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Chapter 1245

How did they know that Levi hammered his Lord and the four strongest brothers last night.

What shit fighting technique?

His Lord can’t even use it!

He was hammered to death by Levi with his fist!

After solving Mr. Fu.

Levi began to join forces with Mr. Fu’s enemies overseas.

He asked the Western Heavenly King to check related personnel…

“The leader is Watanabe Tenner, Grand Sergeant Yangguo?”

Levi looked at the list and said coldly.

“Yes, and the return of the Blood King Palace is also a single-handed operation by Watanabe!”

The King Xitian replied.

Levi pursed his lips and said: “It’s really a powerful existence! The Blood King Palace was clearly let me be destroyed, and I can make a comeback! It’s amazing!”

When the Blood King Palace was wiped out for the first time, those Lordminds were obviously killed.

The second time they were still standing in front of Levi alive.

This makes him incredible.

He asked the Western Heavenly King to keep investigating this matter.

It seems that Watanabe Tenner knows everything.

After all, he is in charge!

Levi sneered: “Okay, the list is ready, I will visit everyone on the list!”

“The Zhentian Temple listens to the order!!!”

Levi shouted.


The Zhentian Temple kneeled to the ground.

“The hunt begins!!!”

Levi threw the list to the ground.

“Help the justice, protect the mountains and rivers, eliminate the traitors, and kill the enemy bandits!”

Operation Zhentiandian officially begins!

From this day on, everyone involved in the framing of Levi will be found one by one.

Murder in every night.

Performed in every corner of the overseas.

Next, there were constant breaking news.

Boyd Zhaotian, the great martial artist of the country, suddenly disappeared from the world…

The owner of Tennoji, the largest island in the sea, died…

Logan Dongwan, the lord of the Star Nation’s 500 billion consortium, died…

The boss of the most powerful force in the Dark World of Wind Kingdom dies…

Soon, overseas is boiling.

In just a few days, such things happened in dozens of overseas countries.

It seems that killings are happening all the time!

People panic for a while.

After all, those who die are all super big men overseas!

Who made it?

According to the clues left at the scene, it can only be the Zhentian Temple.

Only Zhentiandian has this ability!

After all, those who were killed were powerful in their lives, or they were super-powerful warriors in the first place.

Everyone is basically sure that it is Zhentian Temple.

“What’s the origin of the Heavenly Palace in this town? It killed so many people? They are all our partners!”

When Tenichi Watanabe found out, he was shocked.

“It feels like this is for me?”

Watanabe Tenner had a vague premonition.

These people who are dead are too obvious.

They were all the people who conspired with him to get rid of Levi.

They are dead.

All the spearheads were directed at one person-Levi.

“Military strategist, but not necessarily, because these people who died had conflicts with Zhentian Temple in private before!”

“Yes, and Levi can’t live! Death shot, how can he live?”

The subordinate said.

Watanabe Tenner shook his head: “No, no, I’d better prepare early!”

“Even though Levi must be dead, if Zhentiandian comes at me, wouldn’t it be over if I didn’t prepare?”

Watanabe Tenner is a cautious man.

On the other side, only Yokuni Watanabe Tenner, Yamamoto Yuta, and Mitsui Ichiro remained on the list of Jintenden.

“Go, go to Stone Country!”

Above the sky, Levi looked at the island country.

Yangguo is also known as Dongdao.

“It’s been five years since the last time I came to East Island. I didn’t enter East Island five years ago. This time I entered East Island and killed three people!”

Chapter 1246

Levi’s eyes were deep.

Five years ago, in order to rescue one person, he set foot on the East Island alone.

Fighting 30,000 enemies alone, slaughtering 8,000 enemies, and successfully saving people.

The First World War shocked East Island!

This is the main reason Higashishima is jealous and angry with him!

Because of that battle, Levi used his strength to trample under his feet the martial arts that Dongdao had believed in since he was a child, and desecrated it!

In the East Island, everyone resented Levi.

Killing and then quickly can relieve the pain.

For five full years, Levi never set foot on the East Island again.

This time, the devil came again.

Dongdao should tremble!

Edo Castle, the capital of the East Island country.

Edo Castle is famous in the East Continent is the tallest tower, the Sun Tower, which is 600 meters high!!!

At this moment, it is located in a luxurious private estate in Edo Castle.

The atmosphere is serious and depressing.

The small manor is actually full of thousands of Lords.

They wore hats one after another, with samurai swords hanging from their waists.

Everyone was wearing a black face towel, and their eyes were full of solemn killing intent.

They are all famous samurai in Edo and other islands.

Hearing that the army division was in trouble, he spontaneously came to protect him.

Not only that, there is also a strong samurai on his way.

The recent shock shots of the Zhentian Temple have already made people panic.

They will never allow Watanabe Tenner to do anything.

At all costs, we must ensure the safety of Watanabe Tenner!

Watanabe Tenner has a very high prestige in Higashishima!

Resourceful, almost a demon god.

This is an evaluation of Watanabe Tenner.

This great army division only came out for thousands of years!

But Watanabe Tenner was not in the manor, he went to a place.

In the outskirts of Edo Castle, in a bamboo forest.

There is a grass house deep in the bamboo forest.

In front of the grass house, there was a man kneeling, it was Watanabe Tenner.

It’s hard to imagine that Watanabe Tianyi, the military division of Yangguo, would kneel to others.

Especially when the people on the East Island know it, they are afraid that their eyes will fly out, right?

Who is so bold?

How dare to let the generals kneel down!

What is even more unimaginable is that he has been kneeling for nearly a day.

“Go back! I won’t be out of the mountain again!”

An old voice came from the grass house.

“Senior Demon Sword, juniors are here not only for their own safety, but also for your prowess of Dongdao martial arts!”

“Five years ago, Morendam Levi smashed into my East Island alone, and 30,000 warriors lost to one person. After being slaughtered 8,000, they left!

That battle shocked the world! It was also the most humiliating moment on my East Island!

He alone trampled my Toshima Budo on the ground, and only one person gave me the most painful blow to Toshima Budo!

That blow left me silent in Higashishima martial arts for five years, and it hasn’t been relieved yet.

My Dongdao Budo was supposed to be in the top three in Brandon Continent, but after that time, it fell out of the top ten and retreated for a full thirty years! So far, we are still bowing our heads! “

Speaking of this, Watanabe Tenner has already washed his face in tears: “The younger generation is afraid that this attack on the Zhentian Temple will cause a greater blow to my Toshima Budo! This time I will go back a hundred years, and my Toshima Budo will completely I can’t lift my head in Dongfangzhou!”

“I also hope Senior Demon Sword to think twice!!!”

“Although there are several Lord-level experts around me, for the prosperity and reputation of Toshima Budo, I must be foolproof!”

“Senior Demon Sword has retired from the arena for fifty years. It shouldn’t have been disturbed. The juniors are compelled! I beg Senior Demon Sword to come out!

Shouted Watanabe Tenner.

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