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Chapter 1271

Woodrow roared at the crowd.

Even though he defeated Levi during this period.

But many people are saying that he is not as good as Levi.

He very much hopes that Levi can live. He wants to fight him again and tell the world that he can defeat Levi again.

It is better than Levi!

Levi didn’t wait, but he waited for Zhentian Temple.

After all, the Zhentian Temple has been rampant recently, and no one has a way to use it.

If we defeat the Zhentian Temple…

The gold content of this record is too great!

It is enough to prove that he is better than Levi!

He is qualified to be named God of War!

“Thumbs, is your keyboard broken? Those who disagree with me take a good look, the Northern Heavenly King of Zhentiandian is defeated by my feet!”

“Just ask who else thinks I am inferior to Levi! Ah? Come on! Stand up!”

Woodrow screamed at the world…

Woodrow has been depressed for too long because of this!

Completely released at this moment!

Knowing this result, those who were not optimistic about Woodrow’s support for Levi all bowed their heads in silence.

From now on, no one would dare to say that Woodrow could not do it!

The record of defeating the Zhentian Temple is too gold!

Everyone was completely convinced by Woodrow!

Recognize him thoroughly!

“From now on, the only God of War in my mind is Woodrow!”

Woodrow fought to become a god and completely settled in Morendam’s position!

At the same time, defeating the Zhentian Temple also promoted the prestige of Great Xia!

Consolidate Morendam’s position once again!

Look around the world!

The Zhentian Temple, where no one could help, was defeated in Morendam!

This is a symbol of Morendam’s strength!

This is also the purpose of Levi.

Although not in the position of God of War, he always cares about Morendam and his people.

With him alive, Da Xia will never be allowed to be provoked by half!

The people will never be wronged!

Even if he will bear all the pain!

Seeing Woodrow’s arrogant appearance, the Northern Heavenly King and the Eastern Heavenly King squeaked their fists.


pissed off!

Especially the Northern Heavenly King can be crushed!

Who can understand this depression?

Isn’t Levi right?

He also wanted to defeat Woodrow and gave himself a comfort.

But in front of Da Xia, what can he do for himself?

For Morendam, he can bear it.

Woodrow won.

The overseas forces were dumbfounded.

They felt incredible.

In everyone’s assessment, the Northern Heavenly King is definitely better than Woodrow.

But things are a bit abnormal.

Woodrow actually won.

It was unexpected!

They had already written a joke about Morendam’s report and sent it out after the Northern Heavenly King had won.

But now it’s stuck!

Instead, Morendam once again proved to the world that he is strong and indestructible.

The major forces overseas are going to die of anger.

Their plan for Morendam is dead!

Of course this is what Levi would like to see!

His goal was achieved!

Woodrow at this moment can be said to be proud of the spring breeze.

Looking at the few people in Zhentian Temple, their eyes were full of disdain.

“A group of guys who have never seen the world!”

Woodrow snorted coldly.

He beat Zhentian Temple to the ground.

What a wonderful scene if they see their Lord or even the gatekeeper of the Northern Liang Dynasty.

“Let me listen to the people in the Zhentian Temple. I allow you to participate in Morendam, but if anyone does anything out of the ordinary, Woodrow will kill you every minute!”

Woodrow watched Levi and everyone warned.

“You really think you are great, right?”

The Northern Heavenly King suddenly became angry.

Woodrow looked at him with a sneer and said, “The defeated man! Why? Don’t you accept it? Let’s fight again!”

“Come on!”

The Northern Heavenly King shouted unconvinced.

Chapter 1272

“Okay, come again! Beat you again and convince you to lose!”

Woodrow decided to defeat his opponent twice in the future, so that he was completely convinced.

“No, we lose if we lose! The skills are not as good as others!”

After Levi’s voice sounded, the Northern Heavenly King gave up.

Woodrow stared at him with a sneer and said, “He’s just defeated. See me on a detour in the future!”

“I don’t even want to hear that Zhentian Temple is making trouble in Morendam!”

Then Woodrow left, followed by thousands of people.

The Northern Heavenly King called an angry.

This is definitely his most humiliating day!

He can definitely win!

But to lose!

But Morendam, he endured it!

Although he has no information, he is a member of Morendam after all.

“Hall Lord, when can I beat that kid?”

The Northern Heavenly King asked.

“It will probably take a while, but don’t worry, it won’t be too far!”

Levi said coldly.

For the time being, he has to play this role.

Because of some deep-seated reasons!

He couldn’t expose yet, and the Zhentian Temple was able to walk around in darkness.

But the Northern Heavenly King firmly believes that one day they will recover everything.

At that time, he will blast Woodrow.

“Lord, where are we going next?”

Qisha couldn’t help asking.

“Since I have come to Jiangbei, go and see Levi’s children!”

The corners of Woodrow’s mouth rose, revealing a radian.

Sarah they already knew about Woodrow.

The news of his victory over Zhentian Temple swept the world just now.

Become the true uncrowned king!

As soon as Woodrow came out, who would compete with him?

Sarah and Ollie were still sighing that this originally belonged to Levi…

Unexpectedly, the next moment, Woodrow would come to the door.

“It’s you, what are you doing?”

Sarah looked at him warily.

“Come and see you and Levi’s children!”

Woodrow smiled.

“Why do you watch the kids?”

Plum dye is a bit nervous.

At the beginning, the Seven Kills personally drove Levi out of Morendam.

Perception told her that Woodrow had no good intentions.

“Don’t worry, I just take a look! Sorry, now I don’t have any thoughts on you!”

“Because you are not qualified!”

“Even if Levi is still alive, he is not qualified!”

Qisha several people laughed and said: “Levi can’t be compared with Lord at all! The gap between them is too big!”

“You are not allowed to say bad things about Dad!”

Jun Jun, who heard the sound, ran over and stared at Woodrow.

She even held a toy gun in her hand, aiming at several people in Woodrow.

The small face is stubborn, and there is a firmness in his eyes.

Upon seeing this, Woodrow smiled: “Look at this kid, he is exactly the same as Levi! This temperament is definitely the same as his father!”

“It’s a pity, it’s a girl! If it’s a boy! Sarah, you can let him practice martial arts from a young age, and grow up to find me revenge! You can beat me for his father!”


He laughed loudly.

Sarah listened to this, and the more he heard it, the more harsh it became.

Sarah hugged Junjun, and she looked at Woodrow coldly: “Don’t worry, even if you are a daughter, you can fight on the battlefield in the future! Please pray that you can sit for a while longer? Don’t be taken away by my daughter. !”

Woodrow laughed and said, “Okay, I’ll wait!”

“But what I want to tell you is that from now on, everyone in the world will obey me! Levi has become a thing of the past! This is my age of Woodrow!”

After speaking, Woodrow left.

The plum was mad to death.

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