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Chapter 1247




Tenichi Watanabe knocked his head on the ground several times in succession, bleeding his forehead.

Watanabe Tenner is an extremely crazy existence.

For Higashishima Budo, for Higashishima, he will give everything.

Even if you use all means to destroy Levi.

Even if he is responsible for any infamy alone.

You can’t say that he is wrong, you can only say that his position is different.

Of course, Watanabe Tenner also has selfishness.

Want to live!

The recent attempts of Zhentiandian made him flustered.

Because among those who died, there were many who were protected by the Lord.

With the protection of the Lord, he was killed.

That can only show that the opponent is very strong!

Have the ability to not fear the Lord, and even kill the Lord!

So if he wants to live, he has to do his best.

You have to use all the cards you can use to protect your own safety.

He even plans to use the Demon Sword to smash the Zhentian Temple and save the face of Dongdao Budo in one fell swoop!

It can be described as a strategy of killing two birds with one stone!

“For Higashishima Budo, I implore Senior Demon Sword to come out of the mountain!”

There were hundreds of people kneeling behind Tianyi Watanabe, begging one by one.

The sound was like a mountain whistling a tsunami, alarming the bamboo forest.

Birds are scared of beasts…

Who are the demon swords they invited?

The demon sword is just a name, his real name is Kawasaki Zandao.

Known as the Great Lord of the East Island!

The first means the strongest!

Sixty years ago, Kawasaki Zandao swept all the Lords in Brandon Continent alone, with no rivals at all.

Even if he faces a Lord who is also a Lord, he is a spike!

Rumor has it that no one has ever seen him take a knife!

Because everyone I’ve seen is dead…

Even when he stepped into Morendam, Morendam martial arts couldn’t raise his head.

Almost, that era in Dongfangzhou belonged to him.

He alone suppressed Dongfangzhou martial arts!

He became the pride of Higashishima Budo!

Become the god in the minds of the people!

But for some reason, Yaodao suddenly announced his withdrawal from the arena and lived a life of seclusion.

Up to now, it has been fifty years and has not yet emerged.

“Well, for the sake of your dedication to Higashishima Budo, I promise you to come out!”

The old voice resounded in the grass house again.

“Hahaha, that’s great!”

Watanabe Tenner laughed presumptuously.

The Demon Sword, known as the strongest Lord, came out of the mountain, who could kill him?

Who dares to humiliate Higashishima Budo again?

There are six great Lords around Watanabe Tenner, plus him, a total of seven Lords.

If this foundation is placed on Brandon Continent, anyone should be timid?

That’s right, there were few god-level powerhouses before, let alone grandLord-level powerhouses.

Almost never appeared.

That’s because every country and every force is unwilling to expose their hole cards.

When it is not a last resort, this kind of hole cards will never be exposed.

Although the various forces unite to fight against Levi.

But I can’t tell when everyone will become enemies to each other.

To expose the Lord-level powerhouse prematurely, isn’t it to let the other party target it?


The next moment, I saw an old figure walking out of the grass house.

His body was frivolous and thin, as if being blown down by a gust of wind.

But no one dared to breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone held their breath and stared at him with admiration.

This is the demon sword!

It is a godlike existence!

Fifty years ago, it was so scary.

Today, he is afraid of becoming more and more terrifying.

“Welcome the demon sword out of the mountain!!!”

Tenichi Watanabe took the lead and shouted.

This one comes out.

He is safe.

Higashishima Budo is about to flourish.

East Island will also be prosperous.

“Come on Zhentian Temple!”

Watanabe Tian was extremely confident.

Chapter 1248

“How about the one who repelled my Higashishima Budo five years ago for fifty years?”

Asked after the demon sword came out.

Watanabe Tenner respectfully said: “Senior Demon Sword, that person’s name is Levi, he is the God of Great Xia War, and the only existence with the title of God of War. It’s just that I designed it to kill!”

“Huh? He died? It’s okay to die!”

Yao Dao sighed.

Watanabe Tian smiled: “This is also thanks to the Morendam Beiliang gate valve!”

“Huh? What? Beiliang gate valve?”

After hearing these words, Yao Dao’s face changed drastically.

It’s like seeing something frightening.

“Senior Demon Blade, what’s wrong with you?”

Watanabe Tenner asked immediately.

“It’s okay, I’ve just heard that Morendam Beiliang is the strongest gatekeeper! There are other three gatekeepers too!”

Yaodao returned to normal, said lightly.

Tian Watanabe and a group of people immediately flattered and said: “No matter how strong the four big gates of Morendam are, it can’t beat the power of your predecessor!”

Yaodao didn’t take this flattery to his heart.

He wanted Watanabe Tenner to describe the incident in detail.

“Where are the other two?”

Demon Dao asked.

He refers to Yuta Yamamoto and Ichiro Mitsui.

The two men also participated in the whole process of framing Levi.

Watanabe Tenner is making suggestions, and the specific implementation is both of them.

Watanabe Tian’s expression changed: “The two of them didn’t take my instructions to heart, and didn’t regard this matter as the same thing at all.”

Demon Dao sighed and said: “This is normal! Both of them came from famous families, and their ancestors were all invincible generals! They have been martial arts families for generations, and it is not normal to be timid!”

“Let them go!”

Watanabe Tenner said coldly.

He is safe anyway.

Somewhere away from the downtown area in Edo, there is a mansion.

Partial to the ancient architectural style.

This used to be the General’s Mansion.

Later it became the place where the martial arts family lived for generations.

Everyone advocates martial arts.

There are countless Lords in the family.

Yamamoto Yuta is the current Patriarch, and he already has Lord-level combat power.

Mitsui Ichiro is here too.

After he is another goal general, he is also of the Lord level.

They and Watanabe Tenner are the iron triangle of Higashishima Yokuni.

One article and two weapons, the world is invincible.

However, due to recent events, the two had a little disagreement with Watanabe Tenner.

“Although Watanabe Tenner is resourceful and resourceful, his shortcomings are also obvious-too conservative, he is only committed to doing things, and often missed opportunities!”

“Yes, you have to take risks when it’s time to take risks!”

The two couldn’t help but sneer.

“Is the Zhentian Temple? Afraid of what it does? If you dare to come to the East Island, I will let you stay here!”

Yamamoto Yuta holding a samurai sword, kneeling on the futon, waiting quietly.

Behind him are all black warriors.

Behind Mitsui Ichiro next to him were all white samurai.

They did not find someone to protect and defend themselves like Watanabe Tenner.

Instead, they were waiting for Zhentian Temple to come up, head-on.

This is the Bushido spirit of Higashishima!

Even the toughness of the Higashishima samurai is more than that of the warlike country.

“According to the style of Zhentian Temple, we will definitely come to us. I’m wondering how they will come?”

Mitsui Ichiro was surprised.

This general mansion, they made a strict deployment.

“Whoever does he get here? It doesn’t matter if he comes from the sky!”

Watanabe Yuta dismissed it.

At this moment, the sky over Higashishima Edo.

An airplane is peculiar to the town hall passed by.

“Hall Lord below is the mansion of Yuta Yamamoto!”

“Open the hatch and I jump down!”

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