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Chapter 1243

Fu Shenlin smiled and said: “I often teach disciples that there is no truth-the weak and the losers are not worthy to live!”

“They are just too weak, but if they are stronger, will they die? No! To put it bluntly, they die because they are weak, don’t blame anyone!”


Fu Shenlin’s remarks shocked Levi.

Did the weak provoke you?

Why are they not worthy to live?

This is an era when everyone is equal!

The age of people divided into six or nine classes has passed!

Your Beiliang Gate Valve also follows this set of principles.

Then I, Levi, will hit you until you recognize the reality and admit your mistakes!

Fu Shenlin looked at Levi and smiled: “In the final analysis, this matter has nothing to do with me, you are too weak.”

“Even if I cheat for my apprentice? How about calculating you to poison you? Can you take revenge? Who knows if I killed you this time?”

Fu Shenlin smiled.

There is a law of the weak and the strong among the cliques. In order to survive, they have to do whatever they can.

It is also the reason why these hidden forces are out of touch with modern society.

On the other hand, the constraints on them are not in place.

After all, these people are too strong.

Once annoyed, the Lord is like a cloud!

Who can limit?

“Do you have Morendam in your eyes?”

Levi was very sad.

The three hundred brothers who died were wronged.

Fu Shenlin had no intention of repentance at all.

Fu Shenlin sneered: “I only have myself in my eyes! This world belongs to the strong! Don’t bullshit me!”

“For the sake of your own desires, you framed me like this? It’s okay!”

“Brothers, are you watching? Today, I, Levi, will avenge you! Kill this wicked man!”

Levi leaned up to the sky and roared.


Fu Shenlin laughed.

“I’ll talk to you again, as long as you hand over the recovery method, I will spare your life!”

Fu Shenlin warned again.

“Thief, die!”

Levi gritted his teeth and suddenly killed him.


He punched him critically.

Fu Shenlin is worthy of being a Lord-level powerhouse for twenty years.

Raising his right arm, he actually blocked the punch.


But his feet cracked inch by inch, cracks spreading for several kilometers.

“This punch is for senior Marshall!”

With a punch, Fu Shenlin’s face changed wildly.


too strong!

Before he could react, the second punch came…


Levi hit the second punch again.

Fu Shenlin plunged his feet deeply into the ground, and his ankles were gone.

“This punch is for Bass Luo!”


The third punch hit.

Fu Shenlin sank deeper into the ground, reaching the calf.

“This punch is for Jiang Hai’s senior brothers!”


The fourth punch hit.

Fu Shenlin continued to insert his body into the ground until he reached his knees.

“This punch is for the brothers in Beijing!”


The fifth punch was blown down.

Fu Shenlin’s body drowned the earth deeper.

“This punch is for the eighty nameless people in the West!”


The sixth punch hit.

Fu Shenlin was beaten into the ground half of his body.

“This punch is for the four brothers of Graham Kouzhong!”


“This punch is for the brothers in the North!”


“This punch is for the people who died tragically in Beimo Town!”

Levi stood up to the sky and roared, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger.

A dozen punches in a row.

As for Fu Shenlin disappeared on the spot…

Because he was beaten into the earth by Levi with his fist, without even showing his head.

The whole person falls into it and merges with the earth…

Chapter 1244


Long Aoqing witnessed everything next to her, and she watched Levi punch Fu Shenlin into the ground with her own eyes.

It’s like a hammer, and the feeling of knocking a nail into the wall one by one and disappearing.


so horrible!

That’s not an ordinary person!

That is a Lord of twenty years!

Put it on the battlefield against the existence of an army of 100,000!

Was beaten just like this?

How strong is he?

How could Levi be so strong?

Is he rebirth from Nirvana?

Is it stronger than before?


Seeing such a horrible scene, Long Aoqing was completely frightened.

“Don’t come, don’t come…”

When she came into contact with Levi’s terrifying eyes, she was completely out of control.

She has become a lunatic…

The Northern Heavenly King snorted coldly: “The five great Lords are vulnerable!”

He was more afraid of Levi’s strength.

Levi looked into the distance and yelled wildly: “Did you guys see it? I have already killed this wicked man!”

“Not only that, I will also get rid of the enemies overseas one by one! To comfort your spirit in the sky”

Finally, Levi and the Northern Heavenly King left.


The whole manor collapsed…

Just a dozen consecutive punches by Levi have completely destroyed the foundation of the entire manor…

The wind and rain fluttered this night.

The five great Lords have fallen!

The first family Patriarch’s wife is crazy!

“what’s happenin?”

“Qing’er, what’s wrong with you?”

When Lawrence found Long Aoqing, she was already crazy.

“Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!”

Long Aoqing’s pupils dilated and pointed forward in horror.

“Hurry up with the doctor! Ask the Lord to come and see!”

In this way, Lawrence suspected that she was evil.

As for the fall of the five great Lords, no one knows.

After all, everyone didn’t even know that someone from the Northern Liang Dynasty had entered the WTO.

In addition, the disappearance of the high-definition reputation in the capital is also going to be raged…

For a time, an atmosphere of terror enveloped the capital.

It’s like something big is about to happen.

Unreasonable things are happening…

In addition, the assassination order against Junjun was also cancelled, and those assassination organizations withdrew one after another.

No one knows what’s wrong?

People like Mr. Lin guessed that someone might have put pressure on the North Liang gate valve.

After all, he knew that this time the assassination order was issued by the Northern Liang family clan.

It should be Morendam Colin and the like for Levi’s past meritorious service, specifically putting pressure on Beiliang’s clan.

In fact, everyone, the most terrifying thing is the defeat of the five great Lords. If this matter is to be spread, the whole world will burst.

Such rumors in some small countries-

One Lord can control one country!

Exaggerate to say that a Lord can carry the fortune of the country!

This is the Lord!

In Morendam, even if you don’t say that you can carry a country, you can still be a god of war in a country.

Such as Woodrow!

But Levi defeated the five great Lords!

His strength is unimaginable!

In the base.

Woodrow was full of doubts: “I don’t know why the Lord and brothers came out of the mountain? I always think something is wrong!”

Qisha shook his head: “God of War, I haven’t found relevant information.”

“But before the Lord left, he passed me a set of combat skills, I have to practice as soon as possible!”

Woodrow smiled and said: “I faintly feel that Levi is still alive! If it is true, I have to make him understand that I am a mountain he can never cross!”

The others looked at each other: “We feel that way too! If Levi is alive, you can defeat him again, God of War!”

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