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Chapter 1275

Logan Zhengshuo showed a cruel and bloodthirsty arc, and his whole body was murderous.

Everyone in the Logan family couldn’t help but fight a cold war!

The Star Country Logan Family Consortium is indeed very aggressive, and many people are afraid to provoke it.

It would be miserable if they provoked them!

Therefore, in Dongfangzhou, the Logan Family Consortium is an extremely terrifying existence.

Logan Zhengshuo patted Lawrence on the shoulder: “Cooperate with us, the benefits are indispensable for you!”

Lawrence’s biggest wish is to break out of Morendam and go international.

The Logan family can help him achieve it.

Therefore, he was willing to be a dog leg to the foreigners of the Sanxing Group and help them with all the things in Morendam.

Sanxing Group moved swiftly and with great momentum.

Quickly invade the market with a destructive momentum and gain a firm position.

It caught people off guard.

First is the north.

Next is the South.

Soon the pace was in the Jianghai and Jiangbei areas.

Erick Group was brutally sanctioned by Sanxing Group.

In several head-to-head confrontations, the Erick Group was defeated.

The opponent is too strong!

This is still the current Erick Group, and the former Erick Group is afraid that it will be swallowed by others.

At the same time, Lawrence Group also began sanctions.

Under the joint attack of the two consortia, the Erick Group suffered heavy losses.

All channel resources have been cut off, and the market value has evaporated seriously…

What is even more tragic is that the employees of Erick Group have imposed a lot of bans, and even food, clothing, shelter and transportation have become problems.

Even from time to time, he was intimidated by all kinds of…

The employees all retreated one after another.

Let’s not talk about the problem of money and survival, and if you continue to work, your life will be lost.

In just three days, as many as hundreds of executives and senior executives have resigned, and there are countless employees.

Erick Group suffered an unprecedented hit.

Internal disturbances continue.

External sanctions oppress.

The company is at stake.

The Sanxing Group also came to dig people openly, and a lot of people left in an instant.

Lawrence was stunned.

The despicable methods of Sanxing Group are really too many.

They don’t have to worry about reputation.

It would only use all kinds of despicable means to oppress the Erick Group.

Senior executives such as Natalie were frequently harassed.

The residence was opened long ago, and everywhere in the house was turned over.

Including her clothes scattered all over the place, everywhere.

Others are worse than her.

The pets kept at home were killed, and blood was spilled everywhere.

This not only affects work, but also affects life, and even threatens lives.

No one can stand it!

Finally, Erick Group came to convene a board of directors.

“Mr. Logan, we can’t beat the Sanxing Group! At present, we have nothing to do. If this continues, everyone will be crazy!”

Everyone on the board is scared.

Natalie also gritted his teeth and said: “The gap between us is too big. This gap does not mean that hard work can be made up! What’s more, they are specifically aimed at! Sarah I can hardly hold it anymore!”

Isn’t plum dyed?

She is more anxious than anyone else!

She is the most affected by the suspension of such a large company.

“Do you have any suggestions?”

Sarah asked.

“We have discussed it, let’s seek peace and discussion with Sanxing Group!”

“Yes, if Sanxing Group puts forward a condition, we will agree, even if the condition is too high, it will be better than it is now!”

This is the unanimous opinion of the directors.

Sarah thought for a while and said, “Okay, then I’ll talk to Sanxing Group!”

Then the secretary contacted Sanxing Group.

The other party agreed.

Logan Zhengshuo will personally discuss with Sarah.

Chapter 1276

Everything is under Logan Zhengshuo’s control.

He wanted to force Sarah to take the initiative to ask for peace.

Sure enough, the effect was achieved.

Lawrence once again marveled at Sanxing Group’s ability to do things. He had also imposed sanctions on Erick Group before.

But where is the current effect?

This is a worse time.

Obviously, the Sanxing Group is more “bad” and more shameless than the Garrison Family.

This is truly unscrupulous!

Lawrence could only admire this.

I found that I still have a lot to learn.

The venue for the negotiation was chosen at the headquarters of Erick Group.

Logan Zhengshuo’s pomp is still full.

Dozens of vehicles and private jet escort.

There are several Lord-level powerhouses around him, all of whom are god-level powerhouses.

There are so many strong men who are almost impossible to meet on the battlefield, but there are so many around Logan Zhengshuo.

It can only show that the Logan family consortium is strong!

What the 18 overseas countries cannot do, the Logan family consortium can do it!

When Logan Zhengshuo and his party appeared, everyone in the Erick Group was shocked.

It turned out that they were fighting with such a terrifying existence…

In the huge conference room.

Sarah and his party waited early.

Their requirements are simple-they can live and work steadily.

The expectations in everyone’s hearts are already very low.

No matter what harsh conditions the Sanxing Group puts forward, they will accept it later.

After arriving in the conference room, Logan Zhengshuo’s eyes fell on Sarah: “Sure enough, the country is beautiful, what a pity!”

If Sarah is unmarried and has no children, Logan Zhengshuo can try it.

After the two parties were seated, Sarah directly expressed his meaning: “Mr. Logan, we ask ourselves that there is no contradiction with Sanxing Group? Why are we targeting us like this?

Logan Zhengshuo played with a delicate dagger: “Because Levi!”


Sarah was taken aback.

I didn’t expect Logan Zhengshuo to be so direct.

“Yes! Levi drove the Sanxing Group out of Morendam two years ago, now we have our revenge!”

“The recent series of actions against you are revenge!”

Logan Zhengshuo explained directly.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the court became weird.

Many executives of the Erick Group who only rose from behind looked at Levi with complaining eyes.

For the hundreds of thousands of employees of the Erick Group, they are all innocently implicated.

After doing it for a long time, it turned out that Sarah dyed himself.

Everyone will lose their lives because of her.

Sarah can clearly feel everyone’s changes.

Logan Zhengshuo sneered and deliberately said: “What? Is Levi away? I bullied his company and his people like this? Will he not come out to fight back?”

His subordinates immediately said, “Lord, Levi is dead!”

“Ah? Already dead? Hahaha, what a delightful thing!”

Logan Zhengshuo let out a brazen smile.

Sarah clenched her fists tightly, and she said coldly: “If my husband is here, you will never dare to step into the great summer!”

Sarah poked everyone in the Zhongsanxing Group in this sentence.

Everyone was angry.

“F*rt! Levi’s presence or absence can’t stop us!”

“What is he? My Star Country Logan Family will be afraid of him?”

Even Logan Zhengshuo didn’t get angry but laughed instead: “Haha, what a pity, Levi is dying! Have the ability to make him come alive and beat me?”

Logan Zhengshuo looked ashamed.

“You wait, there will be this day!”

Sarah was so angry that he almost slipped.

“Haha, then you make him come alive! I’m waiting for him!”

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