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Chapter 1237

The poor thing is that Woodrow thinks he has defeated Levi upright.

How do you understand that all of this was arranged by his Lord…

Put aside Levi’s deliberate loss in the end.

Woodrow defeated Levi, only 30% of it was on his own…

“Lord, why did you come out of the mountain?”

Woodrow looked puzzled.

Because the gate valve holds the oldest and most central thing.

Such as martial arts, medical skills and so on.

There are too few things that attract them in the dunya.

Can’t think of why they came out.

Since he was born at the age of fifteen, he has never seen his Lord again.

In fact, Fu Shenlin had been out of the mountain a long time ago and had been calculating Levi.

“I just came to see you as a teacher, not bad! The only person named God of War in the history of Morendam!”

Fu Shenlin patted Woodrow’s shoulder heavily.

Woodrow sighed: “Unfortunately, Levi is the first one.”

“No, he is dead. You are the only one!”

“Lord tells you that I have defeated Levi, but many people still refuse to accept me. Instead, they believe in Levi!”

Woodrow expressed his doubts.

Many people say that he has the advantage, and Levi is fighting again and again.

Whenever heard such remarks, Woodrow was unhappy.

Fu Shenlin snorted coldly: “Huh, a bunch of ignorant idiots! This is an era of the weak and the strong! Victory and glory belong only to the strong, and the loser is not worthy of mentioning anything!”

“If they don’t accept you, you will use force to conquer everything!”

Fu Shenlin was full of cold murderous aura.

Woodrow sighed, “If Levi lives so well, I will defeat him again, and I will be able to stop everyone’s mouths!”

“It’s impossible, Levi won’t live.”

Fu Shenlin and Watanabe Tian repeatedly confirmed the news of Levi’s death.

“It’s a pity, otherwise I can beat him a second time!”

Woodrow is extremely confident in his own strength.

What he cares about is the opinions of others.

Fu Shenlin left after watching Woodrow, and then he wanted to confirm that Junjun was not dead.

Levi and the others have been staring at the killer organization. At this time, news came from the Western Heavenly King.

She received the assassination order in the name of an assassination organization, and she has already reached the source.

The person who issued the assassination order was Long Aoqing!

Because of the pain of losing her son, Long Aoqing wanted to kill Levi’s family.

It happened that Mr. Fu took advantage of her.

In fact, it was Mr. Fu who controlled it behind the scenes, but he was cautious, and everything was done through the hands of others.

Levi also understood that Long Aoqing was only releasing, and there was still someone behind it.

He wants to use Long Aoqing to find the person behind it!

After dealing with several batches of assassins close to Jun Jun, Levi and King Bei Tian returned to the capital again.

Long Aoqing was not in the Garrison family’s ancestor house, but in a luxurious manor.

In the room, she paced left and right.

Appears hurriedly.

After all, the first assassination order failed, and all the killer organizations disappeared.

Although the killer dispatched this time was even more terrifying.

But she had a faint feeling of embarrassment.

“You must be successful this time, West’er, my mother wants revenge for you! Not only will Levi get rid of Levi, but all his family will be killed!”

Long Aoqing pleaded.

“Don’t worry, the several assassination organizations dispatched this time are terrifying. No matter who is guarding them, they are all dead ends!”

A voice sounded, and I don’t know when, Fu Shane came to the court.

Chapter 1238

Long Aoqing only breathed a sigh of relief, but she asked, “What happened to Mr. Fu before? Why did the killers disappear?”

Fu Shenlin didn’t care much about this issue.

Suddenly asked by Long Aoqing, he didn’t know how to answer.

“It should be that Sarah has a few experts around him to protect, right? But the assassination organization that received the assassination order this time has not appeared in decades!”

Fu Shenlin looked confident.

After all, those who took over this mission were all unheard of assassination organizations.

One shot is absolutely invincible.

Long Aoqing asked curiously: “Mr. Fu, you come from the supreme Northern Liang gate, why would you be so interested in a small Levi?”

Above the aristocratic family is the celebrity.

According to Long Aoqing’s knowledge.

Morendam has four gate valves——

Beiliang Gate Valve.

South Xinjiang gate valve.

Donghai gate valve.

Xishu gate valve.

The Fu Shenlin in front of him came from the gate of Beiliang.

The clan is a powerful force that combines a family and a sect.

Control the ancient things of Morendam…

The simplest ones are martial arts and medical skills.

Not to mention ordinary people, even for the first generation Garrison Family, it was crushed.

Therefore, even a decent person like Mr. Lin can only give up Sarah.

I really don’t dare to offend the celebrity.

Fu Shenlin smiled and said, “Because Levi broke some rules!”

“Mr. Fu, Woodrow, God of War, should have something to do with you, right?”

Long Aoqing is very smart. Fu Shenlin asked her about Woodrow before.

Fu Shenlin admitted frankly: “Well, he is my apprentice!”

“But he is not the top young man in the Northern Liang family, he can only be regarded as a middle-upper.”

Fu Shenlin added.


Long Aoqing took a breath.

How terrifying is the North Liang family?

Woodrow is only middle and upper, can he win the position of God of War?

These hidden powers are too terrifying, right?

Sure enough, the most terrifying and powerful people or forces are the ones who hide the deepest…

Or she said that the level is not enough to reach it.

She thought that her son Garrison West was the best young man in the world.

Now it seems that they can only be regarded as frogs at the bottom of the well.

For aristocratic families, royal families, and royal families, to measure a person’s strength or weakness is generally measured by factors such as power or wealth and social status.

But Boyd is weakened, or doesn’t pay much attention to it.

But in a real big power or a circle that is beyond the scope of ordinary people, the real measure of a person’s strength is martial arts.

This is a world where the weak can eat the strong!

As long as you have strong martial arts, social status, and wealth and power, you have everything you need.

Or to put it this way, if the martial arts is strong enough, you won’t care about these worldly things.

Take Woodrow as an example, his business wealth is blank.

There is no background use.

Relying on a pair of iron fists, he abruptly hit the Asura God of War.

This is the definition of martial arts!

In the face of absolute force, everything must be surrendered.

Therefore, these big powers, everyone advocates martial arts, and cultivating children from an early age is to practice martial arts, and try to become strong.

Only then will there be a god-level walking everywhere in the family, the grand Lord is like a cloud.

They live in their own circles and are not afraid to be out of touch with modern society.

Only with super strength and appearing in modern society is the absolute king.

The appearance of Woodrow has proved this.

“So you ordinary people are like ants in my eyes!”

Fu Shenlin sneered.

But Long Aoqing did not dare to refute.


At this moment, the door of the manor was blasted open.

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