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Chapter 1279

Logan Zhengshuo arranged a miserable end for every woman close to Levi!

Thinking of this, Logan Zhengshuo smiled with enjoyment.

“Despicable and shameless!”

“Why don’t you dare to come when my brother-in-law is here?”

Xiao Qin glared at him angrily.

“Yes, you are a villain after all! You can never get on the stage!”

“Yes, Sanxing Group is worthy of being a company that is indiscriminate and can only do this! It’s ridiculous!”

The women sneered.

It didn’t know that it had no effect on Lee Jung Suk at all.

Instead, Logan Zhengshuo laughed wildly.

“Do you say these are useful? Yes, what happened to me as a villain? It’s a pity that Levi is dying. I tortured his mother and daughter, what can he do with me?”

Logan Zhengshuo asked back.


Everyone was stunned.

People are shameless to such an extent, what else can you do?

“Even though my brother-in-law is gone, you will be retribution in the end!”

Xiao Qin stared at Logan Zhengshuo.

“One day justice will come from heaven!”

The women said together.

“Anyway, you all have to stay by my side as slaves, then you can watch carefully, will I be brought justice by heaven!”

Logan Zhengshuo sneered.

At this time, his subordinates came and said, “Lord, the western side has already been contacted! You can sell Ollie to the slums!”

“Without our order, she will be tortured to death!”

The subordinate laughed.

“In addition, Mr. Williams, the head of the Black Gold Consortium of the Lion Country, will arrive in Jiangbei tonight!”

“Mr. Williams is impatient to marry Sarah back!”

After Logan Zhengshuo heard this, he sneered coldly: “This old sex monster! How many women have been harmed for so many years? There are not tens of thousands, but thousands?”

“Yes, how many wives have you married? There are a lot of tortured deaths!”

For this old guy, Logan Zhengshuo felt sick at the thought.

“Well, I have to meet him tonight!”

Logan Zhengshuo locked up Xiao Qin and waited for the night to come.

In the evening, Logan Zhengshuo personally went to the airport to meet Williams from the Black Gold Consortium.

His status in the Lion Country is equivalent to the status of the Logan Family Consortium in the Star Country.

So he didn’t dare to neglect.

Soon, he met a group of Heijin Group at the airport.

Williams got off the plane with the help of several people.

He had a wretched look and a Mediterranean hairstyle, and he looked back and forth with a pair of triangular eyes squinted.

A mouthful of yellow teeth makes people feel nauseous.

This is definitely the ugliest and most wretched person Logan Zhengshuo has ever seen!

But his butlers always greeted him with smiles.

Who makes him powerful and wealthy than the enemy’s country?

“Mr. Williams!”

Logan Zhengshuo said hello.

“By the way, Mr. Logan! I want not only Levi’s wife, but also his mother, but also his daughter! And his sister! I want it together, I want to play together!”

“You make an offer! I want them all!”

Williams chuckled, the whole person was already impatient.

It was heard that Logan Zhengshuo had to deal with other women, and he wanted to take it all for himself.

For this request made by Williams, Logan Zhengshuo is not surprised.

This guy has always been like this!

He couldn’t ask for this kind of thing!

“Yes! But I want to hold an auction for Levi’s daughter! The news is released, so I have to take a form!”

Logan Zhengshuo said.

“Yes! I’ll auction it off then!”

Williams laughed.

Chapter 1280

Logan Zhengshuo smiled and said, “My conditions are very simple! I want you to have the right to a quarter of the Northwest Petroleum Industry in Lion Country!”

Williams hesitated.

Unexpectedly, Logan Zhengshuo spoke so loudly.

But when I thought of it, the woman, daughter and mother of God of War could get it all at once.

It is estimated that this kind of opportunity will not be met once in hundreds of years!

“Okay, I promised!”

Williams gritted his teeth and agreed.

Logan Zhengshuo smiled.

Can torture Levi to the greatest extent.

You can also get the right to extract oil!

It really kills two birds with one stone!

The transaction between the two parties has been concluded.

Williams was taken to the residence by Logan Zhengshuo.

“Mr. Logan, see if you can tonight…”

Williams came thousands of miles from the other side of the ocean, just to have fun.

He didn’t want to wait for a moment.

Logan Zhengshuo smiled and said, “Mr. Williams, wait a minute, until tomorrow night, everyone will gather. Wouldn’t it be better to come together?”

Williams thought for a while, but held back.

Those are the women related to God of War!

The man who was overwhelmed by a hundred countries could not afford it, but his women and daughters had to let him deal with it.

It’s so cool to think about it this way!

Logan Zhengshuo and Williams were very refreshed.

This feeling of revenge is unprecedented!

Sarah hasn’t moved here yet.

But Natalie suddenly couldn’t get in touch.

Xiao Qin couldn’t get in touch either.

Ollie hurriedly ran over: “Sarah’s big business is not good, Regina’s girl was taken away! Sanxing Group did it!”

“They threatened to take a shot at us! They also want to take Jun Jun to auction!”


Sarah is about to explode.

Take her child to auction?

How can she bear it?

But the other party is Sanxing Group.

The strength is too strong.

“Mom, let’s pack up and run? Can’t stay here, currently we can’t match the Sanxing Group! They are too powerful!”

Sarah had the idea of ​​running away.

“No way, when I just came back, I found that we were under control here!”

“We can’t get out!”

Ollie looked desperate.

Now the Sanxing Group is encircling here openly, which makes it impossible to let in.

“Sanxing Group has no plan to let us go!”

Sarah could only ask Mr. Lin for help.

“Sarah, I also want to save you and Junjun! But I can’t afford to provoke the Logan Family Consortium, even Lawrence has to nod and bow!”

“For the safety of the Lin family, I can only abandon you!”

Old man Lin hung up the phone.

For him, the Logan Family Consortium is the same as the North Liang family lords, they can’t afford it!

It is likely to lead to annihilation!

Plum dyed a look of despair.

Who can save them?

“Are we just sitting there waiting to die?”

Sarah and Ollie were desperate.

At this moment Jun Jun picked up the phone and dialed a number: “Call Dad, let Dad come to rescue us!”

Although Jun Jun is young, he often talks with Levi on the phone recently.

So she dialed out directly.

On the other end of the phone, Levi connected: “Junjun? Dad is here!”

Junjun cried all of a sudden: “Daddy, come on! Someone is going to bully us! Come and save us!”

“Jun Jun, wait, Dad will come soon! Don’t cry, wait for Dad to come!”

When his daughter called, Levi was anxious.

“Junjun, why are you calling dad?”

Sarah and Ollie sighed.

It’s useless to tell Levi now.

He can’t even move.

How can I come to rescue them?

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