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Chapter 1185

Xavion’s bloody appearance was displayed in front of everyone in the field.

Sarah covered the child’s eyes.

Is her husband so strong?

It turns out that he is really the Garrison Family who is not afraid of being invincible!

They really blamed Levi.

The others were also suppressed.

Is such a powerful Xavion still defeated?

Too frightening!

“Use this thing yourself!”

Levi kicked the coffin lid open and threw Xavion in.

“Kacha Kacha…”

At the same time, he carved a line on the tombstone with a dagger: Xavion’s Tomb.


After carving it out, Levi inserted the tombstone into the ground.

Levi k!lled Xavion in seconds, completely destroying Garrison Family’s psychological defense.

Such behavior is to provoke the Garrison Family to the greatest extent.

I k!ll your hope for the future, and now I have to provoke you!

The Garrison Family is going crazy…

After all, he ruined the future of the Garrison Family!

No, there is the future of the Emmons Family!

Xavion also entrusted the Emmons Family.

Both the Garrison family and the Emmons family are crazy!

“k!ll k!ll k!ll!”

Many Lords appeared one after another.

God level Lord…






Eighteen overseas countries barely made up hundreds of god-level Lords.

But the Garrison Family and the Emmons Family actually have seventy-one god-level Lords…

This is the foundation of Velador’s first and second families.

In addition to the characteristics of super combat power, god-level Lords have another feature, that is, the lifespan of god-level Lords is longer than that of ordinary people.

So many elders appeared in an instant!

Xavion carried their hope and was now dropped by Levi in seconds.

They will not let it go!

So Levi completely angered the Garrison Family and the Emmons Family!

“I want you to die!”

Gray Emmons shouted.

Lawrence was even more crazy: “Do you really think I dare not k!ll you?”

Faced with the pressure of so many god-level powerhouses.

Levi was amused.

There is a feeling of returning to the god-level Lords of the eighteen kingdoms that year!

“Okay, well done!”

Levi laughed.

“Boss, let us come!”

Several people like Owen stepped forward.

Levi shook his head: “No, this is my business, I will do it myself!”

He didn’t pay attention to this close to a hundred god-level Lords.

What a big deal, do it again?

It’s not that I haven’t experienced it before!

“Anything else? Let’s go together! Save me some time!”

Levi hooked his fingers.



This is the time.

Levi is still provoking!

This is not Levi’s eyes at all!

“Are you good at fighting? I want to see how well you can fight?”

“My Garrison Clan Lords are like clouds! If they are not enough, there are still people!”

“The top three powerhouses on the Velador Sabre list, as well as the patron saint of my Garrison Clan!”

Lawrence roared.


Nearly hundreds of god-level powerhouses from the two families attacked Levi together.

The battle was fought darkly.

Owen and the others are also in madness.

Seems to see the undefeated myth on the battlefield.

After a while.

Levi’s white robe was stained with blood.

All around him were howling people.

Seventy-one god-level Lords all lost!

too strong!

Outrageously strong!

One person blasted them all!

Everyone present is crazy!

“This, this… this is terrible!”

“I have never seen such a powerful person!”

This is also what Lawrence and the others did not expect, Levi would be so strong.

“But Levi, don’t you think we will surrender!”

“Please ancestors!!!”

Lawrence roared…

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