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Chapter 1183

Levi and Garrison West stood face to face.

Levi patted his shoulder and smiled: “That’s it? Tickle?”


Garrison West was horrified, and Levi was all right.

too exaggerated!

Everyone thought that Levi was not dead and injured.

“You are too weak!”

Levi smiled.

I think back then, he alone blasted hundreds of god-level powerhouses in the 18 kingdoms!

Pick one out, is there one weaker than Garrison West?


Levi blasted out with a punch.


Levi’s fist blasted out, everyone’s ears were deaf, there was no sound, only a buzzing tremor.

It seems that everyone is in the battlefield cannon position, with hundreds of artillery shells being fired at once.

Everyone’s ears can’t hear anything for a moment.

Garrison West looked at this unmatched punch, and quickly took it.


But he couldn’t catch it at all, and his body flew out.

Spilled blood, defeated on the spot.

After Garrison West fell to the ground, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Is he going to lose?

“Garrison West lost? How could it be possible? He actually lost?”

Face this miserable reality.

Everyone present could not accept this fact.

The first person in the younger generation of the Garrison family was actually defeated?

Garrison family’s young myth is about to lose?

so horrible!

This shows that Levi is also a god-level powerhouse!

Although Ollie and Sarah didn’t know these things, they were satisfied seeing that Levi was so powerful.

Proud of Levi!

The Garrison family was petrified.


“My son cannot be defeated! My son cannot be defeated!”

“My son must win! No matter what means!”

Lawrence and Long Aoqing looked at each other, and their eyes showed firm expressions.

these years.

Garrison West’s road was crushed.

Never lost!

This also makes him the facade and pride of the Garrison family.

If he loses.

That’s the Garrison Family’s face problem!

The Lord Garrison Jiazhong glanced at each other and immediately understood.

Let Garrison West win even if he cheats!

He can’t lose!

He can’t lose once!

As the first family of the Garrison family, the words lose and defeat are not in the dictionary.

Garrison West also turned to Lawrence for help.

Both father and son have the same idea.

Can’t be defeated!

Want to defeat Levi by all means!

Even by any means!

Lawrence walked quickly to Garrison West and quietly stuffed him with medicine.

Garrison West drank it quickly.

This is a special medicine that can stimulate the human body’s potential to the greatest extent.

At the same time, the hands of Lawrence and several Lords of the Garrison family pressed on Garrison West’s body, and a stream of air flow continuously flowed into Garrison West’s body.

They are giving Garrison West their skills and improving his strength again.

He wants double protection!

Garrison West must defeat Levi.

Even if they used this kind of cheating in a despicable way.

Under the glamorous appearance of such a wealthy family, there are actually everything dirty, sordid and despicable.

The result of cheating was that Garrison West’s strength increased rapidly.


Keep improving…

Five times!

ten times!

hundred times!

Garrison West’s strength has increased a hundred times!


Garrison West, who was obviously beaten to vomit blood by Levi just now, was reborn like a phoenix, and his body exuded a monstrous hostility.

He is like a demon.

Garrison West felt the power surging like a sea on his body, and he smiled.

For the first time to feel this powerful force!

He is so excited!

He felt that God could stop and kill the gods, and the Buddha could stop and kill the Buddha.

“Levi die for me!!!”

Garrison West roared.

Chapter 1184

The Garrison Family’s cheating can be easily seen by anyone with a discerning eye.

But this is the first family of Morendam.

Who dare to say?

Everyone dared not speak.

“How can this be? Isn’t the Garrison Family cheating? Can it still be like this?”

Father Lin Haotian refused to agree.

After all, he is on Sarah’s side.

Seeing the Garrison family cheating and bullying others, he refused to agree.

“Isn’t the Garrison Family always like this? To achieve the goal by all means! What’s more, this is Garrison West! He can’t afford to lose, he loses is equivalent to Garrison Family’s loss! Garrison Family will not let him lose anyway!”

Someone said.

“Then we just watched?”

Old man Lin couldn’t stand it.

The others sighed secretly, “If the Garrison Family does things, others can only endure it!”


Lin Haotian patted his chest anxiously.

He couldn’t help but complain about the Garrison family’s affairs.

Sarah panicked immediately after hearing it.

Garrison family cheating like this is too unfair.

This is where Levi is fighting Garrison West?

This is obviously Levi fighting with the entire Garrison family!

In this way, wouldn’t Levi be in danger?

No matter how strong he is!

If the Garrison Family wants to do whatever it takes, he will still be dead.

What a bully!

Obviously singled out with Garrison West!

“It’s a pity, Levi can definitely be called the first young person, but it was the Garrison family who met, and he was destined to fall!”

Everyone feels sorry for Levi.

But there is no way.

No one else can influence the affairs of the Garrison family.

Garrison West at this time was too terrifying, like a demon god.

After all, it is a hundred times stronger!

He is no longer a god-level powerhouse!

He is approaching the legendary Grand Lord…

The Lord-level Lord is terrifying.

GrandLord-level Lords can start sects, and are the overlord who oppresses one side!

You can come and go freely in the battlefield.

If you don’t dispatch tens of thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons, you can’t help the Lord at all.

But for one thing, the Lord is almost extinct.

Even the god level is rare, let alone the Lord.

Garrison West walked towards Levi step by step, a frightening aura permeated the audience.

“I won’t lose Levi!”

Garrison West roared wildly, slamming a punch.

This punch has the power of destruction!

It is a hundred times stronger than the one just now!

Garrison West firmly believed that this fist absolutely tore Levi apart.

“Ha ha!”

A sneer crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth.

The same punch greeted him.


The two fought, as if a comet hit the earth, and the shock wave rippled around.



Many people around were shocked to vomit blood.

Everyone collectively was pushed out tens of meters by invisible force.


Yejia Square could no longer bear it.


The most terrifying thing was that Garrison West was defeated.

The whole person was beaten and flew out several tens of meters, and his two feet slid two deep marks on the ground.

Garrison West like this is defeated?

How strong is Levi?

Everyone is dumbfounded!

“I…I can’t lose! I can’t lose!”

Garrison West shouted.

He is still stimulating his physical potential, this is a posture to fight Levi desperately.




Levi hit him with three punches again.

Soon Garrison West became a blood man.

The body fell weakly.

After all, his custom-made coffin became his home!

Seeing this scene-

Lawrence and Long Aoqing shouted: “My son…”

“Levi, you can’t die!!!”

“Come here, kill Levi for me!”

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