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Chapter 1249

“Okay, Lord, I will prepare a parachute for you!”

The subordinates have arranged a parachute, ready to put on Levi.

What they understood was that Levi was going to land from the sky, killing them by surprise.

“No! I just jump down, don’t need a parachute!”

But Levi refused directly.


Hearing what Levi said, everyone in the cabin was stunned.

Jump straight down?

Although the plane was flying extremely low at the moment.

That is at least 1,500 meters!

Jump from this position?

Isn’t this a joke?

At the speed of the plane, he jumped directly at an altitude of 1,500 meters.

People are afraid that the bones will not be left after training, right?

That huge impact is unimaginable!

Even a warrior can’t do it, right?

Absolutely crushed!

After all, it’s not Superman!

Everyone is flesh and blood!

The body of the warrior is as hard as a stone, and the blood is surging like a sea.

But such a big impact can’t hold it!

For a while, everyone hesitated.

“HallLord still ask you to put on a parachute! It’s safe!”

One person said.

Levi’s face was cold and did not speak.

“Didn’t you hear the command of the Lord? Open the hatch!”


The Northern Heavenly King said angrily.


Several people were so scared that they immediately opened the hatch.

Never dared to disobey orders!


Suddenly, a terrible air current sucked everything in the cabin!


Levi carried his hands on his back, stepped out of the hatch slowly, and jumped straight down.

The Northern Heavenly King followed closely and jumped down.

The two men looked relaxed, as if they were taking a walk.


The members of the Zhentian Temple in the cabin showed incredible expressions.


All lunatics!

too frightening!

Although I know that the Lord of the Palace and the Northern Heavenly King are strong.

But he jumped from the plane at an altitude of 1,500 meters without any protective measures.

Is this still human?


It’s damn scary!

Inside the General’s Mansion.

Thousands of warriors are waiting for the arrival of Zhentian Temple.

Yamamoto Yuta and Mitsui Ichiro held samurai swords in their hands and closed their eyes.

“Look at the sky, there really are planes flying by!”

“Yes, yes, too low, right? Is this for us?”

At this moment, there was a lot of noise in the crowd.

Everyone looked to the sky one after another.

A black plane was passing by at low altitude.

Everyone sees it clearly.

After all, 1,500 meters, this altitude is not high for airplanes.


Yamamoto Yuta and Mitsui Ichiro also opened their eyes and looked into the sky.

There was a plane passing by at low altitude.

Flying too low!

“Could it be that Zhentian Temple really belongs to it?”

Mitsui Ichiro said casually.


At the next moment, Yuta Yamamoto, who had excellent eyesight, saw two black spots appearing in the sky.

Obviously just came out of the cabin!

“Someone jumped down!!!”

Mitsui Ichiro shouted.


Thousands of samurai on the scene pulled out katana one by one and waited!

A wave of murderous intent lingered in the general’s mansion.

In everyone’s concept, these two people will turn on their parachutes next and finally land nearby.

They rushed up and hacked to death with a random knife!

Next, the black spots became bigger and clearer.

The two figures gradually became clear.

The two of them fell like a meteorite from outside the sky…


A whistling sound was heard in everyone’s ears, and even a stream of air raging came.

The falling speed has broken the sound barrier!

“They didn’t carry a parachute!”

Chapter 1250

Yuta Yamamoto shouted.

Mitsui Ichiro was dumbfounded.

Thousands of warriors present were dumbfounded.

Are you crazy?

Jump off the plane without a parachute?

Falling from an altitude of 1,500 meters, it was on the plane again.

So Levi’s descent speed was simply too fast.

The figure was blurred, and a long wave of air was drawn.


The two fell, carrying too much shock.

The entire general mansion has heard terrible noises, destroying their eardrums.

There was even a wave of air pressure on the top of Mount Tai.

Many people were almost overthrown by the blast!

People are so powerful before they arrive…

“Danger, evacuate!”

Everyone has sensed the danger and evacuated quickly.

It’s just that the falling speed is too fast.

It doesn’t give people any time to react at all.

Many people raised their heads and watched two figures falling from the sky.



The two fell into the general’s mansion one after another, making a shocking sound.

Like two shells hit.


The earth shook, the mountains shook, the sky collapsed.




The buildings in the General’s Mansion collapsed one after another.

“Kacha Kacha…”

There are dense cracks on the ground like spider webs.

Pieces of the floor burst open.

The most frightening thing is that there are two big pits in the General’s Mansion!

It’s really like after a cannonball bombardment.

This general mansion, which has been passed down for more than 600 years, was destroyed.




What is even more frightening is that the moment the two fell, a huge shock wave was generated, raging around everything.

It just so happened that thousands of samurai gathered together very densely.

The building collapsed, and people were blown out.

Blood flowed into a river!

Sorrow everywhere!

Numerous casualties at a time!

This is the immense power produced by falling from a high altitude, like a cannonball!

Humanoid weapon…

All the rest looked at the smoke-shrouded place in the field unanimously.

They want to know the life and death of the two who fell!

After waiting for a long time, the smoke and dust finally dissipated, revealing a clear picture.

I saw two people standing in two big pits.

One person slapped the smoke, his face flushed, and blood surged.

Obviously, the impact of jumping from the plane still hurt him to some extent.

This is the Northern Heavenly King.

Although it was okay, it was very embarrassing.


The Northern Heavenly King couldn’t help but cursed.

His understatement frightened a group of people.

Yamamoto Yuta and others are going crazy.

Didn’t have a parachute, and jumped down from such a height, it was all right?

Just this damage?

so horrible!

“Oh my God!!!”

When they saw the other person, they were crazy.

Every eyeball is about to fly out.

As if seeing some miracle!

Levi carried his hands on his back, his face was as usual, and his expression was calm and calm.

There is no dust on the body!

Jumping off the plane, he really had nothing to do.

how can that be?

Is he really human?

His physique is too bad, right?


Even a Lord-level powerhouse would not dare to fall from a height of 1,500 meters, right?

With everyone’s stunned effort, Levi and the Northern Heavenly King have already walked into the field.

Yamamoto Yuta and Mitsui Ichiro looked at them silly.

It took a full minute for everyone to react one by one.

You can see Levi in front of you.

They were stunned again.

Why is this person so familiar with the key?

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