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Chapter 1203

Neil laughed and said, “Look, you can’t move this handicapped! What can he do? It’s better to have a dog!”

Edith also laughed and said: “Yes, a wild dog can still watch the door, what can this disable do?”

Everyone’s words are getting harder and harder.

Aubrey cried, and cried in front of Levi: “You are not allowed to bully Dad…”

Ollie also cried.

Her son is not as good as a wild dog.

Too frustrated!

If her son is healthy and the God of War in Velador, who would dare to say no?

Lying on the bed, Levi closed his eyes with a complicated expression on his face.


Sarah roared.

“You are not allowed to say that to my husband! No matter his physical condition, he is my hero and the pride of me and Aubrey! Even if he was only once brilliant, that’s enough!”

Sarah shouted.

Levi came to him to fight for Velador and the people’s blood.

The culprit framed…

Now even everyone comes to ridicule.

She can’t stand it!

“Brilliant? Has he ever been brilliant? Don’t talk about Erick Group!”

Melina asked directly.

“he is…”

Sarah just wanted to reveal the identity of Levi.

You can think about it again.

That’s all past.

It doesn’t make any sense to tell them.

Maybe it will attract everyone’s ridicule!

“What is he? Say ah, hehe, he is probably changing a dog now, no one will agree.”

Neil sneered.

“Okay, the thing is what you see, Levi’s physical condition is indeed like this. But for me and the one who has taken care of him for the rest of my life, this is my answer!”

Sarah simply had a showdown with her family.

This is her attitude!

“Fuzzy, you are too confused! You can’t do things on impulse, don’t you think of the future?”

“Don’t say anything else, what will Aubrey do in the future? A parent meeting can only be held by the mother. What if someone asks Aubrey’s father?”

“Do you know how much a shadow Levi would have left on Aubrey since she is a child? It can be said that having a disabled father will make Aubrey unable to lift her head among her peers, and will be poked in the backbone!”

“Yes, that’s right, other children have their fathers taking them out to play. What about Aubrey? Such a disabled father can’t even get out of bed!”

“Not to mention yourself, how much infamy will you bear in the future? Even your foster father has to bear infamy!”

Dale analyzed the key relationship.

Aubrey hugged Levi’s neck tightly, and she shook her little head: “No, I’m going to be with Dad, and no one can separate us! Humph!”

Melina looked at Ollie and said, “Ollie, if the children are not sensible, are you not sensible? Your son has become like this, so do you want to harm him?”

“If I were you, I would have taken him away long ago!”

Others accused one after another: “Yes, you really have no good intentions! I just want to get rid of it!”

“Your son is crippled. Do you still have the face to continue to pester Sarah? It’s not a thing!”

“Get out of here!”

“The farther you roll, the better!”

In the end, everyone will drive Levi and Ollie out.

“You can say anything to me, but to my mother you can’t!”

Suddenly Levi’s voice sounded.

All eyes are on him.

“What? Just say your mother, what can you do?”

Everyone sneered.

“Ollie, get out quickly!”

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