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Chapter 131

Xiao Qin smiled and deliberately sold Guanzi.

Sarah said: “Xiao Qin’s two favorite stars are coming to Case York. This girl has been talking about it all night.”

Xiao Qin glared: “Cousin, why are you talking about it?”

Upon hearing this, Levi frowned: “That’s it?”

Xiao Qin nodded proudly: “Yes, my male god and goddess are here. Isn’t this a happy event?”


Levi turned and left.

Xiao Qin chased after him: “Brother-in-law, why are you unhappy?”


“One of them is beautiful, the other is handsome!”

“Show you the photos.”

“This is Porter Yutong. She is so pretty, but she sings well! The hottest female celebrity!”

Xiao Qin held up his phone to show Levi.

Levi glanced at him: “It’s so average, far worse than your sister.”

“And my male god Cai Zhan! Are you handsome?”

Levi pushed Xiao Qin out and closed the door.

It’s much quieter now.

For these stars, Levi doesn’t catch a cold at all!

Bless the country, win glory for the country, it is them who sacrificed and shed blood forever!

But it is these actor stars who enjoy the honor and privilege.

His brother died for his country and left his body in the wilderness, no one knew.

But the actor has a headache and catches a cold.

I broke my finger when shooting a scene, but I was distressed by tens of millions of people.

Just in time to answer that sentence-no one asked at the general’s grave, the actor’s family affairs are known to the world.

It is based on this position that Levi doesn’t like any star.

Outside the room.

Xiao Qin went to harass Sarah again.

“Cousin, do you know? The 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiao family, a specially invited celebrity. Uncle said, I can meet my goddess and goddess directly at that time.”

Sarah dealt with absent-mindedly, “Oh oh.”

“My cousin will get a few more invitations for the celebration. You and brother-in-law will go there.”

Xiao Qin looked very excited.

Sarah agreed: “Okay, we’ll all go when the time comes.”

The next day.

Just when Sarah was free, he and Levi accompanied Xiao Qin to go shopping.

After visiting several shopping malls in a row, Xiao Qin and Sarah didn’t buy one.

On the contrary, it was tossing Levi, the general.

Shopping with a woman is really much more tiring than killing the enemy on the battlefield.

At noon, Levi had an opinion and decided not to go shopping.

“Eat first! Otherwise I won’t leave!”

But Levi was stubborn, and Xiao Qin and Sarah could only agree to eat first.

“The Case York Center is in front. Let’s deal with it.”

Levi is really tired.

When I came to Case York Center, I didn’t expect that there were twice as many people as usual.

Many people are still wearing uniforms and holding light sticks in their hands.

Everyone rushed in one direction.

Seeing these people, Xiao Qin was ecstatic.

“Oh my god, it turned out to be my male goddess!”

“It turns out they are doing activities at Case York Center today!”

Xiao Qin pulled Levi and Sarah to the front.

There was an elevator just in front, so Levi didn’t say anything.

After arriving at the center of the mall, Levi knew how terrible it was.

There is a stage ahead, where the stars will be on board in a while.

There are many people behind the stage, where the stars are.

It is the popular stars Porter Yutong and Cai Zhan.

Of course there are many other stars.

Everyone is here to attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiao Family Enterprise.

But before that, take part in some business activities and make some quick money.

The scary thing is that there are thousands of people around the stage.

Chapter 132

Not only that, there are people on the second, third, fourth and tenth floors surrounded by the guardrail.

Levi can’t even imagine. These fans add up to thousands of people, right?

Fans chanted the idol’s name, like brainwashed believers.

After Xiao Qin arrived, he joined in.

More than a hundred security guards guarded the stage, keeping these fanatical fans outside.

The cordon is pulled up around the stage!

It looks so stylish!

Levi didn’t see such a scene most.

He is very irritable.

He took Sarah’s hand and walked directly to the elevator entrance.

“By the way, where is Xiao Qin?”

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Qin was gone.

“Xiao Qin said she went to see the male goddess, let us go to eat, and she will come to us later.”

Plum dyed.


Levi and the two came to the front of the elevator, but when they were about to enter the elevator, they were stopped by several security guards.

“No! You can’t take the elevator!”

Security reached out his hand and said coldly.

Levi frowned: “Why?”

“Today all the elevators can only be used by the staff and the star team! The idlers and others are not allowed to use it!”

Security explained.

Levi sneered and asked, “So does it mean that the stars have privileges?”


“In order to protect the safety of the stars, you are not allowed to take the elevator!”

Security ruthlessly.

“Let’s go, let’s take a look at the escalator!”

Levi and Sarah came to the escalator, but they were both stopped by security.

The reason is the same-for the safety of celebrities, idlers can’t use it.

Levi looked up and saw that all the escalators from the first to tenth floors were under martial law.

At this time, Sarah answered a work call and left.

Levi can only eat alone.

The security guard pointed to the opposite side and said, “The area on that side is separate from this side, and the escalator can be used.”

Levi took a look and walked through the stage area to reach the elevator position opposite.

Levi wandered to the front of the stage, and he planned to cross here.

Regardless of other things, Levi crossed the warning line directly.

“What are you doing? Stop!”

“Stop me!”

Suddenly, more than a dozen security guards rushed over, staring at Levi, and touching the electric batons behind their waist one after another.

Levi smiled: “Don’t be nervous! I just go to the opposite side to take the elevator! I promise that it won’t affect you!”

A security leader said angrily: “Go back!!! You are not allowed to cross here! Didn’t you see the cordon?”

“The stars that come today are all top-tier big names. Are you willing to make any mistakes?”

A security guard asked.

Levi sneered and said, “Is the shopping mall a public place? There is a reason not to allow tourists to pass through!”

“Usually okay! But not now!”

The security chief said coldly.

“You are occupying public resources, right? Do celebrities have any privileges? Are people still prohibited from passing in public?”

Levi asked in a low voice.

“Yes! It’s a privilege! They cost tens of millions of minutes to play! This is a privilege!”

Security Road.

Levi sneered: “Then I want to go there?”

“Martial law is all over here, you can try!”

A dozen more security guards came, and a total of more than 30 people stared at Levi.

There was a cruel arc in the corner of Levi’s mouth: “Okay, martial law, right?”

He took out his cell phone and dialed a number: “Kirin, bring your troops to the Case York Center! I want martial law here!”

Chapter 133

Isn’t it martial law?

Who can’t be like martial law?

Besides, what can you call martial law?

I let you see what the real martial law is like!

Levi was really angry.

Otherwise, I won’t bother Alton!

Seeing Levi pretending to be martial law Case York Center.

The security guards all laughed.

Is this person crazy?

Do you want the troops to come here for martial law?

Who do you think you are?

Is it a high-ranking officer of the military area?

Do you really have the ability to take a look at martial law?

The movement here quickly attracted the attention of the star team.

Several celebrity agents came here and asked what was going on.

Especially the leading woman Cox Yue, she is the agent of the popular female star Porter Yutong, and she has a heavy weight in the circle.

The top gold broker in the entertainment industry.

The undertaking of this event was solely arranged by her.

In other words, she has the final say in today’s event!

Cox Yue’s cold eyes fell on Levi: “What’s the matter with you? Can’t you see the martial law here?”

Levi sneered: “Who gave you the right to martial law here?”

Cox Yue was stunned by Levi’s question.

Who gave the right?

She doesn’t know it herself.

Never thought about this issue.

Because it has always been normal for star teams to go out to carry bodyguards, occupy space, and martial law.

It is a kind of default rule.

The identities of celebrities are inherently noble and worthy.

Outside, no one is allowed to touch it.

Sometimes even in the case of a variety show, they will block a road to prevent any pedestrians from passing.

It seems that this privilege is acquiesced.

Passers-by will also consciously comply.

So when they met Levi, they were confused and didn’t know how to answer.

“Because the people standing here are all Velador’s most popular first-line stars. They are noble and worth hundreds of millions. They can enjoy this privilege!”

“If pedestrians are allowed to pass freely at this time, what is the difference between our artists and ordinary people like you?”

Cox Yue said sharply.

Levi smiled, “Then you mean to show that the star actors are the best?”

“Yes, you can understand that! After all, what they do is beyond your imagination! Enjoying privileges is also normal!”

Cox Yue said seriously.

“Don’t think about making trouble, otherwise we will hand you over to the police station!”

Cox Yue threatened.

Levi said coldly: “I’m just taking an elevator to have a meal. Where is the martial law in your place. In that case, let me show you what is martial law?”

Seeing Levi’s big talk, Cox Yue and others laughed.

He wants martial law?

Is there a mistake?

Just about to call security to expel Levi,

At this time, several stars came over, and the fans cheered.

Cox Yue also greeted him.

The two stars, one man and one woman, are very dazzling.

Even among the many stars, they can be distinguished at a glance.

The man wears a white suit, looks white and clean, and has a feminine breath, which is most in line with the contemporary standards of small fresh meat.

As for the woman’s white dress, she has a sexy and exquisite figure, and her face is even more beautiful.

Like a fairy in the sky, the fairy spirit is fluttering.

It is the popular stars Porter Yutong and Cai Zhan!

Porter Yutong asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with Sister Cox?”

“This person insisted on rushing over and not telling me. After being stopped by us, he still said that he was going to martial law!”

Cox Yue sneered.

Chapter 134

Porter Yutong said gently: “Sister Cox just let him pass, it’s nothing.”

“No! What if Yutong has a bad heart? Looking at his appearance, I have no reason not to suspect that he is here for us!”

Suddenly Cai Zhan spoke with a cold voice.

“Security, what are you waiting for? Don’t catch him for me!!!”

Cai Zhan annoys this kind of fans the most.

Deliberately make some exaggerated things to attract your own attention.

In his opinion, Levi is such a fan.

Porter Yutong looked at Levi and said, “Just let them go! Maybe they are in a hurry!”

“Huh, no! This is dangerous for us! How valuable are you and me? What if he is malicious?”

“This is the essence of martial law! To prevent these people!”

Cai Zhan was determined.

When Anbao was about to take action on Levi to expel him.

Levi took out his mobile phone and said angrily: “Have you fucked Kylin?”

“General, all staff are in place and immediately blockade the Case York Center!!!”

Alton’s voice came.

Everyone heard the conversation between Levi and Alton clearly.

Cai Zhan and Cox Yue both laughed.

“Who are you scaring? Who do you think you are? You want to block the Case York Center?”

Cai Zhan even said: “If you can block the Case York Center! I Cai Zhan eats shit!”

At this moment, something big happened outside the Case York Center.

On the square in front of Case York Center, all pedestrians stopped and looked into the sky.

Because there are helicopters hovering at low altitude around the Case York Center building!

There are dozens of planes in total!


After the helicopter door was opened, the heavily armed soldiers landed and lined up to attack the inside of the Case York Center!

A loud voice came from the loudspeaker on the helicopter: “Attention, everyone! The Case York Center is now blocked! Everyone should leave as soon as possible! Attention, it’s not filming…”

This sound came from every plane.

The passers-by were terrified.

I was curious about what big thing happened.

The Case York Center is going under martial law!

In one of the helicopters, a soldier is operating a computer.

He quickly invaded and controlled the system of Case York Center…

Although the warning sound from the plane outside, the inside of Case York Center is not audible.

Cai Zhan and Cox Yue are still laughing at Levi: “Aren’t you going to martial law here? Where are your people? You really laugh at me!”


But at this moment, the radio inside the mall made a huge noise.

Makes everyone stop all movements and look into the air.

“Attention everyone!!! I am Wang Garrison, the captain of the Kirin Special Forces of the Case York Military Region. Now my department is blocking the Case York Center! Please cooperate with our work!”

The sound of the loudspeaker is played in a loop.

Before everyone was shocked, everyone heard a uniform pace from behind.


Everyone turned around and took a look.

Awesomely saw a heavily armed soldier suddenly arrive.

There were dozens of them in groups, dozens of them, and they came up from all directions.

“Don’t move! Don’t move!”

These security guards did not wait for a response and were all laid to the ground.

What was even more frightening was that above the top, I saw a soldier descending from the sky with a rope tied to his body.

It turns out that they attacked from the top of Case York…

The security guards on other floors were all subdued at the same time…

Chapter 135

this moment.

Cai Zhan was dumbfounded.

Cox Yue was dumbfounded.

Porter Yutong was dumbfounded.

All the star teams and security staff were dumbfounded.

Everyone was shocked and speechless.

Levi just said that martial law would be enforced here, but he didn’t expect to be under martial law in an instant.

Or special forces!!!

In the next moment, all the annoying cordon in front of Levi’s eyes were torn up.

Put on the military cordon.

The security guards of the star team used to pull the cordon to block and block other people.

The significance of the cordon now is to block the star teams and surround them in a very small circle. Everyone huddled together and shivered.

What if they have status and reputation?

Still afraid of encountering special forces!

At this time, Captain Wang Garrison, who had just spoken on the radio, appeared.

With a trumpet in his hand, he is still warning and telling everyone not to be afraid.

It’s just a simple blockade.

Wang Garrison was fully armed, with a few grenades hanging on his chest.

Behind him were dozens of well-trained special forces.

They trot all the way to the front of the stage, standing in front of Levi one after another in the horrified look of the stars.

Wang Garrison saluted a military salute and shouted: “Report to the chief! Wang Garrison, captain of the Kirin Special Forces of the Case York Military Region, led his troops to protect the safety of the chief! Please give instructions!”

Suddenly, everyone was shocked.

There was a dead silence…

Cox Yue, Cai Zhan, Porter Yutong, and security personnel all looked at Levi without exception.

Chief? ? ?


He turned out to be the chief?

Such a young chief?

Levi glanced at Wang Garrison.

very satisfied!

Kirin’s devil training is really not covered!

In such a short period of time, these ordinary soldiers were trained.

There is already the level of special forces.

“Well, it’s fast!”

Levi nodded.

He looked at Cox Yue Cai Zhan and others.

“This is called martial law! Understand?”

Levi’s words made Cox Yue sweat profusely and almost fainted.

But they also confirmed Levi’s identity!

He is the head of the military region.

No wonder he was so emboldened and said that he wanted to martialize the Case York Center.

It turned out to be really powerful!

Cai Zhan’s face was going black.

He just said that if Levi could martial law here, he would eat shit!

No one thought of Levi’s identity.

Who knows that a passerby going to eat is a big head.

In a word, the special forces came to martial law.

Seeing Levi looking at them, everyone trembled.

Levi sneered and said, “According to your logical thinking, I should be just like you, a noble identity, right?”

Cox Yue and Cai Zhan nodded fiercely: “Yes, yes! Your status as the chief must be honorable!”

“Then I should also enjoy privileges and wantonly occupy public resources?”

Levi asked.

“That’s definitely okay! Chief, look at what this says, do whatever you want!”

Cox Yue and Cai Zhan still want to befriend Levi, so they are naturally obedient.

But in the next second, Levi’s tone suddenly increased: “That is to say, when I come to the mall for a meal, I have to bring a force with me to martial law here?”


Levi’s sudden roar scared Cox Yue and others.

A few shivered.

“Privilege? There are too many people with privilege! If everyone comes like you, wouldn’t it be a mess!”

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