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Chapter 1251

“Garrison… Levi… You, you, you…”

Mitsui Ichiro was just as out of control, he was talking about him, he didn’t know what to say.

The whole person staggered as if falling to the ground at any time.

Yamamoto’s expression also changed drastically: “It’s you!!! Levi! Are you still alive???”


The affirmation of these two people made the remaining hundreds of warriors in the field take a breath.

Each of them was so scared that their faces were pale and bloodless.

The scariest thing I have ever seen in my life is the fall just now.

Even more terrifying is that this person is Levi!

It’s not just dead people who suddenly stand in front of you!

It was that Levi fought in the East Island five years ago and defeated the 30,000 warriors of the East Island.

Great shame to Dongdao and the tragic consequences of a fifty-year retreat!

So the warriors of Dongdao remember Levi’s appearance in their minds.

All Higashishima warriors must aim to kill Daxiaye King’s Landing!

Killing Levi has become a kind of mission for them!

It shows how much Dong Dao hates Levi!

So seeing Levi makes everyone so crazy and so scared.

It is a kind of fear and resentment in the bones.

“Is it a ghost???”

This is everyone’s unanimous idea.

Repeatedly confirmed that Levi was dead.

But he appeared in front of everyone again.

It’s incredible!

“Do not!”

“He is Levi!”

“Levi is not dead at all!”

“I understand, the Zhentian Temple is Levi’s!”

Mitsui Ichiro reacted most quickly.

Exclaimed repeatedly.

He saw through everything.

I even knew Levi’s new identity-the lord of the Zhentian Temple!

“What? He is the Lord of Zhentiandian?”

Yamamoto Yuta’s pupils contracted and his whole body was stupid.

The appearance of Zhentian Temple made everyone think that Levi was dying, and no one was pressing it before he emerged.

How did you know that the Zhentian Temple was from Levi!

But thinking about it this way, everything makes sense.

First is the disappearance of death.

Later, a series of actions made by Zhentian Temple.

And the people killed recently are all members of the project to frame Levi.

This can only show that I am avenging Levi…

Now it’s all clear…

They were waiting for Levi in the Zhentian Temple.


Levi gave an order.

The Northern Heavenly King has moved.

He who is in charge of martial arts turned into a Shura, rushed into the crowd, and reaped his life.

“Kill, kill them!”

The samurai who possessed the spirit of Bushido were not afraid, and they rushed forward one after another.

Fight with the Northern Heavenly King.

“Since Levi is alive, we will kill you again!”

Yuta Yamamoto and Ichiro Mitsui drew their swords to kill Levi.

The battlefield is divided into two parts.

Soon, the battle came to an end.

None of the hundreds of samurai escaped under the northern king’s hand, all fell in a pool of blood…

Yuta Yamamoto and Ichiro Mitsui broke several battle knives!

The two were grabbed by Levi, one by one.

The eyes of the two of them were full of horror.

“I tell you Levi!”

“No matter how powerful you are, you can’t kill a big military division!”

“Yes, you can’t even get out of East Island!”

Before the two of them died, they had to do their best, and they had to use Watanabe Tenner to overwhelm Levi.

“Unfortunately you can’t see it!”

Levi smashed the two together fiercely, blood splattered, and his head blossomed…

He said with a cold face; “The two brothers have solved it again, and only Watanabe Tian one is left!!!”

After solving these two people, Levi began to look for Watanabe Tenner.

Chapter 1252

Regardless of the Beiliang gatekeeper behind Mr. Fu, in terms of severity, Watanabe Tenner is the number one.

Although he has never played head-on with Watanabe Tenner.

But Levi had heard a lot about Watanabe Tenner’s rumors.

The East Island military division, who is as wise as a demon, is well-known in Dongfangzhou.

King Bei Tian said: “Judging from the preparations of these two people, they have been waiting for us, especially the old gangster Watanabe Tenner, who is afraid that a net is waiting for us.

Levi sneered, “So what? Who can keep the person Levi wants to kill?”

In Watanabe Tenner’s military division’s mansion, three thousand samurai have gathered in an instant, and there are many god-level experts!

In order to protect his own safety, Watanabe Tian took out all his background information.

Especially now, I invite Kawasaki, the first Lord of the East Island, to Zando.

Watanabe is as stable as Mount Tai.

“By the way, is there any news from Yuta Yamamoto?”

Asked Watanabe Tenner.

“Not for the time being! According to our spies, Zhentian Temple did not move.”

The demon knife, who was kneeling on the futon not far away, asked in a deep voice, “Will the Zhentian Temple really come?”

“Yes, I have a strong hunch!”

Watanabe Tenner said positively.

“This is our opportunity! As long as this battle severely defeats the Zhentian Temple, and even eliminates the Zhentian Temple, my Dongdao martial arts will return to the peak!”

The demon knife raised his eyelids lazily, and two bright lights shot in his eyes: “Okay, I will kill as many as I come! Revitalize my Dongdao martial arts line!”

With the words of Yaodao.

Watanabe Tenner was relieved.

Zhentiandian is fearless!

Now he is afraid that Zhentian Temple will not come…

Time passed by every minute and every second.

There is no news of Zhentian Temple.

There is no news about the two of Yuta Yamamoto.

“Will something happen to them?”

Someone said.


Just as soon as the voice fell, a shocking sound blasted the audience.

The five-ton stone gate of the military division’s mansion collapsed unexpectedly.

It was kicked over by someone!

The huge movement is like a mountain collapsed.


The entire military division’s mansion was trembling, and ripples rippled violently in the man-made lake.

“Here is someone!!!”

In an instant, all the thousands of samurai who were half kneeling in the field stood up.

Staring at the door firmly!

Kawasaki Zandao, who had been keeping his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, and two cold lights shot out in his eyes.



Suddenly two attackers flew from a distance.

The speed was too fast, and everyone did not see clearly.




The samurai in the front row chopped the attack with their swords.

Suddenly, the attacking object was torn into countless pieces and fell to the ground.

“What? Yamamoto-kun? Mitsui-kun?”

When everyone saw the attack clearly, they were stunned.

This is the fucking two of Yuta Yamamoto!

Even Watanabe Tianichi’s face changed drastically.

Doesn’t that mean that these two people have been defeated…

Zhentian Temple is really terrifying!

These are two Lords, and there are thousands of warriors under them, and there are no lack of god-level Lords.

Yao Dao squinted his eyes and looked ahead.

Looking at the curvature of the corner of his mouth, he seemed to be interested in this matter.

“Da da da…”

There was a dull sound of footsteps from far to near.

It rang like a drum, knocking in everyone’s heart, causing the heart to quickly become bloodshot, almost bursting open.

The two figures also gradually walked over.

“Two people???”

“That’s right? Two people dare to break into the military division’s mansion?”

Everyone feels crazy.

Too arrogant, right?

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