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Chapter 1265

Logan Hao looked at several people triumphantly.

Dare to refute his face?

court death!

Lin Sihan also angrily said: “I am a kind person, as long as you apologize for what happened just now, even if it has passed, it won’t make them embarrass you!”

She is still struggling with previous problems.

I feel right!

Levi was wrong with them!

She was brooding.

“Yes, then apologize! Just apologize and I will bypass you!”

Logan Hao followed.

“We are right, what apologies?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

Isn’t it ridiculous?

Feeling a little powerful, can you force people to apologize?

If this were overseas, Levi would have slapped him to death.

After all, they are the people of Morendam.

He opened one eye and closed another.

“Are you fucking toasting and not eating fine wine? Isn’t it wrong?”

Logan Hao was directly angry.

“I will ask you one last time to apologize or not? If I don’t apologize, I won’t care about you!”

Lin Sihan said angrily.

In her opinion, she was giving Levi a few opportunities.

As long as they apologize, it’s over!

What’s this?

Apologize to her and let Logan Hao not do anything, and they will leave safely.

It’s just that they don’t appreciate it!

Then she doesn’t care.

Let Logan Hao teach them!

Levi smiled: “It’s impossible to apologize! And you have to kneel and kowtow to me later!”

“What? Kob your head and apologize? How is it possible?”

One sentence irritated Logan Hao.

Lin Sihan and his classmates also found it incredible.

Who is Levi who is in trouble now, right?

Why did they apologize in turn?

But this sentence made Lin Sihan completely angry.

She decided not to care about this matter anymore.

“Don’t you believe it?”

The Northern Heavenly King sneered.

“Let us believe how is it possible? You figure out that it is you who should kneel and apologize now!”

Logan Hao said angrily.

“Okay, don’t you apologize? Logan Hao, you just come here, I don’t care!”

Lin Sihan angrily stepped aside and stared at Levi angrily.

This kind of person is ill-educated, just beating a few times.

She wants to see Logan Hao teach him severely now!

A grinning smile appeared at the corner of Logan Hao’s mouth: “Come on, brothers, give me a shot, don’t kill anyone!”


Just as the number one hundred and ten was about to do something, suddenly there were voices.


The ground began to shake rhythmically, as if a thousand horses were galloping.

Everyone was shocked by the huge movement.

The bodyguards of the Logan family stopped their actions one after another and looked behind them all.

When I saw the next scene…

Lin Sihan was dumbfounded.

Logan Hao was dumbfounded.

Everyone is dumbfounded!

Because the back is full of people standing in the dark.

Everyone is dressed in black.

With a mask on his face, half angel and half demon.

They carried a Tang Knife on their backs!!!

Murderous aura came out from his body.

As if from hell…

The key is that there are too many of them.

Looking at this posture, there are thousands of people!!!

“Welcome the Lord of the Zhentian Temple to Jiang’an!”

Shouted the leader.

“Welcome to the Lord of the Zhentian Temple!!!”

Others shouted.

The sound was earth-shattering.

Extremely shocked!

The Northern Heavenly King, Western Heavenly King and others also slowly took out their masks and put on them.

The same is half angel and half devil.


Everyone’s mind is just like exploding.

Zhentian Temple?

That Jintiandian that defeated Higashishima Budo? ? ?

Chapter 1266

The symbol of the Zhentian Temple-a half-angel and half-devil mask.

They are Zhentian Temple!

The Zhentian Temple sweeping the world has appeared in Morendam!

how can that be?

They even encountered it!

“Those who insult the Lord, kill without mercy!”

The soldiers in the Tiandian of Thousands of Towns shouted together.

The terrifying aura covered the sky and the sun, and a brutal murderous aura filled the audience.



The Logan family’s bodyguards knelt down one by one, and they couldn’t resist this powerful pressure.

The killing intent invaded the body like a storm, making their faces pale and sweat beading non-stop.

There was a lot of wet under everyone’s knees.

That’s sweat stains!

Everyone is shaking!


too frightening!

All the members of the Zhentian Temple are here!

They are like demons from hell.

Appearing represents disaster and destruction!


Seeing this scene, Lin Sihan was dumbfounded!

Logan Hao was dumbfounded!

This this this…

Zhentian Temple?

That strange and terrifying name!

Swept the world recently!

Become a nightmare for East Island and major overseas national organizations!

They even asked the Lord of the Zhentian Temple to apologize…

This behavior is tantamount to looking for death!

Their family can’t save them!

No one can save them!

They wet their bodies instantly with cold sweat!

They got into trouble!

The Northern Heavenly King walked towards Logan Hao step by step.


Logan Hao fell to his knees with a thud.

“Uuuuu… I was wrong… I apologize! I am the one who is wrong!”

Logan Hao was scared to tears.

He banged his head on the ground.

There was blood on his forehead.

Several of Lin Sihan’s classmates were so scared that they fell to their knees.

“We were wrong! Everything is our fault, please spare me, spare my life…”

They also apologized.

Finally, Lin Sihan knelt to the ground with a thud.

At this moment, she also realized her mistake!

The more people are in this kind of distress, the more clear their minds are.

She wanted to understand everything.

Know where I am wrong?

Know your morality to kidnap others!

“I was wrong… please let us go! We won’t dare anymore! Uuuuu…”

Lin Sihan was also scared to cry.

What about the young lady of the First Family…

In front of the Zhentian Temple, everything is rubbish!

Levi glanced at everyone indifferently.

In his eyes, these people are just like ants, so he doesn’t even have any interest in doing things.

They want to be thankful that they are Morendam…

“Step aside!”

The members of the Zhentian Temple cleared all the hundred and ten people who were kneeling in front of them to the sides, and allowed Levi to continue walking.

Levi and they left.

However, Lin Sihan, Logan Hao and others have been kneeling on the ground, not daring to get up.

As long as Zhentiandian thinks, their family will be destroyed at any time.

Soon, the Logan family, the Lin family, these big families from Bei’an City came one after another.

Facing Logan Hao and others is punching and kicking…

Who told them to offend the Zhentian Temple!

At the same time, the appearance of Zhentian Temple in Morendam Bei’an City spread quickly.

Everywhere in Morendam is panic…

Because I don’t know what Zhentian Temple is here for.

Even Woodrow got the news.

When Zhentian Temple came to Morendam, it just happened to follow his wishes.

At this time, Levi led people to the Mylen Cemetery in Bei’an City.

But when he was about to enter, he was stopped.

“Sorry! The ashes of these traitors must not enter the Mylen Cemetery, they are a shame!”

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