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Chapter 1225

After the last match, Woodrow understood that Levi was in his hands.

Take Owen for example, it is rumored to have the strength to fight him.

Others are not weak.

The legion created by Levi made him greedy.

In fact, Woodrow wanted to subdue all of Levi’s former subordinates.

But he himself understood that they were all unruly guys.

They only serve Levi.

This made him hate and angry.

He proposed that the God of War Iron Brigade and Levi’s formation of these teams be unified to receive his Shura army.

But it was rejected!

“Lord, it is a bit difficult for people like Owen to follow you sincerely!”

Seven kills said.

Po Jun agreed: “Just like us, we will never subdue Levi to half a point.”

Woodrow shook his head: “No, I don’t care about this. As long as they join my Shura army, they will soon see my strength and surrender to me!”

Greedy Wolf thought for a while and smiled: “That’s true, Levi can’t compare to Lord in every aspect, except for being the son of the Patriarch of the First Family of Morendam!”

At this time Qisha and Pojun looked at him and smiled.


Greedy wolf looked puzzled.

“Do you really think that Lord’s background is inferior to him? A big mistake, the place where Lord came is beyond your imagination. What is a first-generation family?”

“Ah? Is there a terrifying force above the aristocratic family?”

Greedy Wolf came from deep in the mountains and didn’t understand Morendam’s clan and the like.

“That’s right, the royal family is all on the bright side. The truly terrifying family clans are hidden, or ordinary people can’t reach it at all! Just like the place where Lord came, the Jingcheng Garrison Clan is in front of them No F*rt!”

Po Jun explained.

Greedy Wolf nodded in surprise.

It’s really no problem.

The more powerful things are beyond the reach of ordinary people, they think they don’t exist.

For example, everyone thinks that the Garrison Clan is the strongest in the family.

There is no strongest.

In fact, it is the problem of one’s own circle.

For example, a billionaire appears in the circle of ordinary people, that is definitely the most eye-catching existence.

Ordinary people think that this kind of existence is very rare.

But in this billionaire’s circle, almost everyone is a billionaire, and there are even more powerful tens of billions of billions.

Billionaires are everywhere in this circle, as common as Chinese cabbage.

Therefore, some things that are not accessible are the problems of your own circle, and you are not qualified to know these.

But don’t say that what you don’t know doesn’t exist…

Greedy Wolf understands that there are even more terrifying and mysterious existences above the original family!

Woodrow is the real famous family!


At this moment, outside the base where Woodrow was located, there was a sudden movement of thousands of troops rushing.

It was so shocked that the place where he was was rumbling and trembling.

Everyone was stunned.

It’s as if a big earthquake is coming.

“what happened?”

Woodrow’s face changed.

“Is there an earthquake?”

The seven killers rushed outside immediately, and even Woodrow followed outside.

The Shura Army under Woodrow’s command is serious.

“God of War, it’s not an earthquake, it’s a human! There’s an army ahead to kill!”

Seven kills said.

Soon after, Kings of the Five Great Wars, the Eighteen Cavaliers of the Heavenly Tribulation, the Ghost Army, the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army, etc., as well as the God of War Iron Brigade, appeared one after another, approaching Woodrow.

Everyone’s faces changed wildly.

Woodrow frowned and looked straight at the crowd: “What are you going to do, Wesley?”

Chapter 1226

“Are you crazy to put this posture in front of me?”

Woodrow carried his hands on his back and stared at Wesley.

Owen stared at him also: “Woodrow, we are here only for one thing-to rectify my boss’s name!”

“Yes! That’s right! The boss didn’t betray Morendam!”

“Justify him!!!”

Everyone shouted.

“These are the evidence!”

Zhuque handed the audiovisual materials to Woodrow.

This is all the video records of the battle with the Blood King Palace.

It is enough to prove that Levi is innocent.

Originally Wesley Owen and the others were still waiting for Levi’s next instructions.

Because he was in Beijing before, Levi told Wesley to wait for instructions.

But now that the news of Levi’s death came, they could no longer calm down.

They couldn’t do anything Levi was alive, he died, at least to justify his name.

Woodrow watched the video material, his face changed.

“Now it seems that someone framed Levi! I didn’t care much at the beginning!”

Woodrow reacted immediately.

It just made him wonder whether a cripple would be such a big threat?

Enough to make Levi’s enemies so scared?

“West Zhan Shane is afraid that he cannot understand. In the eyes of overseas enemies, the danger of our boss is far more dangerous than yours! Even if the boss only takes a breath, it is dangerous!”

Owen sneered.

Upon hearing this, Woodrow’s face changed.

He clearly defeated Levi.

Why does everyone still say that he is like Levi?

why is that?

Don’t the strong get recognized?

Is the world blinded?

He is better than Levi!

In front of thousands of people, he upright defeated Levi.

Levi himself admitted that he had lost.

Why do people still think so?

He can’t figure it out!

He clearly defeated Levi, but he couldn’t conquer the hearts of the people.

Especially the overseas tricks to kill Levi made him even more uncomfortable.

He now hopes that Levi is alive.

Fight him again to prove that his victory was not accidental.

He is better than Levi!

But this is impossible!

Levi is dead.

No chance.

For the present plan, he must destroy the Zhentian Temple to conquer people’s hearts.

“I’m waiting to ask West Warshen to restore Garrison Warshen’s identity and revoke all previous punishments!”

Suddenly, Wesley and Owen all knelt to the ground.

Even Woodrow was shocked.

He knew very well that this was a group of unruly guys.

According to their character, they kneel down to heaven and earth all their lives, kneel down in summer…

He would never kneel to him.

Today, they kneel to him collectively, which is enough to prove Levi’s status in their hearts.

Jealousy goes to jealousy.

But Woodrow still followed the rules.

“Okay, then I will revoke all punishments against Levi and add him as a martyr!”

Woodrow ordered.

“Thank West God of War!!!”

The God of War Iron Brigade shouted together.

Wesley stepped forward and said to Woodrow; “West Warshen, I am planning to transport the body of the boss back to hold a funeral for him!”

“Well, do it yourself!”

Woodrow turned and left.

After half a month of searching, Wesley and the others transported the remains of Levi.

Sarah and Ollie were also notified of this matter.

But they were not allowed to come.

A simple but grand funeral is underway at the northern boundary of Hantianguan.

The God of War Iron Brigade escorted their God of War with the highest etiquette.

On the top of the mountain, several figures stood.

“Hall Lord, what kind of experience is it to witness your own funeral?”

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