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Chapter 1263

Lin Sihan’s classmates also sneered: “Yes! There are people with money? A ticket costs more than one thousand! My meal is more expensive than yours!”

“And depending on your clothes, you don’t have much money at all. I’m afraid you bought a first-class cabin to pretend to be a rich man, right?

The Beitian King next to him said coldly: “Leave now!”

He had already seen that Levi was very angry.

“Go, don’t change, don’t change!”

Lin Sihan left angrily.

“No! We never fly in economy class!”

Logan Hao’s eyes fell on the seats of several other first-class cabins.

There are no passengers, but the seats are full of objects.

“Stewardess, there is no one in these seats, right?”

Logan Hao asked immediately.

“No one, but…”

The flight attendant was about to explain, but Logan Hao kicked out the urn tied to the seat.

“Okay, then we need these seats! Just add money!”

Logan Hao is the son of the first family in Bei’an City.

Doing things has always been rampant, very overbearing.

Especially the goddess Lin Sihan is in front of him, and he wants to show it even more.

When they were about to take their seats, they saw several pairs of chilly eyes staring at them.

They made their backs feel cold, and couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

Levi, the Northern Heavenly King and the Western Heavenly King looked at them coldly.

“Pick things up and put them on the seat, I forgive your young ignorance!”

Levi said coldly.

“Yes, these items belong to this gentleman! All these seats have been bought by him!”

The stewardess quickly explained.

“What? I bought these seats, just put these broken things? I don’t know what’s in them?”

Logan Hao kicked again and almost kicked the box away.


Suddenly, a violent killing intent burst out.

Logan Hao and Lin Sihan were frozen by the terrible killing intent.

The Northern Heavenly King could not bear it anymore.


He violently shocked, lifted Logan Hao all of a sudden, and directly pressed it to the ground fiercely.


Logan Hao’s body squatted to the ground fiercely, and he sucked in cold air in pain.

“What are you doing?”

Lin Sihan yelled, “Hurry up and let people go!”

The flight attendants also yelled anxiously.

“Let the people go!”

Hearing Levi’s voice, the Northern Heavenly King released his hand.

But Levi kept his eyes on Logan Hao: “Pick up the things on the floor and put them on the seat, and you’ll be fine with an apology!”

Lin Sihan pointed at Levi and said angrily: “What’s the matter with you?”

“Obviously you made a mistake first. If you beat someone, you still have to apologize? Is it possible?”

Lin Sihan is the jewel in the palm of the Lin family of Bei’an City, and his status is not low.

When encountering this kind of thing, I am afraid at all.

“Are we wrong first? Tell me!”

Levi asked.

“You paid for a seat. You don’t let people sit, but you put some messy things. The seat is where people sit, not for these things!”

“Things can be checked in! Instead, put them here to block our seats!”

Lin Sihan roared.

“Yes! This is for sitting people! Not for putting things! Why don’t you let us sit?”

Several others asked.

They are moral kidnapping Levi.

Levi sneered and said, “Because I spent money to buy music for these seats, it’s up to me to sit in or put things in!”

“It’s your shit!!!”


Lin Sihan was speechless by Levi’s words.

“Then I want to sit here today?”

Logan Hao said angrily.

Chapter 1264

“You try? If you dare to sit, I dare to break your leg!”

The Northern Heavenly King said angrily.


Logan Hao is still very afraid of the Northern Heavenly King.

“Go back to your seat obediently! I think you are kids, I don’t care about you, otherwise your legs will be interrupted!”

The Northern Heavenly King roared.

All these people were frightened.

Backward one after another.

Although they come from a big family, but they don’t have bodyguards around, they still don’t dare to make mistakes.

However, before leaving the first-class cabin, Logan Hao took photos of Levi.

“What are you going to do?”

The Northern Heavenly King said angrily.

“Huh, aren’t you awesome? Wait a while and get off the plane, don’t leave if you have the ability! I’ll be waiting for you in Jiang’an City!”

Logan Hao threatened.

When he arrives at Jiang Ancheng, it is his site.

He would never let Levi go.

Let him lose face in front of the goddess!

“Dare you? Dare to come to Jiang’an City and let’s touch it?”

Logan Hao said coldly.

“it is good!”

What surprised the Northern Heavenly King was that Levi actually agreed.

He is angry!

“Okay, then you are done!”

Logan Hao left first class proudly and came to economy class.

Before the plane took off, he sent a few photos he took to the housekeeper of the family, so he checked whether these people had any background.

Although Logan Hao is the young Lord of a large family, he has a clear head.

Before moving a person, check his background to prevent the nail from being kicked.

Soon the butler replied to the news.

The few people in the photo have no identity background at all, just ordinary people.

That’s not it.

Levi’s identity could not be found at all.

The identities of the Northern Heavenly Kings are completely blank.

After receiving the news, Logan Hao smiled: “Well, a group of ordinary people, look at how the plane landed and killed you!”

“I want to teach them a lesson, it’s so unreasonable!”

Lin Sihan also said angrily.

In her philosophy, Levi was wrong.

She was totally unaware that she was kidnapping others morally.

Levi can do whatever he wants.

You can’t control it!

“En, Sihan, I have already notified the family. Outside the airport are all people from my Logan family. They are just waiting to die!”

Logan Hao said proudly.

Lin Sihan looked at him approvingly, making him very excited.

About an hour and a half later.

The flight landed steadily at Jiang’ancheng Airport.

Levi and his party got off the plane with their brothers’ boxes.

After leaving the airport, Levi and the others were immediately stopped by Logan Hao.

“Want to escape? Impossible!”

Logan Hao sneered.

“Bring people here!”

Logan Hao gave an order.

A dozen cars drove in the distance.

Hundreds of brawny men rushed down from the car and rushed over to surround Levi.

These people are the bodyguards of the Logan family, all of them are capable.

“Do you know who I am? I am Logan Hao, the eldest young Lord of the Logan family, Jiang’ancheng First Family! You offend me because you are looking for death!”

When he came to his own territory, Logan Hao was extremely arrogant.

No one is concerned.

“The young Lord who dared to provoke my Logan family? Looking for death!!!”

Hundreds of bodyguards shouted together.

Frightened all the passers-by to evade one after another, for fear of being touched by the mold.

Lin Sihan couldn’t help reminding what he thought of: “Start lightly, don’t kill anyone!”

Logan Hao smiled and said: “Sihan, don’t worry, I have my own measures! At most I will scrap their limbs and teach them a lesson!”

“You guys knelt down and kowtow, I’m considering forgiving you once!”

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