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Chapter 126

Sarah asked, “Who is Grandpa?”

“I don’t know, but he told you to tell you that it was someone who had pursued you before. As long as you marry him, he will pay 300 million! He also promises that the Logan family will have no worries!”

Doug said.

Dale and Edith looked at each other, their eyes full of surprises.

I didn’t expect a blessing in disguise.

As soon as Sarah remarried, he actually met a super rich man.

After all, it took out three hundred million at will.

They are looking forward to it!

“You go quickly! Mynah changed the rules and only allowed one day. If you are late, all of Levi’s fingers will be chopped off!”

Doug urged.

Upon hearing this, Sarah took the room card and rushed out.

All this was naturally arranged by Xiao Tianlong.

He gave 300 million cheques.

In his opinion, after Logan’s 300 million cheque was returned to Starling, he still returned to his hand.

It is equivalent to not spending a penny.

Not only made Levi disabled and forced to death alive, but also fell asleep to Sarah.

It is simply the most profitable business.

With anxiety, Sarah finally arrived at the hotel.

She knows what it means.

But now the main purpose is to pay back the money quickly so that Levi will suffer less.

If you see someone by yourself, grandpa will be able to pay back the money.

When he arrived at the designated presidential suite, Sarah took a deep breath and opened the door.

A man stood in front of the huge French window in the living room.

From the back, Sarah felt very familiar.

When he turned around, Sarah was stunned.

“Xiao Tianlong turned out to be you?”

Sarah asked incredulously.

She thought it should be someone else, after all, Xiao Tianlong hadn’t harassed her once in the past six years.

If you wanted her, you should have acted long ago.

Xiao Tianlong helped the gold-framed glasses, saw through Sarah’s mind, smiled and said, “In your heart, I am afraid that I haven’t looked for you in the past six years?”

Sarah nodded.

“Actually, I have been staring at you all the time for the past six years, our first lady in Case York. I wanted to see how long you can last. I didn’t expect you to actually last for six years!”

Xiao Tianlong sneered.

Sarah suddenly thought of something, and couldn’t help but said: “My dad loses money because you designed it?”

Xiao Tianlong smiled: “How can you say that? No one forced him to gamble?”

“You…you are too shameless!”

Sarah said angrily.

“Sarah, give up your heart! You and Levi thought of this when they met me in this life! Six years ago I was able to destroy you, and now I can still!”

Xiao Tianlong smiled abnormally.

Sarah was struck by lightning and looked at Xiao Tianlong incredulously: “You did it six years ago???”

Xiao Tianlong smiled and said, “Otherwise, do you think that with the strength of the Garrison Family, you can bring down Levi?”

After learning the news, Sarah went crazy.

“Sarah now I will give you two choices. First, lie down on the bed and take it off. Second, you leave, but Levi will be miserable. Fingers and toes will be chopped off, and in the end, he will be on his own. Jump off the building and understand!”

The corner of Xiao Tianlong’s mouth has a cruel arc.

His goal is about to be achieved.

Forced Levi to death and let Sarah climb onto the bed obediently.

Sarah was completely stunned.

She understood that everything was designed by Xiao Tianlong.

She has no choice at all.

I can only listen to Xiao Tianlong obediently.

Otherwise, Levi will be disabled, and death will be serious!

Chapter 127

The other side.

After Sarah arrived at the hotel, Doug received a message that he could use the check.

Dale took Doug to the underground casino.

As soon as they entered the underground casino, the two were stunned.

Because they saw Levi walk down from the second floor.

He was holding a pile of documents, real estate certificates or something.

The most important thing is that Levi is intact!

The whole body was clean and there was no trace of blood.

Both of them looked at Levi’s fingers.


No one is missing!

This is impossible!

In the video, Mingye Levi had his fingers chopped off!

With their dumbfounded effort, Levi had already arrived in front of him.

“Check? Where did it come from?”

Levi took the check and looked at it carefully.

He had a foreboding feeling.

“You… why are you okay? Didn’t you let your fingers be chopped off?”

Dale looked puzzled.

Levi ignored them and suddenly raised his tone: “What’s the matter with this check?”


Dale hesitated.


Suddenly, Levi roared.

A violent breath exuded from his body, and Dale and the two felt their breath tighten.

As if the neck was pinched by a big hand…

The most terrifying thing is Levi’s eyes.

Dale was frightened, and he spoke out one to one.

“Sheraton Hotel on Wansheng Street!”

Dale said.

“how long it has been!”

Levi asked.

“I guess it’s too late!”

Dale lowered his head.

Doug nodded: “Yes, it’s too late to drive a sports car!”

Levi threw a bunch of documents on the ground, pushed the two away, and dialed Wesley’s phone as he walked.

“I need a helicopter, right away, right away!”

Levi’s voice was extremely cold.

Less than five minutes after he left the casino, a military helicopter parked on the square.

All passers-by evaded one after another, looking shocked and curious.

Regardless of the surprise of passers-by, Levi boarded the helicopter.

The sports car is too late, but the helicopter is too late.

“I want a structural drawing of the Sheraton Hotel!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

In the Presidential Suite of the Sheraton Hotel.

Sarah still confronted Xiao Tianlong.

“Sarah, you have no use for delaying time! If you delay for a minute, Levi will suffer another minute!”

Xiao Tianlong smiled.

In fact, Sarah doesn’t understand this truth.

It’s just that I can’t pass that level in my heart!

She even wanted to jump off the building, it was a hundred.

Xiao Tianlong turned his back to the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked at Sarah.

“Relax, I won’t force you! I’ll wait for you to voluntarily climb into my bed!”

Xiao Tianlong’s lips deepened and smiled, like a devil.

“Would you like me to broadcast it to you now to see if Levi has chopped off a few fingers?”

Xiao Tianlong is well versed in psychological warfare, destroying Sarah’s psychological defense to a great extent.

Sarah looked at Xiao Tianlong and roared, “You are a devil!”

Xiao Tianlong smiled cruelly: “You are not the first to say this to me! The women I played with and the men I killed call me the devil!”

Xiao Tianlong approached step by step, Sarah stared at him in horror, and slowly backed away.

“Why? Is Levi so crippled? How is Xiao Tianlong inferior to him?”

Xiao Tianlong asked.

“No! You can never compare to him!”

Sarah shouted.

Xiao Tianlong sneered. He took out his cell phone and said, “Tianhai, tell Wang Laoba to cut off Levi’s hands and feet! Take a video and send it to me!”

Chapter 128

Hearing this, Sarah panicked and shouted: “I listen to you, as long as you don’t embarrass Levi! Don’t move him!”

“Come here, then!”

Xiao Tianlong spread his arms and waited for the plum to be dyed into his arms.



But at this moment, the floor-to-ceiling window behind Xiao Tianlong suddenly let out a dull sound, and then it shattered.

One person rushed in from outside.

It is Levi!


He kicked Xiao Tianlong away with one kick.


Xiao Tianlong slammed into the wall, blood shed all over the place.

When Xiao Tianlong was about to struggle to get up, Levi grabbed his hair.


Hit the door with a punch.

Splashing blood!

The bridge of Xiao Tianlong’s nose was abruptly broken!

The glasses shattered and all the lenses were plunged into flesh and blood!


After the second punch, Xiao Tianlong’s face sunken in.


After hitting the third punch, Xiao Tianlong had passed out.

Sarah stopped Levi from the reaction.

“Don’t… don’t fight! You will die if you continue to fight!”

Sarah shouted.

Now Levi is indeed irrational and wants to kill Xiao Tianlong alive.

He has never been so angry.

Sarah is his bottom line.

Anyone who violates the bottom line-death!

Sarah looked at Levi in fear, and felt that Levi was hostile.

She couldn’t even imagine how Levi broke through the window.

This is a thirty-story tall building!

How did you come in from outside?

He is a man like a devil.

“let’s go!”

Sarah pulled Levi away.

Staying longer, she was afraid that Levi would really kill Xiao Tianlong.

After Levi left with Sarah, a few bodyguards entered the room with hindsight.

Seeing Xiao Tianlong lying in a pool of blood, the bodyguards were frightened.

“Who did it?”

“No matter who it is! I can’t save him now!”

“Who the hell dared to touch Young Lord Xiao in the city?”

Sarah also knew that this time he was in trouble.

She knows the identity of Xiao Tianlong well, that is the heir of the wealthy Xiao family.

Not to mention the tens of billions of property, the contacts are all over the military, political and business circles.

It is the real giant of Case York!

Compared to the Xiao family, they are as small as ants.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly, otherwise Xiao Tianlong would definitely be killed!

In that case, the consequences are even more disastrous.

“After we get home, we won’t mention this matter!”

Sarah asked.

After returning home.

Everyone looked at Levi incredulously: “What’s the matter? Didn’t they embarrass you? What’s the matter with the real estate certificate?”

Levi took out the IOU and tore it off in front of everyone.

“This matter is resolved, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Levi said coldly.

“Huh? How did it do it?”

Dale’s faces looked incredible.

Sarah also discovered that Levi was fine at all.

My fingers kept saying, and I got the IOU.

“After I found the clues, I called the police. Now the underground casino should be taken.”

Levi said.

Soon, the police station called.

Even though the underground casino was taken away, Dale’s matter was also found to be fraudulent.

All the suspects were arrested.

Also returned the 70,000 that Dale had lost.

Dale excitedly hugged Levi: “My good son-in-law, you are so amazing! You have solved this kind of thing!”

Even Doug felt that Levi was a bit useful.

Edith cried with joy.

The Logan family was almost destroyed.

It’s just that Sarah can’t be happy.

The Xiao family will definitely not give up!

Chapter 129

One wave has not settled, another wave has started.

In Sarah’s view, offending the Xiao family is more than this crisis.

Offending the Xiao family may the Logan family want to exterminate the clan!

After Sarah and Levi returned to the Oriental Garden, she told Levi everything.

“Ok, I know.”

Levi nodded.

“What should I do next? The Xiao family will know soon!”

Sarah became angry when he was anxious.

Levi smiled: “Don’t worry, there is me.”

If Levi said this before, Sarah would definitely not believe it.

But today, the scene of Levi breaking through the window was always imprinted in her mind.

It’s too safe.

Sarah isn’t afraid anymore, just have something to bear with Levi.

Furthermore, if the Xiao family asked for guilt, she would intercede with Xiao Ruomei.

When lying down at night, Sarah read the news and saw an interesting news on the streets of Case York.

Some military helicopters parked directly on the square, and some people boarded the helicopter and drove away.

For some reason, Sarah actually associates the helicopter with Levi.

Although the back of the person boarding the helicopter in the picture is blurred, it is somewhat similar to Levi.

Could it be that Levi took a helicopter to the 30th floor of the Sheraton Hotel and broke into the window?

It is possible!

Otherwise, I can’t explain how Levi broke through the window outside the 30th floor…

When you have time, look for witnesses to see if the person on the plane is Levi.

the city Jinlong Mountain Villa occupies an area of ​​800 acres and is a top luxury mountain villa.

The wealthy Xiao family is here.

The Xiao family is lifeless tonight.

Because the family heir Xiao Tianlong was beaten to death and has not woken up yet.

Everyone in the Xiao family was very angry.

Xiao Tianlong’s grandfather, Xiao Guopu, looked at his grandson’s tragic situation, and his body exuded an aura like Mount Tai.

Everyone in the Xiao family was a little out of breath.

Xiao Guopu once fought on the battlefield. Although he retreated, his courage was still there.

In his last years in the army, Xiao Guopu served as an instructor!

Taught a large number of students.

There are his students in all major military districts.

For example, Shane Xiaohui, head of the Iron and Steel Regiment of the Case York Military Region, was his student.

Over the years, Shane Xiaohui has helped the Xiao family a lot.

In addition to its own strength, the Xiao family’s ability to achieve the present level is the huge network that Xiao Guopu has accumulated in the past, covering the three realms of military, political and business.

As long as Father Xiao says a word, all his students will come.

Xiao Guopu said coldly: “Who did it?”

A middle-aged man who looked gentle and gentle, it was Xiao Tianlong’s father, Xiao Ruoyu, who stepped forward.

“Father, it’s Levi. Tianlong was beaten by Levi for the misconduct of plum in the hotel. But the point is which underground casino was taken away, and they confessed Tianlong. Things are very troublesome.”

Xiao Ruoyu’s face was ugly.

Xiao Guopu said with a gloomy face: “Is the underground casino really opened by Tianlong?”

Xiao Ruoyu nodded: “Yes, Lao Yu from the Criminal Investigation Team just called to confirm. Director Fu Xuejian knows that if we use Levi to operate, the problem will be very difficult!”

“What did Yu Fei say?”

Xiao Guopu asked.

“They also know about Tianlong being beaten, but they persuade us to calm down, just as if nothing happened.”

Xiao Ruoyu said.

Xiao Guopu sighed: “It will soon be the forty-year celebration of the Xiao Group. It is not good for something to happen at this juncture. The impact is too great.”

Chapter 130

But he immediately changed his words: “But my grandson was beaten like this, how can I swallow this tone?”

Others suggested: “Patriarch, the celebration is coming soon. When the celebration is over, let’s take Levi’s surgery again!”

Xiao Guopu said coldly: “Okay, let this Levi jump for a few more days, then I will have to die no matter what his background and skills are!”

Thinking of what he thought, Xiao Guopu couldn’t help but command: “Notify the students of mine, let them also come to the celebration!”

Hearing this, everyone was thrilled.

Some of Xiao Guopu’s students were in the military region and some were in politics.

In terms of age, they are just 30 or 40 years old, and every one of them is a good year.

Everyone is like Shane Xiaohui, in a high position.

Dozens of people like this come together to participate in the celebration.

That face is absolutely sufficient!

Even the wealthy Xiao family needs the support of this kind of scene!

In the next few days, what Sarah worried about never happened.

She was puzzled.

She deliberately dragged her classmates to find relationships and inquire about things.

Knowing that the casino was opened by Xiao Tianlong, the Xiao family was left alone.

Sarah smiled: “No wonder King’s Landing is so confident, because he knew that the Xiao family didn’t dare to speak up.”

In fact, Levi didn’t even know.

He is still waiting for revenge from the Xiao family.

When Wesley told him about this, Levi looked surprised.

“It is said that one week later, the Xiao family will have a 40-year business celebration. It is estimated that it is not good for the impact, and it is not good for you for the time being.”

Wesley said.

Levi’s smile deepened on the corners of his lips, and his smile was meaningful: “Forty years of business celebration? Very good, I will also attend when that time comes, and give the Xiao family a big gift!”

The Xiao family must be destroyed!

Back then, it was not only Xiao Tianlong who planned it, but the Xiao family was also helpful behind it.

“By the way, General, what you asked me to check has been found. At the beginning, Garrison Group’s core technology of medicine and technology was only partially Lorded by the Xiao family. Other core technologies have disappeared, but there are corresponding products on the market.”

Wesley said.

Inspired by Xiao Tianlong’s affairs, Levi felt that it was not only the Garrison Xiao family that targeted him back then, but there were probably other forces.

The Garrison Group, founded by Levi, is mainly involved in the fields of medicine and technology.

At that time, he went slant and broke into the market, which probably touched the cake of many people in Case York.

In particular, the core technology developed by his team is simply terrifying, and Levi is worth billions in one year.

There are many people who covet the core technology of King’s Landing.

More people want to get rid of him.

So Levi asked Wesley to find out who owns the core technology.

as predicted.

The Xiao family only Lorded part of it, and others also participated.

“Continue to check! Check based on those online products!”

Levi gave the order.

Even if Cox-Hang is turned upside down, he will have revenge!

In the past few days, Dale and Edith have treated Levi very well.

Maybe it’s guilt.

Judging from the face of Sarah, Levi didn’t care about it.

After Levi returned home in the evening, Xiao Qin also came.

“Brother-in-law tells you a happy event!”

Xiao Qin smiled.

Levi looked puzzled: “What happy event? Are you getting married?”

“Bah, I don’t even have a boyfriend, marry you?”

Xiao Qin said, not forgetting to look at Sarah, which meant something.

“What’s that happy event? Say it quickly.”

Levi asked.

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