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Chapter 1201

Levi had a long dream.

Almost dreamed of his more than 20 years of experience.

But the dream is getting blurry…

He is dying…

But he has people who can’t worry about it!

Sarah three people, and some brothers!

He wants to wake up!

He wants to live!

He can’t just die like this.

Mr. Sutton still doesn’t know who it is?

Who is dealing with him?

Don’t worry about family and brothers.

He was not at ease with Velador.

No way!!!


Levi vaguely heard someone shouting in his ear.

He slowly opened his eyes, and a small pink face appeared in the eyes.

“Dad woke up…”

Aubrey shouted.


Levi wanted to hug her.

He found that he couldn’t move…

There is no trace of strength on his body, except for the movement of consciousness and eyeballs, he can’t move anywhere on his body.

He was dumbfounded.

His body is useless.

Completely abolished.

It should be the overbearing poison of the Blood King Palace.

All his body meridians were abolished, and his muscles and other tissues were all eroded.

Even the internal organs have been severely affected.

Coupled with his continuous fighting, his body was completely abolished.

Eight years ago, Levi had only his limbs broken, but now it is much worse than that.

He couldn’t even move.

One thing better than a vegetable is that he wakes up.

Seeing Levi wake up, everyone cheered for joy.

“Miracle! It is definitely a miracle in the history of medicine!”

Bayler shouted excitedly.

Can Levi wake up in this situation?

It is a miracle.

Of course he also paid a lot.

There is another person, that is Brian.

He ignored Woodrow’s order and came to Levi privately.

Woodrow was angry and expelled Brian directly.

And put many restrictions on him.

But Brian doesn’t care.

He and Bayler teamed up to wake up Levi…

“Bayler, how is my husband’s situation?”

Sarah asked.

Bayler hesitated.

“Bayler, please tell them the truth. I also understand my situation. I’m a waste person!”

Levi said.

Bayler sighed and said, “Hey, that’s right! God of War has become a completely useless person. The trauma he has suffered is too great. In this life, he can only lie in bed, not getting out of bed at all, and he can’t even sit in a wheelchair. They all need someone to take care of!”

Brian cried and said: “Yes, God of War is abolished in this life. Not only is he abolished by force, but the meridians and muscles of his body are all abolished. He can’t move in this life!”

The main reason was that the poison of the Palace of the Blood King remained in Levi’s body and could not be removed at all.

Will lead to such a consequence…

This time is the real situation.

Levi is really a waste!


Ollie almost fainted again.

Sarah’s complexion changed and quickly returned to normal. She smiled and said, “It’s okay, as long as Levi wakes up, I will take care of him!”

In this extreme case, she doesn’t ask for anything else.

Just ask him to live.

With her financial resources, there is absolutely no problem in ensuring that a family is happy for a lifetime.

Sarah held Levi’s hand tightly.

Levi smiled and said, “I will rely on you for the rest of my life!”

“no problem!”

Seeing the family so relaxed, Bayler and Brian swept away the haze.

Don’t ask for riches and nobles, just be happy and stable.

“Dignified God of War turned out to be a useless person? It’s ridiculous, hahaha…”

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