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Chapter 1202

This became the biggest joke for a while!

Even Velador’s shame!

In the old days, it was the God of War that overwhelmed hundreds of overseas countries.

He is now a useless person, unable to move, and has to lie down for a lifetime, even in a wheelchair.

Foreigners laughed.

This is even more humiliating than Levi’s direct death!

But Levi was alive, and it was always a threat to some people.

What if he didn’t really waste it?

However, after inquiring about it in many ways, they determined that Levi was really abolished.

Moreover, the last time Levi had left behind to fight hundreds of Lords in one breath was already a big deal.

k!lling him again, especially in Velador, is almost impossible.

Colin and even Woodrow were already paying attention.

As for the people or organizations that Velador wanted to k!ll Levi, it was already exposed last time.

They will never be given a chance again.

At this time, Levi was the safest.

Of course, it is limited to Velador.

Putting everyone apart, Brian said to Levi: “God of War…”

“Don’t call me that in the future, I have already given up my position.”

Levi approached.

Brian said with a complicated expression: “Then I will call you the boss, but you will always be the God of War in my mind, and you will still be the God of War in the eyes of the God of War Hundred Thousand Iron Army!”

“Boss actually you… you don’t have to give up your position. You should have told the poisoning thing earlier. Woodrow will definitely not challenge it!”

Only he and Bayler knew that Levi was poisoned.

Even if it is like this, it is because of the poisonous cause of the Blood King Palace.

Speak up earlier, Levi doesn’t have to give up his position at all.

He is still the God of War, and he will never fall into such an embarrassing situation.

“It’s useless, the other party came at me. Besides, I’m also tired for the time being and want to spend more time with my family.”

Levi’s mentality is quite good.


Brian sighed.

The invincible king of the past has arrived in such a state…

Never get out of bed forever…

After several days of conditioning, Levi discussed with Sarah and returned to Case York.

After all, that’s home there!

Brian returned to his family under Levi’s persuasion.

After returning to the residence, Sarah was delighted.

“This is great, the family is reunited!”

At least Levi would never disappear for no reason.

Aubrey sits in Levi’s arms and plays while Sarah and Ollie are cooking.

A warm scene.

Levi smiled.

Easier than ever.

This kind of ordinary life is good.

A few days later, it was interrupted.

Dale, Edith, and Melina were all here.

“Sarah, what do you mean? Are you really planning to spend a lifetime with a disabled person?”

Melina shouted.

“Yes, you said he can’t move now, how can he be a good husband and a good father? When he was healthy before, he was a burden! Now he is disabled and can’t move, it is a burden again!”

Javier also roared.

This time, they have legitimate reasons to accuse Levi and Sarah for being like that.

Dale slapped the table and shouted: “Anyway, I will never allow my daughter to take care of a disabled person for a lifetime!”

“Besides, are you happy that Aubrey’s father is disabled?”

Dale’s words stopped everyone.

“Of course I don’t want it! It’s just a handicapped one! If I hit him, he can’t fight back!”

Neil kicked Levi.

There was a burst of colic, Levi’s expression was painful.

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