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Chapter 1241

Apprentice Woodrow, Levi is no longer interested.

Then defeat his Lord!


Everyone was happy.

Is Levi crazy?

He was at best a little stronger than Woodrow, and he even dared to provoke Fu Shenlin.

Fu Shenlin was a Lord-level powerhouse twenty years ago!

The current strength is even more terrifying!

To challenge him is to die!

“Just you want to challenge Lord? Can you stop the four of us?”

The four apprentices behind Fu Shane sneered.

Not only Fu Shenlin is already a long-standing Lord.

The four of them are also Lords!

The four of them are Fu Shenlin’s best disciples, and they are better than Woodrow in terms of strength and talent.

That day, they secretly interfered with Levi.

Have a general understanding of Levi’s strength.

Not to mention that he recovered from a serious injury.

How to fight them?

These are the five great Lords!!!

One Lord can reach the Wanjun.

The five great Lords are absolutely invincible on the battlefield!

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes: “Then I will kill you first, and then kill your Lord!”



“court death!”

“Kneel down!”

Fu Shenlin’s four major apprentices made a killer move if they didn’t agree with each other!


The four of them rushed towards Levi with a violent momentum.

Generally speaking in Da Xia, a god-level powerhouse is a great accomplishment in Dragonry cultivation.

The power is surging like a sea, and the blood is much more abundant than ordinary people.

The body is like steel bars.

This is to train Lloyd Jin to strengthen one’s own muscles and veins, increase combat effectiveness, and enhance defense.

The biggest difference between a Lord-level powerhouse is that it can release Lloyd Jin outside the body and cause damage to the enemy.

In layman’s terms, it releases energy…

It is like an explosion of a cannonball, and the air wave released has great lethality.

So that day, when Levi and Woodrow fought, the square in front of the Garrison family would collapse.

The four great Lords came together to kill, and before the people arrived, the four invisible energies blasted vigorously.

Like a mountain whistling a tsunami!

There was a huge gust of wind around him, shattering all objects in the entire hall.

“Kacha Kacha…”

The floor-to-ceiling windows burst open side by side.

Even the whole hall was shaking.

As if an earthquake is coming…

Like to collapse at any time!

Long Aoqing was stunned.

Is this the young man of the Northern Liang family?

too strong!!!


The so-called Morendam First Family is nothing more than a frog at the bottom of the well.

“Levi is dying!!!”

The Four Great Lords came to Levi from four directions to kill.

Just as the Northern Heavenly King was about to start, Levi shook his head.

This is his grudge.

He came to do it himself.

It’s just that Levi has been standing there stupidly, without any movement.

This appearance fell in Fu Shenlin’s eyes, as if he was frightened.


Fu Shenlin smiled.

Even his apprentice can’t handle it.

Still want to challenge him?

court death!

“Since Levi is not dead, let my apprentices let you die again!”

Fu Shenlin raised a triumphant smile at the corner of his mouth.

In an instant, the must-kill moves of the four great Lords fell on Levi.

They firmly believed that under one blow, Levi would definitely fall apart.




Four fierce tricks slammed Levi’s body, making a dull sound like thunder.


But in the next second, Levi suddenly burst into terrifying power.



The four great Lords were all blasted out by the terrifying force, vomiting blood violently, and fell to the ground without any movement.

There was a dead silence…

Chapter 1242

Long Aoqing’s eyes were about to fly out.

Not moving anymore?

Can’t any of the four great Lords move?

Levi didn’t move, right?

The four of them flew out…

How powerful is Levi?

Isn’t he dead?

Isn’t he abolished?

Why is he so strong?

Fu Shenlin was also dumbfounded.

He knows how strong his four best apprentices are.

Was it shocked by Levi?

This this this…

Unable to accept this fact!

“Not only did you recover your body, but also your strength?”

Fu Shenlin’s face changed drastically.

how can that be?

Levi was hit by the blood king palace to poison, and was wounded like that again.

Forget it if you don’t die?

How come back to strength?

This is impossible even for an ancient power such as the Northern Liang Clan.

It has been unheard of for two to three thousand years.

How can someone in a modern society do it?

You must know which ancient medical techniques and techniques are monopolized by these ancient forces.

There are very few ancient magical methods that have been passed down to modern times…

How did Levi do it?

Fu Shenlin was very curious.

If he Lorded this method, he would definitely be reused by the Northern Liang Family Clan.

Once this method was born, it would definitely shock the world!

It really is so!

After all, Levi’s practice method was too defying.

The incompleteness created the God of War!

The impact is unimaginable!

“Levi obediently tells you how to recover, and I will spare you not to die!”

Fu Shenlin started to think of Levi’s Heaven-defying Cultivation Technique.

Once let other powerful people or forces know that Levi has this heaven-defying technique, it must be robbed by everyone.

The reason that everyone is not guilty is guilty of his guilt.

Fu Shenlin dared to say this, which was enough to prove how confident he was in his own strength.

Even if Levi had defeated the four great Lords.

Face Fu Shenlin.

Levi had only one idea-revenge.

“Are you colluding with outsiders to make the Blood King Palace reappear and force me to leave?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, it’s a pity, my disciple was sent to protect your wife and children! What a pity!”

Fu Shenlin looked regretful.

“Are you poisoning me with the Blood King Palace?”


“Did you send someone to secretly disrupt my duel with Woodrow?”


“Did you send someone to assassinate me?”


“Did you frame me for betraying Morendam and deport me?”

“it’s me!”

“My Morendam three hundred and fifty-eight good children were killed by you in collusion with outsiders????”

Having said this, Levi’s eyes were red, and his voice was hoarse and choked.

The tragic battle in Beimo is still vivid.

Eighty Anonymous in the West…

Several big families in the capital…

Marshall, who is always strong and striving for the last breath!

The four heavenly kings who are dead still holding the thighs of the god of death!

The Yama God of War, whose body was shattered and never let go!

Familiar and unfamiliar faces flashed through Levi’s mind.

Kill kill kill!

Take revenge for them!

They can’t die in vain!

Blood cannot flow in vain!

Fu Shenlin looked at him with a sneer and said, “Yes, I planned it! A bunch of reptiles and ants are dead! It’s a pity that I couldn’t kill you!”

Fu Shenlin didn’t regard human life as the same thing at all.

Especially these people are his compatriots!

“Levi, I just found out that so many people hate you and want to kill you! Hahaha… we almost hit it off!”

Fu Shenlin smiled cruelly.

“Fu Shane is a ba5tard! Do you still have Da Xia in your heart? Those are all your compatriots, so you killed them cruelly?

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