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Chapter 1267

Although the staff of Mylen Cemetery spoke very politely.

But the words are very sharp!

Directly define Marshall as a traitor!

These were arranged by the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng!

They used all resources to spread the news that Marshall and others were traitors.

Now everyone defines these more than 300 people as traitors!

Not only that, but their families are also implicated.

For example, the Tianfu royal family, Garrison Family, was punished by Lawrence, and the situation was very difficult.

Lawrence didn’t care about the feelings of his family at all, and just because Marshall had escorted Levi, he sent the Tianfu Garrison Family into hell.

Others were also sanctioned by Lawrence one by one.

Now that it is heard that the ashes of Marshall and others will be transported back to Morendam, Lawrence immediately used the method.

“Who is a traitor?”

Levi’s voice was low and he stared at several people with cold eyes.

“Ask Morendam who doesn’t know, these people are traitors?”

“In order to escort the traitor to the former God of War, these people are dying! They deserve it, they are all dead!”

“A group of traitors died outside and still want to be buried in Morendam’s cemetery? Dream! Find a messy grave and spill the ashes!”

A group of people laughed.

Seeing Levi and several people still standing, they said angrily: “Get out! There is no regular cemetery in Morendam that will accept these traitors!”

“Today, I just want to enter the cemetery, erect a tombstone, and hold a funeral!”

There was cold light in Levi’s eyes.

This time, Levi was determined.

No longer care about others.

Who blocks and kills who!

“Yell, who is it? Such a big tone?”

Accompanied by the sound, hundreds of people appeared in the field, all of whom were Lords.

Among them, there are many god-level Lords.

The head is a young man.

Called Garrison Meng.

Morendam Garrison Clan is the eldest son of the Northern Garrison Clan.

After hearing Lawrence’s order, the Garrison Clan of the Northern Territory came here to stop it!

“Boy, tell you! Don’t say it’s in the north, you can’t enter every cemetery in Morendam!”

Garrison Meng took a look at the urn in Levi’s hand. He ordered: “Come here, take these traitors’ urn to me! Sprinkle them all in the sewer!”

“The ashes of these traitors are only worthy of sewers, mixed with excrement and urine!”

Garrison Meng gave an order, and the Lords behind him were about to do it.

To grab the ashes from Levi and others.


But the next second, a uniform pace sounded.


Strong wind rushed around, and the fallen leaves were swept up.

A murderous breath permeated.

A black figure appeared in front of him.


War knife.

Devil angel mask.

Zhentian Temple!

The Lords of the Northern Garrison Clan were all stunned.

They felt the pressure from the top of Mount Tai.

Garrison Meng saw thousands of people appearing in front of him, swallowing fiercely.

At this time, Garrison Meng’s cell phone rang.

He subconsciously connected.

Before he could speak, a voice came from the other end: “Meng’er, just got the news that the Zhentian Temple is already in Bei’an City, Morendam! Be careful, don’t run into it! When you meet them, don’t talk about us in the north Clan, even the Garrison Clan in Beijing must be destroyed!”

“The people in the Zhentian Temple are easy to recognize… They all wear masks, half angels, half demons…”


Hearing this, Garrison Meng’s phone suddenly fell to the ground.

“Meng’er… Meng’er… What’s wrong with you? Talk…”

There were bursts of shouts from the phone.

Chapter 1268

It is estimated that they would never have thought that Garrison Meng happened to meet Zhentian Temple.

Garrison Meng looked at the black crowd, completely dumbfounded.

Recently, the Zhentian Temple has been raging overseas, and who doesn’t know the invincible things?

It is no exaggeration to say that the streets and alleys are discussing the Zhentian Temple.

Become a hellish existence in everyone’s heart.

This fear is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Fear when you hear it!

Garrison Meng and those in the upper circles know how terrifying the Zhentian Temple is…

It happened that the most dangerous moment in his life was this moment-he encountered Zhentian Temple.




Thousands of people in the Zhentian Temple drew out Tang Knives one after another–the blade was facing, the gods and ghosts trembled.




The deep roar, the invincible momentum, the cold killing intent.

Garrison Meng suddenly felt wet, and then the heat came out, accompanied by a pungent smell…

He was scared to pee!

Others are not much better.

Even the god-level Lords were trembling with fright…


Suddenly, the Northern Heavenly King shook his hand, assaulting like a beast.


Hundreds of Lords in front of them flew out one by one.

The top 100 Lords are not inferior to the power of a trick!

“Do not kill me!”

Garrison Meng knelt to the ground in fright.





The Northern Heavenly King stepped on his feet, Garrison Meng’s knees burst, and his whole body was lying on the ground.


Levi stepped on with the urn.


Another person stepped on it.


Next, Mylen Cemetery opened its doors.

Let Levi and his party enter.

No one dares to stop.

Everyone even knelt on both sides to welcome Levi to enter.

After entering the Mylen Cemetery.

Soon, pieces of tombstones arrived.

Levi personally took the sword to carve the tombstone.

He has to remember 357 people, everyone’s name!

A grand funeral was held afterwards.

“Brothers go well!!!”

Levi tossed a bowl of wine.

Thousands of people behind shouted.

After solving this matter, Levi would naturally not leave Morendam again.

“After I was in trouble, there were so many villains who came to find fault!”

“I, Levi, are the one who will get revenge. I’m back!”

Levi shot out cold light in his eyes.

At this time, Morendam was spreading the news that Zhentiandian had come to Morendam everywhere.

The big families and big forces are panicking.

I’m afraid that Zhentiandian will find myself.

After all, the purpose of coming to Morendam suddenly is unknown.

Lawrence was still wondering why the Garrison Clan of the North Territory let Marshall and others be buried in Bei’an City.

Asked the reason, the Garrison Clan in the north did not say.

And Long Aoqing’s situation has not improved.

Shouting all the time.

But the Lord said that Long Aoqing was not insulted by evil.

It should be some kind of stimulation.

In addition, Lawrence also heard that there was an accident at the gate of Beiliang…

It seems that some people have died in the dunya, and the Beiliang gate clan is investigating.

A series of things seemed so messy that he couldn’t figure out a clue at all.

Coupled with the fact that Zhentian Temple came to Morendam, he was also afraid.

After all, the Garrison family is the first family in Ming Dynasty.

The most easily targeted.

Lawrence couldn’t sleep well.

But when the Zhentian Temple came, one person was particularly excited.

That is Woodrow.

He is also a martial arts genius, and in the shortest time, he has learned the combat skills passed to him by Fu Shenlin.

Now the whole person is full of confidence.

“Hurry up and find out where the Zhentian Temple is. I want to challenge the Zhentian Temple in the name of an ordinary person!”

Woodrow was impatient and eager to prove himself.

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