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Chapter 1218

Completely annihilated!

In a short time.

All the people who stayed here to stop the god of death died.

None of them are alive!

They are all gone!

No one flinched!

Just for the moral conviction in the heart.

For the feelings of Velador.

Even if he died, he would not hesitate.

“A group of ants is worthy to stop me?”

Grim Reaper smiled.

So many Lords only blocked him for twelve minutes.

How far can a person run in twelve minutes?

But when he was about to step forward to chase Levi.

His face changed.

Because he can’t walk.

He looked down, although Micah and these people were dead.

But his hands tightly hugged his legs, his ankles.

Especially after death, the body became stiff.

So held him tighter.

The god of death couldn’t move.

Their arms and hands seemed to be frozen on his legs.

Even if they died, they still had to entangle the enemy to buy time for Levi.

This is the bloody nature of Velador!

Even life and death are arrogant.

“Get off!”

The god of death roared angrily, a force burst out of his body, shaking everyone to pieces.

“Levi, you can’t escape from my palm!”

Reaper chased after him.

Less than fifteen minutes.

Although very short.

But this is everyone’s life in exchange for it!

This time is priceless!

The other side.

Everyone rushed to the designated town.

time is life!

Everyone can already imagine the fate of the people they left.

Reaper, a Lord-level powerhouse, is really invincible.

“There are still three kilometers!”

Rodner, the God of War, calculated the distance.

Everyone saw hope.

Although I don’t know what’s in the town ahead.

But Levi said that as long as he arrives, he is safe.

This is everyone’s hope!


But suddenly a big rock flew from the side and hit the car with a bang.

Had it not been for the quick response of Rodner and the God of War, the car would be overturned.

When everyone reacted in a hurry, there was already one more person in front of them.

grim Reaper.

He came too fast.

They stopped before Levi arrived.


Seeing the god of death, everyone’s brains were blasted, and it was blank for an instant.

The appearance of the god of death means that the remaining brothers are all dead.

None of them are alive!

“The good ones are all good ones!”

“No one of my big summer boys is a scu.mbag!”

Marshall shouted.

“Brothers are good, we will avenge you!”

Everyone shouted.

“I, Levi, owe you! When I recover, I will surely be stained with blood and k!ll all the participants behind the scenes!”

Levi’s eyes were red, and he gritted his teeth and roared.

He really hurts!

In this life, he will fight for Velador and protect the country.

The purpose is to prevent the people of Velador from being bullied at all.

So many people have fallen for him now.

How could he bear it?

“Don’t worry, you won’t have that chance! Because you will die!”

Death Lord sneered.

“Rodner must escort the God of War out, we will stop him!”

Marshall frowned and stared at Reaper.

The rest of them are determined to die and fight to the death to the end.

Rodner God of War glanced at everyone and was about to drive away.


The god of death suddenly moved to the front of the car and slammed his foot.


The front of the car burst directly.

This foot can be called a world-shaking weeping.

The front of the off-road vehicle was smashed…


Rodner God of War is even more injured!

“Don’t even want to leave!”

Grim Reaper looked at everyone and sneered.

In his eyes, everyone was dead.

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