aoqing cheered at the same time.

Gradually the smoke dissipated.

Everyone sees the situation clearly.

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