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Chapter 1261

Greedy Wolf and Pojun also hurriedly pulled the seven kills.

Motioned him not to say anything.

They could see that Woodrow was eager to prove himself.

Not to live in the shadow of Levi all the time.

Seven Kills quickly turned around and said: “It’s not impossible to move the Zhentian Temple, you can only…”


Woodrow asked immediately.

“God of War, you can challenge the Zhentian Temple as an ordinary person, without any standpoint!”

Qisha came up with an idea.

“Okay, this is fine! Mainly I defeat the Zhentian Temple, so I can conquer everyone’s hearts!”

“In order to guarantee 100% victory! I decided to retreat for a period of time!”

Woodrow wanted to practice the combat skills Fu Shenlin taught him.

After successfully practicing, he went to challenge.

This way the probability is greater.

Although Woodrow came from a famous family, he has never encountered an opponent since he was born.

Therefore, in his concept, there is no strong person in the outside world.

This is an information error.

Make him feel his heart.

As for Fu Shenlin, Shenlong never saw the end, so Woodrow didn’t know the news of his death.


Sarah and Ollie just talked to Levi on the phone.

“Mom, Jun Lin said he will be back soon.”

Sarah said excitedly.

During this period of time, the day was normal.

No one came to kill Junjun either.

But they have been acting.

Everyone thought that Levi was dying.

They have to act out the feeling of grief.

After all, strangers came to ask, as if to determine whether Levi was dead or not.

As for the villain, there are more.

Not long ago, someone from the Garrison family in Jingcheng came to ridicule.

As for the news that Logan and Mann’s family heard, Levi was beaten to death by the Garrison family.

Coupled with the fact that Mr. Lin broke off the relationship with Sarah, the Logan and Mann family have been urging Sarah to find a backer.

It is best to find a powerful new husband, so as to keep the huge wealth.

However, the suggestions of Logan and Mann’s family are indeed correct.

Since losing the great backer of the Lin family, many people have been eyeing the big fat piece of Erick Group.

Danger is quietly approaching a few people from Sarah.

She is difficult to hold!

At this moment, Levi is on his way back to Morendam.

In the car behind, there are a total of 357 urns.

Among them, the sheets of Yama God of War were laid out separately.

After all, he belongs to the wolf country.

Levi first settled Morendam’s brothers, and then brought Yama War God to the land of the Wolf Kingdom.

Just now, Levi held a funeral in the unnamed town of Beimo and cremated the people of the town.

These innocent people!

“Brothers, Morendam is ahead! I’ll take you home!”

Seeing Morendam’s land, Levi shouted.

Had it not been for these “crude people”, he would never have been alive!

They gave him the chance to be born again!

Fortunately, he was strong enough to avenge these brothers!

None of those people let it go!

When he came to the border, Levi took the initiative to get out of the car.

Holding Marshall’s urn in his hand, he walked into the land of Morendam.

The following team followed.

He wants to show the highest etiquette to send them home!

Levi had mixed feelings the moment he stepped into the land of Morendam.

There is a feeling that the mission is completed!

He was relieved!

Finally sent them home.

Although we can’t chase everyone as martyrs, we can build a monument after all!

At this time, the Western Heavenly King came to Levi with an ugly expression: “The Lord has bad news to tell you…”

Chapter 1262


The Western Heavenly King hesitated and said, “Someone in Morendam issued a ban. All cemeteries prohibit Mr. Marshall and others from entering, let alone erecting a monument!”

After the Western Heavenly King finished speaking, he felt an extreme coldness.

She subconsciously took two steps back.

Levi asked, “In other words, they are only worthy of being buried in the wilderness?”

“Yes, there are many rumors that Mr. Marshall and more than 300 people are also Morendam’s traitors! Traitors cannot be buried in Morendam’s land because they are unworthy!”

“What’s more, they deserve to die! Who wants them to protect a traitor!”

The Western Heavenly King shivered.

Everyone can feel that Levi is already angry.

The tragic and miserable death!

After he died, he couldn’t even return to his homeland, and he couldn’t even set up a tombstone.

Is he Levi still a human?

“I don’t care who is blocking! I must give my brothers a home! I must set up a monument and hold a funeral for them!”

“Target-Mylen Cemetery in Bei’an City! All 356 brothers must be safe!”

Levi let out a low roar.

The team keeps going!

Go to Bei’an City, the largest city in the north.

Levi wants to place the brothers here!

The Northern Heavenly King quietly asked the Western Heavenly King, “Who imposed the ban?”

“Beijing Yejia Levi!”

The Western Heavenly King whispered.

She didn’t dared to tell Levi just now.

The Northern Heavenly King took a deep breath.

He guessed it.

Only the first family of this level has the strength to impose a ban on all cemeteries in Morendam.

But the Garrison family is playing with fire!

This is hitting the muzzle by myself!

As Levi’s closest people, they can feel Marshall and the others are dead, and how much Levi blames himself.

He could not be saved before his death, and he must be erected by a monument after his death.

Who stopped and killed who!

Finally, Levi walked to an airport on the edge of Morendam, holding the urn.

One flight arrives at Bei’an City, and there are not many passengers.

So Levi bought all the other empty seats in one go and put all the brothers away.

It is a respect for them not to let these boxes be consigned.

Of course, the premise is that there are enough seats and it does not affect other people.

The boxes are all wrapped, so you can’t tell from the outside.

At this time, three women and two men came up. The men were tall and handsome, and the girls were young and beautiful.

In particular, the head girl has a face the size of a palm, and her skin looks like a jade, so beautiful that she is intoxicating.

Wearing a shirt and hot pants, exposing a pair of straight and slender white legs, very attractive.

The girl’s face is slightly green, but it is more youthful.

Definitely at the school level.

Girl Lin Sihan frowned slightly, glanced at the boarding pass, and said dissatisfied: “Logan Hao, why did you buy the ticket so late? Let’s squeeze the economy class now!”

The boy next to him looked bitter: “Sihan blames me for booking too slowly. I’ll see if I can change it later.”

The five Lin Sihan came from Jianghan City and traveled deep in the north during the summer vacation.

Logan Hao took the boarding pass to Levi in the first class, and said coldly: “Hey, change your position! Not only will I replenish you for the difference, but I will give you another 5,000!”

Logan Hao was completely commanding.

Levi said without looking up, “No change!”

“Ten thousand!”

Logan Hao said angrily.

“No change!”

“Fifty thousand is all right?”

Logan Hao gritted his teeth.

“No change!”

Lin Sihan was angry now, and couldn’t help but said, “Hey, what do you mean? Don’t even look at us? It’s rude!”

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