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Chapter 1082

Joseph and Braden were very satisfied: “That’s great! If you go, this will definitely be resolved!”

If Levi was unwilling, it would be a big deal that Jason force him to tear up the marriage contract.

Everyone is very satisfied with Jason.

Except for the younger brother of the family, he is second on the list of sons!

Fully worthy of Amelia.

He has also been waiting for Amelia.

“Okay, the matter is left to you! It is up to you to take Amelia to handle it.”

Subsequently, Jason and Amelia went to Case York.

Case York is here.

Ollie was dissatisfied with Levi’s refusal to tear up the engagement.

By doing this, Levi was setting up an enemy.

None of the people in the capital can afford it.

Erick Group is too weak in front of these people, it is simply vulnerable.

Even Sarah knew about this.

She joked: “You keep the marriage contract, do you want to marry a baby?”

“As long as you agree, I don’t care! Hehe.”

“screw you.”

Sarah pinched Levi fiercely.

“I just can’t understand their lofty attitude. If they don’t bow their head, I will never tear the marriage contract!”

“Anyway, it has no effect on me. My child is about to be born.”

Levi approached.

“You take care of it, just don’t make things bigger!”

Sarah said helplessly.

She was really afraid that Levi would set up other enemies.

After all, these people are all from the capital.

At night, Amelia and Jason came to Case York, and a dozen Lords followed them.

“Lord Jason, sister Amelia, Levi is so arrogant, and he drove us out!”

Bennie cried out with several people.

“It’s normal, can you make a gambling agreement with Garrison Family if you are not arrogant?”

Jason said coldly.

Amelia’s pretty face was cold and frosty: “I heard that many people judge him as a lunatic! It’s normal to do such strange behavior!”

“Sister Amelia, if this lunatic still doesn’t tear up the marriage contract, what should we do?”

Danny asked.

“Dare he?”

Jason was angry.

“Let’s go! This time, he was to divorce, he dares to say nothing?”

Jason shot a wave of cold light in his eyes.

Soon everyone came to the villa area where Levi lived, and they were stopped outside.

“We are from the capital, I am Jason, let me in quickly!”

Jason directly stated his identity.

But the guards responsible for defending the villa area sneered and said: “I don’t care where you come from, I don’t know! Everything is in accordance with the rules!”


Everyone is going to explode.

It was stopped by a few small security guards.

“A small place is a small place, I haven’t even heard of Lord Jason’s name!”

Several people sneered, with a high expression.

People from Capital have always had a natural sense of superiority to other places.

It is the orthodoxy that they are at the feet of the emperor, and the others are just side support.

Seeing this, Jason sneered: “Levi came out in this environment, no wonder he didn’t even pay attention to the Garrison Family. Now I understand that these people are completely behind closed doors.”

Amelia agreed with this point of view: “Isn’t there such a sentence? Those who don’t know are fearless, ignorance really makes people self-confident and arrogant, blindly ignoring everything. In fact, he is only in a small place, not the real world.”

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