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Chapter 1217


A breath of horror and cold suddenly burst out.


A dull and thunderous explosion sounded.

One person flew out.

A fist-sized blood hole appeared in him.

Those who die can’t die again!


Grim Reaper punched again.

One person’s chest was completely sunken and deformed and died on the spot.



With a punch, the waist was broken, and it hurt to death.


Hit his head with a punch.

He really came down like death.

In charge of k!lling.

If you make a move, you will be k!ll.


As he slammed his foot on a person, that person’s clothes were quickly stained with blood, and all the organs in his body were shattered.


The Wise family and Bosch family Lords in the capital are all dead!

There will be no more than thirty seconds!


Shock the audience!

Everyone was scared.


too strong!

Worthy of being a Lord-level figure!

Everyone underestimated him just now.


Tears were in Levi’s eyes.

Innocent people sacrificed for him.

He really couldn’t let it go!

“Brother Rodner, quickly escort the God of War to leave. This person is not easy to deal with, someone must stop him!”

Micah saw that the situation was not right.

Arranged immediately.

In the end, Marshall, Phillip, Myron, and Cary, and dozens of Lords from Norterjen and Rodner Wars escorted Levi away.

All the others stayed behind and were responsible for haunting the god of death.

“No! Don’t leave them behind!”

Levi remembered shouting.

He knew better than anyone what it meant for these people to stay.

But everyone escorted him earnestly and didn’t give him any chance.

“Your opponent is us!”

Micah smiled, and the four heavenly kings stopped the god of death together.


All the people present rushed towards him.

It’s best to k!ll him.

If you can’t k!ll it, just haunt him!


The god of death made a cold voice and twisted the neck of the person who rushed forward.




Everyone’s tricks hit the death god one by one, it was useless at all.

As if hitting the hardest metal.

It is rumored that the death god is not afraid of bullets, and even bombs will not hurt him much.

Therefore, more than a dozen countries spent a lot of effort to catch him.

This can’t k!ll at all!

It’s terrifying!




But every time the god of death hits, it must be death.

In just a few minutes, his feet were full of c0rpses.

All the people in the Northern Fighting Club and the Southern Military were all dead.

Reaper must k!ll with one blow.

No chance to survive at all!

“Fight! Brothers!”

“Let’s hang him here for a minute, and there will be more hope on the side of God of War!”

Micah and others tried their best to stop the god of death.




But the god of death was too strong, almost ignoring all attacks.

The hidden weapons, poisons, and other methods of Trio Sect Lords were all ineffective against him.

The Trio Sect Lords all fell down, and many of their bodies were cut in two.

All the six major servants of Crimson fell down, and there was no complete place above and below their bodies.

“Brothers! k!ll him if you desperately try!”

Shouted the rest of them.

But death is too strong!

All under the Grandmaster level are ants.

An indiscriminate k!lling…
Draco fell.

Sirius fell.

Tianer fell.

Sky Leopard fell.

Micah died.

Fisher Porter died.

Ren Garrison died.

Cane Garrison died.

The streets are cold.

The world is bleak.

This battle is tragic.

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