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Chapter 1269

Here Zhentiandian received Woodrow’s challenge!

Woodrow will challenge the Zhentian Temple in Jiangbei three days later!

Of course it is an ordinary person to learn martial arts!

The West Heavenly King who received the news immediately notified Levi: “Hall Lord, do you accept the challenge?”

“Accept, why not accept it!”

Levi glanced at the Northern Heavenly King: “When the time comes, you will fight!”

“Okay, understand!”

Although the Northern Heavenly King was full of doubts, he still agreed.

The others looked at each other.

It stands to reason that Levi personally defeated Woodrow and proved himself.

How could he let the Northern Heavenly King make a move?

The day of the decisive battle came soon.

Although Woodrow challenged this battle in his own name.

But it is also huge and has attracted many people’s attention.

Thousands of people gathered in Jiangbei to watch the battle at a time.

At this moment, the focus of the world is on Jiangbei.

After all, this is a battle between Woodrow and Zhentian Temple!

If this battle town Tiandian wins, everyone can’t imagine what will happen next.

Who can limit the Zhentian Temple?

If Woodrow wins, it will be a battle for the gods!

It proves that he is stronger than Levi of the year!

Levi can win the Blood King Palace at best, but Woodrow can win the more terrifying Zhentian Palace!

Which one is stronger and weaker can be seen at a glance!

So for Woodrow, it is a battle that must be won!

It is not only a proof to yourself, but also an honor to defend Morendam!

The people of Morendam naturally hope that Woodrow will win!

Stone Morendam Guowei!

However, overseas forces and countries all hope that Zhentiandian can win!

They like to see Morendam’s failure and embarrassment!

The more disastrous Morendam was defeated, the more excited it became.

Because I have been pressed by Morendam for too long!

I want to be nasty!

Once Woodrow loses, overseas forces will make a fuss and come to the bottom.

Woodrow did not expect this.

Although challenged in a personal capacity, it is Morendam after all.

This challenge was held in a fighting club in Jiangbei.

Not many people appeared in Zhentian Temple.

But each wears a half-angel and half-devil mask.

Even Levi wore a mask.

After all, he can’t show his true colors in front of the public.

The Northern Heavenly King sneered and said: “Hall Lord Woodrow wants to challenge Zhentian Temple?”

It seems ridiculous to him.

Not to mention him, Levi defeated the stronger Lord and senior brother before him, and even defeated the Lord demon sword for nearly a hundred years.

In the eyes of these people, Woodrow was nothing at all.

The Northern King didn’t want to hit him a little bit!

Because it is not his opponent!

“Fight hard! We have to accept the challenge…”

Then Levi asked another sentence or two in the ear of King Beitian.

The Northern Heavenly King’s eyes widened, but he nodded and agreed.

Soon after, Woodrow came.

Seven kills followed by three people.

But they are all ordinary clothes.

Today, everyone is here as ordinary people.

Thousands of people in the field came to watch the battle!

Cheer for Woodrow!

After all, Zhentiandian suddenly came to Morendam, the purpose was not clear, everyone panicked.

If Woodrow defeated Zhentiandian, everyone’s confusion and fear would be relieved.

After getting encouragement from everyone, Woodrow became faintly excited.

I will never lose in this battle!!!

“Where is the Lord of the Zhentian Temple?”

Woodrow asked Xiangzhen Tiandian.

“Today, the Northern Heavenly King who is in charge of martial arts will fight you!”

Levi approached.

“Okay! It is said that the Northern Heavenly King represents the highest force in the Zhentian Temple, and Woodrow is here to challenge the challenge!”

The battle between Woodrow and the Northern Heavenly King was about to start.

Chapter 1270

There is a big arena in the fighting club for both sides to fight decisively.


The first shot was Woodrow.

He opened and closed his moves with great swiftness and swiftness.

The same is true of the style of the Northern Kingdom!

The battle between the two can be described as shocking.

It’s so exciting!

The destructive power is even more amazing, and the specially made ring burst into pieces in an instant.

Woodrow used the combat skills he just learned to the extreme.

But over time, Woodrow’s expression changed.

How could the Northern King in front of him be so strong?

Fighting with yourself does not leave the wind in the slightest.

But he knew that the Northern Heavenly King had been letting him…

This makes the Northern Heavenly King very depressed!

It feels too uncomfortable to be too strong!

As soon as he played against him, he knew that Woodrow was far from his opponent, let alone Levi.

He obviously can defeat Woodrow in an instant, but why should he be patient?

All this is Levi’s account!

Before the decisive battle, Levi told him to fight hard, but Woodrow won in the end!

Let him act like a little…

Why lose deliberately?

There is no other reason, Levi wants to maintain Morendam’s image!

Woodrow’s current position is destined that he cannot be an ordinary person, and his words and deeds will affect Da Xia’s reputation!

Especially if you lose this time!

Overseas will directly rise to the result of Morendam’s defeat!

No one cares about Woodrow’s life and death, but Morendam’s reputation and future will be greatly affected.

This will be an immeasurable blow!

Morendam’s strong and invincible reputation is built on the blood and tears of countless people.

But it may be ruined because of the failure of this small challenge!

In the future, Morendam will not be able to raise her head and her reputation will fall…

Overseas countries and major forces will take this matter as a joke!

Unimaginable consequences!

Therefore, Woodrow is reckless and possesses great strength, but he has no overall view of the overall situation.

She is eager to prove herself, and will not think about some deep-seated things at all!

Levi didn’t want to see all this!

Therefore, in order to maintain Morendam’s reputation and image, Levi could only lose in this battle, not win.

Acting will also give Woodrow a victory!

Of course, the Zhentian Temple is also from Morendam.

Don’t care about these reputations.

At this moment, the battle in the field has become fierce, and Woodrow uses combat skills, becoming more and more swift and violent.

But the Northern Heavenly King is faintly incompetent…


Finally, the Northern Heavenly King was beaten and flew out.

He struggled for a long time and never got up again.

This means that the Northern Heavenly King has lost, and it also means that Zhentian Temple has lost!

Levi smiled helplessly.

It really embarrassed him to let the Northern Heavenly King act.

But the acting is very good.

No flaws.

“Lord won! We won!!!”

“My Lord is the strongest in Morendam!”

“He is the only man who can be named God of War!”

The seven killers ran up to the stage excitedly and shouted.

This is their glory!


The three of them knelt down in front of Woodrow and shouted together: “God of War is invincible! Da Xia is invincible!”

“God of War is invincible, Morendam is invincible!”

Thousands of people onlookers also shouted.

Defeating the Zhentian Temple is an extremely glorious thing!

There is no way overseas to take the Zhentiandian.

But Woodrow did it alone, and the invincible Northern Heavenly King was defeated at his feet!

This moment announced Woodrow’s conquest of Zhentian Temple!

Woodrow roared because of victory.

“Levi, what are you fighting against me? I’m just better than you! Come on, what about those who disagree with me?”

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