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Chapter 1207

Seven K!lls looked at Levi, then looked at Sarah’s few people, his expression hesitant.

“Go ahead, don’t avoid them!”

Levi approached.

During this time, Sarah’s psychological endurance has been developed.

What else can’t be endured?

Hearing this, Seven K!lls said with a solemn expression: “I’m here this time, two things.”

“First, take back the Supreme God of War Seal, you should have handed it in back then!”

Seven K!lls looked at Levi with cold eyes.

Although Woodrow took the position of God of War, the Supreme God of War Seal was in the hands of Levi.

The Supreme God of War Seal in the palm of your hand can command the God of War Iron Brigade!

It is also a symbol of the status of God of War!

Levi nodded: “Okay, I can hand over the Supreme God of War Seal!”

“Talk about the second thing!”

Seven K!lls suddenly soared, and a domineering murderous aura enveloped the audience.

“Levi, do you know you are guilty??”

The seven k!lls roared.

Sarah and the others were shocked.

How is this going?

Levi stared at the Seven k!lls: “Why am I guilty?”

“Collaborating with the enemy and treason!!”

Seven k!lls angrily said.

“What? Collaborating with the enemy and treason?”

When Sarah and Alecia heard this, they went crazy.

With Levi’s character, he would never do such a thing.


“Yes, something absolutely impossible…”

Everyone is anxious.

Levi hushed, motioning everyone to be quiet.

“What’s the reason?”

Levi looked at him curiously.

“The Palace of the Blood King was wiped out by you five years ago. There is no remnant left, right?”

Levi nodded.

He did get rid of it that time.

“But why did the Blood King Palace reappear last year? How do you explain this?”

Seven k!lls stared at Levi deadly.


Levi couldn’t explain this matter.

He didn’t understand why the Blood King Palace would reappear, and it was even stronger than before.

“You don’t know? But we know! It’s all because of you!”

“Because you and the Blood King Palace are in the same group, you had betrayed Velador a long time ago and collided with the enemy overseas.

In the beginning, you didn’t wipe out the Blood King Palace at all, but you secretly concealed the news, making the world think that the Blood King Palace was wiped out.

In fact, in private, the Blood King Palace is quietly developing, so it is stronger than before!”

“We have all the evidence in control! There is all the evidence of your conspiracy with the Blood King Palace!”

Levi laughed when he heard the seven k!lls.

Sure enough, made a fuss about the Blood King Palace.

Unexpected charges!

The key is that he is still unable to refute.

“If it hadn’t been for Colin’s order this time, you wouldn’t have gone to destroy the Blood King Palace, would you?”

Seven k!lls sneered.

“Levi came to you for colluding with the Palace of the Blood King, causing serious consequences, resulting in damage to many organizations! What punishment should you take?

Facing the question of seven k!lls, Levi no longer wanted to argue.

It’s not useful at all.

This was planned by someone alone.

He can only wait to be beaten.

“What’s the punishment for me?”

Levi asked with a smile, this is the most important thing.

“The punishment for you is as follows. In view of your previous merits! So you are not granted a capital crime, but a living crime is unavoidable. From this moment on, you will be expelled from Velador, and you will be limited to leave Velador within three days, otherwise, you will be forced to leave!”

Seven k!lls coldly said.


Hearing this result, Sarah’s brains seemed to explode.

Was Levi expelled from Velador for an unreasonable charge?


It’s so cruel!

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