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Chapter 1273

If Levi is not injured, if he is not physically disabled, it will be him who stands on the pinnacle.

Sarah has always been proud of Levi!

It’s a pity that Levi’s body is still crippled now, let alone compare with Woodrow, who is in full swing!

He was framed!

It’s a pity that no one will listen!

And everyone thought that Levi was dying.

She could only watch Woodrow Yaowu show his power.

After Woodrow defeated the Zhentian Temple, the world passed him on.

He is the natural savior of the gods who came to the world.

The world only knows Woodrow, no one inquires about Levi!

Mentioning him would only be linked to the words traitor.

Levi still said that, for the sake of Da Xia, what does it mean to endure this humiliation?

What Sarah has to do now is to run the Erick Group well, although the Logan and Mann family will not put much pressure on her.

She is worried that she will be deliberately sanctioned!

She knew very well in her heart that since Levi was in trouble, his enemies would come to the door one by one.

For example, Sanxing Group has re-emerged again recently to develop in Morendam.

It was Levi who drove them out.

Now that Levi was gone, they jumped out immediately.

How could they give up this piece of meat at Morendam Market!

It is said that this time the Sanxing Group came to Morendam to preside over the overall situation is Logan Zhengshuo, the prince of the Star Country Sanxing Group Logan Family Consortium!

The Logan Family Consortium is an overwhelming existence in the Star Country!

The other princes are just a name, but the prince of the Logan family consortium is equivalent to status.

Logan Zhengshuo is the representative of power and wealth!

In order to re-occupy the Morendam market, Sanxing Group even sent him out, which shows that it takes seriously.

Sanxing Group quickly gained a foothold with its majestic financial resources and network resources.

I even heard of cooperating with Jingcheng Garrison Family.

Natalie and other high-level officials convened a meeting immediately: “The Sanxing Group will most likely impose sanctions on us next! We must be prepared!”

Sarah also began to worry.

Although Erick Group occupies half of the southern part of the country, it is still far behind Sanxing Group.

In terms of financial power, Sanxing Group is far beyond the Jingcheng Garrison Clan.

After all, no matter how the Jingcheng Garrison Clan develops, it is just a family.

But Sanxing Group is a super consortium with international influence!

Had it not been for Levi’s identity, Sanxing Group would not have retired!

Levi fell, and it was normal for them to jump out.

After all, everyone in the world knows that Sanxing Group is super shameless!

This operation is simply pediatrics!

“We can only prepare as much as possible, there is no other way!”

The other side.

In the hall of Yejia Villa in Beijing.

Lawrence welcomes guests with the highest standards.

The Rolls-Royce in the opposing team’s caravan is all Westerners.

When walking around, the pomp was huge, no less than when Garrison West was alive.

But the Garrison family knows that they are more pomp than Garrison West!

After all, there are several Lord-level powerhouses in their bodyguards!

Looking at Brandon Continent, whose bodyguards are Lords and god-level powerhouses?

Only Lee Jung Suk!

The Star Country Logan Family Consortium is too rich!

Money can make ghosts grind, and the Lord is no exception.

Logan Zhengshuo came to Garrison’s house today to have talks with Lawrence and reached a cooperation.

“Two years ago, Levi drove me Sanxing Group out of Morendam, and I will never take another step!”

“But now Levi is dying, and my Sanxing Group is back!”

“My Sanxing Group always pays for it! Levi, your wife, children, and mother can’t escape!”

Chapter 1274

Logan Zhengshuo’s eyes shot out cold light.

That handsome and perfect face has become extremely distorted because of hatred and anger!

This time the Sanxing Group entered Morendam, first to make money, and second to avenge.

“Mr. Garrison won’t stop me?”

Logan Zhengshuo looked at Lawrence.

“Of course not! Everyone knows that I never recognize the identity of that wild species, and I don’t share the same meaning with him!”

“It’s just because of his identity, I didn’t target his family too much! But I hate him no less than you! I hope you will target his wife and daughter or something!”

Lawrence laughed.

The Garrison Family regards Levi as an unshakable enemy!

Levi almost wiped them out!

Brings the greatest shame to the Garrison Family!

Everyone gets punishable!

“Well, I’m relieved with Mr. Garrison’s words! I promise to torture his wife and daughter to the greatest extent!”

A perverted smile appeared at the corner of Logan Zhengshuo’s mouth.

“no no no…”

At this time, Long Aoqing broke in suddenly, speaking vaguely.


Lawrence was taken aback.

For a long time, Long Aoqing only repeats ghosts and ghosts, and never talks about other things.

what is it today?

What does it mean to say no?

“What is this? Where did this lunatic come from?”

Logan Zhengshuo looked unhappy.

Lawrence didn’t have time to think about other things, so he quickly let people take Long Aoqing away, which was a shame.

In fact, if Long Aoqing shouted a few more times, Lawrence would be alert.

Lawrence explained, and Logan Zhengshuo continued to talk about his plan.

“Levi’s mother, I heard that it is very old. But I can send it to the slums in the West. Those perverts who can’t even let go of animals will love it!”

Logan Zhengshuo let out bursts of perverted laughter.

Lawrence’s heart is not small, after all, this is Ollie.

But then his expression was replaced with coldness.

Those who make big things have to be unfeeling!

“Okay, just do what you said!”

Logan Zhengshuo smiled and said, “Sarah is a famous beauty! If I have no children, I would like to taste it!”

“However, I know a perverted old man in the West who is in his seventies. He is a pervert. Recently, Cross Luo married his 29th wife. I think plums are dyed well and sell them directly to him! He can dye plums to death!”

Lawrence immediately shouted, “This is good! I feel so happy when I think of Levi’s wife being taken away by an old man who is about to enter the soil!”

He immediately asked: “Then what about his children?”

Logan Zhengshuo sneered coldly: “This is easier! There are a lot of perverts who like children now! Especially Levi’s child is definitely a beautiful child, and he will definitely be an enchanting child when he grows up!”

“Some of these little loli are perverts! Those bald old perverts are afraid that they will definitely shine in their eyes when they see it!”

“At that time, I will organize an auction to auction Levi’s children! I will give it to whoever pays the higher price!”

Lawrence laughed when he thought of a group of wretched and perverted old men wanting to snatch Levi’s children wildly.

“And Xiao Qin, Natalie, Jiang Yijun, Regina and these women, I will make them slaves forever, let them be trampled by others! Not as good as a dog!”

“As expected to be the prince of the Logan family consortium! There are means!”

Lawrence couldn’t help but praise.

The idea of ​​the Logan family consortium and him hit it off right away!

Logan Zhengshuo smiled and said, “Levi, this is how you offended my Sanxing Group!”

“Our methods are more terrifying than you think!”

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