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Chapter 1204


Suddenly everyone felt a cold breath.

A cold air intruded into the body, like falling into an ice cave.

The whole body was erected, and the blood coagulated.


Everyone looked at Levi one after another.

He was angry.

It can still make people fear…

“What are you doing?”

“Big mouth, you have!”

Levi said angrily.

But he struggled for a long time and couldn’t move at all.

“Get up!!!”

Levi roared wildly, fighting to the limit of his body, and fell off the bed with a puff.


Smashing to the ground, he almost fell apart.


Sarah and Ollie rushed up anxiously.


Seeing Levi’s miserable appearance, everyone laughed.

Everyone laughed at Levi mercilessly.

“Just like that, still want to hit me? Isn’t it funny?”

“That’s it? You can’t even get up? Still want to protect your mother and children? You have to watch if I hit them!”

Neil and Edith laughed even more.

“You are too bullying!!!”

Sarah roared.

Neil sneered: “Sarah, I’m just showing you what will happen in the future.”

“We are a family, so naturally it won’t be so good. But what is coming is the enemy? Will they let you go? Just relying on this disability to protect you? It is better to have a dog!”

Although Neil’s words are ugly, they are very insulting.

But every sentence makes sense.

If it’s not them, but someone else, what should I do?

What can Levi do?

Can only watch being bullied!

“Okay, let’s leave, grandpa and grandma! Don’t disturb them!”

In the end, Mann abruptly dragged everyone away.

Melina left in a hurry.

They really wanted to drive Levi and Melina away.

But there was Old Man Wright behind Sarah, and they didn’t dare to do anything.

After all, Mr. Wright respects Sarah’s choice.

After Ollie and Sarah carried Levi to bed, they both wiped their tears after they turned their heads.

Too bully.

But nothing can be done.

If Levi is healthy, can he fall into this situation?


“Grandma, don’t cry mom, I believe that Dad will get better!”

The sensible Aubrey wiped tears of the two of them.

Levi took a deep breath and said, “Yes, Aubrey is right. Everything will be fine!”

“Yes, life has to look forward.”

Sarah cheered up.

Someone came here next.

It was Case York Garrison’s family that surprised everyone.

The adoptive father and mother Ramond and Warna Boyd, as well as Van and Logan Boyd all jumped out.

“Hahaha, Levi really didn’t expect you to become like this?”

“Isn’t it God of War? Isn’t it abolished?”

“Really retribution, it seems that I was right to scrap your legs and feet eight years ago! God’s will!”

Van laughed.

Logan Boyd also smiled presumptuously: “You do have the ability to be broken and thrown into jail, and you can still be selected? Tell me how your legs and feet were cured at the time?”

“Hahahaha…Was there a genius doctor in the prison who healed you?”

“We can send you to prison again, you go to a genius doctor for treatment!”

The two were extremely happy.

After all, Levi destroyed everything about them.

Now that Levi is down, they are more excited than anyone else.

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