The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1277 – 1278

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Chapter 1277

Logan Zhengshuo is infinitely arrogant!

The appearance of under-beating was brought to the extreme.

The face of the Logan Family Consortium is really damning!

Sarah and Natalie both felt sick.

When Levi was the god of war in God of War, why didn’t he see them jumping?

Not because of fear!

Now that Levi is not there, one by one dances happily.

Logan Zhengshuo smiled and said, “Look, it’s been a long time, Levi hasn’t come yet!”

“Maybe he gritted his teeth in hell?”


Everyone laughed.

“Since you are here, shall we talk?”

“Let’s talk! How can we let Erick Group go?”

Sarah asked directly.

The executives of Erick Group became nervous.

The time to decide their fate has arrived.

Logan Zhengshuo’s eyes fell on Sarah: “Okay, my conditions are very simple-you give up the chairmanship!”


A word was like a bolt from the blue, and the audience was stunned.

No one thought that Logan Zhengshuo’s condition turned out to be this.

“Then you mean to let President Logan come down, you swallowed it? Then we can’t agree to it!”

Natalie immediately expressed her dissatisfaction.

Logan Zhengshuo shook his head: “No, no, I’m not interested in a Erick Group! As long as Sarah retires, anyone can do it! I don’t care!”


Upon hearing this, the executives of Erick Group heaved a sigh of relief.

Logan Zhengshuo stared at Sarah with a sneer, “Just see if you can sacrifice yourself for your employees?”

Several executives immediately said: “Mr. Logan, we don’t want to! But you have to think about the survival of hundreds of thousands of employees!”

“Don’t worry, even if you go down, Mr. Logan, the company will run very well in our hands!”

The implication was that Sarah quickly agreed.

Don’t delay them!

Sarah looked at the crowd, hesitated for a moment, and agreed: “Okay, I am willing to withdraw! As long as you give up targeting Erick Group!”

“Yes! I can sign a letter of undertaking with you. If I break the agreement, you can expose it!”

Logan Zhengshuo smiled.

He is really not interested in Erick Group.

Opening the Morendam market, his goal has been achieved.

The next step is to torture Sarah and others.

“Okay, I’ll sign with you!”

Sarah quickly signed the letter of undertaking, and she also retired, surrendering all positions such as the chairman of the board.

Erick Group will have nothing to do with her in the future!

“There are you! You! And you…”

Logan Zhengshuo targeted Natalie, He Tiantian and other old ministries.

Take down all their positions!

Do everything you need to kill!

Leave no room.

This is the working style of Sanxing Group!

“Okay, now you should be satisfied? We all came according to your requirements!”

Sarah asked.

What Logan Zhengshuo remembered: “By the way, there is one more thing!”

“Erick Group? I remember it was Levi to commemorate his brother Erick, right?”

“Change my name!”

Logan Zhengshuo said.

“No way!”

Sarah immediately refused to agree.

Natalie did not agree with several people.

This is Levi’s painstaking effort and theirs.

How can the name be changed?

Logan Zhengshuo glanced at everyone indifferently; “Does it have anything to do with you? You have nothing to do with Erick Group!”

“Besides, get out of here! This is not where you should be!”

Logan Zhengshuo gave an order, and Sarah was kicked out of the company.

Looking at the office building, everyone looked aggrieved.

Chapter 1278

But for the hundreds of thousands of employees of Erick Group, Sarah must make concessions.

She can fight Sanxing Group.

She can still afford it at the moment.

But it will cause tens of thousands of people to be unemployed, many people will lose their wives, and even some people will be in danger.

“It’s really bullying, if only Levi was still alive!”

Natalie sighed.

Sarah gave her a complicated look.

Levi is still alive.

But he is better than death.

I can only lie in bed for a lifetime.

If you let him know about this situation, he will only be anxious.

You will even cry out of anger, right?

Watching helplessly, but can do nothing.

That feeling of helplessness can drive people crazy!

So Sarah wouldn’t tell Levi all this.

It’s useless to tell, it just adds to the block.

Although Logan Zhengshuo said to let the Erick Group go, and will not annex it.

But everywhere else they asked Erick Group to develop according to its own plan.

It is equivalent to his accessory.

Logan Zhengshuo also issued a message-Erick Group will be renamed Zhengshuo Group!

After Sarah heard this, several people were furious.

Feeling cheated!

Logan Zhengshuo is shameless!


He clearly said that Erick Group was spared and signed a letter of undertaking.

But doing this kind of thing…

The name was changed to Zhengshuo Group. Didn’t this come from his name?

Isn’t it his?


But this is the working style of Sanxing Group!

Not shameless, but not Sanxing Group.

On the same day, Erick Group held a press conference-the company officially changed its name to Zhengshuo Group, with Logan Hongyi as chairman.

Logan Hongyi is a native of Xingguo, a technician of the original Erick Group.

Directly past the seventh and eighth levels, and came to the position of the head of a company.

This is not what Logan Zhengshuo is manipulating?

He did not participate in the decision-making within the Erick Group, but he supported a puppet.

Now the chairman listens to him.

The equivalent of the company is in his hands.

Sarah they were so angry, but they couldn’t help it.

The only advantage is to keep the company and avoid the turbulence of hundreds of thousands of people.

However, this is just the beginning.

Next, Logan Zhengshuo’s specific targeting has just begun.

Xiao Qin and Jiang Yijun in the capital were taken away inexplicably, and the key point was that the Jiang family dared not speak.

Can only watch.

Not only that, Levi’s classmate West Jingxuan was also arrested.

Even Regina of Jiang Hai Porter’s family was arrested.

The Porter family dare not even look for it.

It is said to have been warned…

When Xiao Qin and Jiang Yijun woke up, they found that they were locked up.

There was a tall man in front of them, extremely handsome, with a coquettish arc at the corner of his mouth.

Logan Zhengshuo took action on them.

“According to my investigation, apart from Sarah, you are the women who have the best relationship with Levi!”

“If someone touches you, Levi will definitely save you!”

Logan Zhengshuo sneered.

“what are you going to do?”

Jiang Yijun said coldly.

“From today, you guys will be my slaves. As long as you are marked as slaves, you won’t be able to escape for the rest of your life!”

Just as Natalie was about to scold, Logan Zhengshuo’s voice sounded: “There are also Sarah they can’t run away!”

“Ollie, I will sell to western slums! I will be divided by a bunch of barbarians!”

“Sarah, I will let her marry a wretched old man!”

“I will auction Levi’s daughter to a pervert!”

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