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Chapter 1239

“Long Aoqing get out!!!”

A cold shout came.

Hundreds of guards in the manor rushed up immediately.

“Boom boom…”

Accompanied by bursts of crackling sounds, they flew out one by one.

Two figures walked all the way into the hall of the manor, full of people lying on both sides.

The senior guards of the Garrison family couldn’t stop it.

In the hall.

Long Aoqing’s face changed drastically.

Even Fu Shenlin and the faces of the people behind him changed.


Dare to make trouble here?

After a while, two figures appeared in the hall.

“Huh? Why are you…you…”

“Garrison…Levi… are you still alive?”

Levi’s sudden appearance scared Long Aoqing and Fu Shenlin stupidly.

After all, a dead person suddenly appeared in front of you, which is not surprising if you don’t scare!

Long Aoqing was so scared that her eyes were about to fly out.

“I’m so wronged, I’m here to take revenge!”

Levi laughed loudly.

“Don’t… I didn’t kill you… it’s not me, it’s them…”

Long Aoqing almost collapsed.

She couldn’t believe that Levi was alive.

Even Fu Shenlin, who came from the clergyman, was stunned for almost a minute before panting and asking inconceivably; “You…you are not dead?”

Levi stared at him with a sneer, “Mr. Fu?”

“You actually know me? It’s not good…it’s a trick…”

Mr. Fu is a wise man, think of all kinds of things, and immediately reacted.

“How is it possible? At first, you obviously couldn’t move. Everyone who escorted you died. How could you live? If you recover, you should do it at that time…”

Fu Shenlin was surprised.

When it comes to this matter, it is Levi’s pain.

So many brothers and sisters died for him…

He hates it!

How good is it to mention the sword earlier?

Everyone will not die…

Unfortunately, his recovery will take time!

Fu Shenlin glanced at the King of Northern Heaven next to him and said, “No, someone saved you! This creates a series of illusions that you are dead, and even your former subordinates have been deceived!”

“But how did you recover? This is impossible!!!”

Fu Shenlin sent people to check Levi’s body repeatedly, and recovery was impossible.

I can only lie in bed for a lifetime.

Let alone Levi.

In this case, even the ancient medical techniques and Lords of the Northern Liang family members could not do anything about it.

How did he recover?

Just forget it if you don’t die.

In such a short period of time, it was restored to this.

There are countless old books on the gate of Beiliang, and he has read many, many.

Never heard of such a situation.

He knew modern medicine well, and he had nothing to do with Levi’s situation.

How did he do it?

Levi ignored him, but his eyes fell on the four people behind Fu Shane.

“In the beginning, Garrison Family and I fought Woodrow. At the critical moment, you shot it, right?”

Levi asked.


The four of them were taken aback, and lowered their heads subconsciously.

Indeed, the four of them secretly assisted Woodrow in cheating and war god Levi.

No matter how they were disciples of the Northern Liang Family Clan, Levi pointed out on the spot that they couldn’t hold back their face.

They are very arrogant in their bones.

“Sure enough, it’s you!”

Levi sneered.

“Nonsense! My disciple Woodrow was able to beat you upright. Thousands of people saw it with their own eyes. How could anyone secretly help? Ridiculous!”

“My disciples of the Northern Liang family are like dragons. Will they use these methods?”

At this time, how could Fu Shenlin admit this matter?

Chapter 1240

Fu Shenlin sneered at Levi: “Levi really didn’t see that you still have such a side!”

“Finding such an excuse for your failure?”

Levi smiled and said nothing.

Don’t admit it?

Really thick-skinned!

Fu Shenlin continued: “Are you still saying that you were very poisonous at the beginning, and you continued to fight against the Blood King Palace and the Garrison Family Lords? In addition to our cheating, my apprentice was lucky enough to win you?”

Fu Shenlin threw all the questions to Levi.

Beat it up!

Instead, it became Levi’s excuse for failure.

Levi smiled and said: “Yes, what you said is all. One more point, I actually lost to Fu Shenlin on purpose at the time. I just wanted to see who would do it to me?”


Fu Shenlin immediately smiled.

“Deliberately lost to my apprentice? It’s so ridiculous! Sure enough, the loser will only make excuses! You will never be able to compare to my apprentice for the rest of your life!”

Fu Shenlin sneered.

At the beginning, Levi was stronger than Woodrow, otherwise he would not cheat.

But Levi said that he lost deliberately in the end.

This is an insult to Fu Shenlin!

He spends a huge price, is calculating, and cheating.

In the end, Levi’s sentence was deliberately lost.

Can he bear it?

“Don’t say anything else, there is no absolute fairness in this world, especially if you are the leader of Morendam’s warriors, you have to adapt to any possible sudden situations and circumstances. If you lose, you lose. This is not your reason for making excuses!”

Fu Shenlin said angrily.

Fu Shenlin reversed right and wrong, and even Long Aoqing believed that Levi had made excuses for her failure.

“Are you superior aristocrats so shameless?”

Levi asked.

One by one, they claim to be superior, flowing with the sacred and noble blood.

What they do are all dirty and shameless things.

“Presumptuous! Dare to insult Lord like this!”

“court death!!!”

The four people behind Fu Shane immediately scolded, staring at Levi murderously.

They are distinguished.

Especially their Lord has supreme majesty.

Never allow ordinary people to provoke!

“Do you know who we are? We are the gatekeepers of the North Liang! Above the family!”

“My junior brother Woodrow can only be considered middle and upper in the North Liang family, do you know our horror?”

Several people immediately identified themselves.

The North Liang gate clan is indeed terrifying.

But like Woodrow, Levi could crush to death with one finger.

Will he take it seriously?

It’s ridiculous!

“Beiliang gate valve? Anxious, I just took it down!”

Levi said coldly.

Even Long Aoqing couldn’t listen anymore.

Is this Levi too crazy?

Come to take the North Liang gate valve and don’t pay attention to it?

Do you know how many god-level Lords there are in Beiliang Gate Valve?

Go everywhere, one hundred? several hundred?

GrandLord-level powerhouse is even more like a cloud!

There may be more than dozens…

A Lord of death killed all the Lords who had escorted Levi.

The Beiliang Gate Valve can be used by dozens of Lords at once!

That would be unimaginable!

Appear on the battlefield, absolutely dominate everything.


Why does a Levi look down on the gate valve of Beiliang?

“Levi, you speak wild words! I don’t care how you recover your health, but this is not the reason for you to despise the Beiliang clan!”

Fu Shenlin shouted wildly.

Levi stared at him with a sneer: “You are Woodrow’s Lord, aren’t you?”

“of course!”

“Then you are better than him?”

“That’s for sure!”

“Well, since you say that I am not Woodrow’s opponent, then I will defeat his Lord!”

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