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Chapter 1281

In fact, Logan Zhengshuo’s every move was under the control of Levi.

It turned out he couldn’t help it.

But now he palms the temple in heaven.

There are countless capable people and Lords.

It’s no problem to protect Sarah.

Don’t look at Sarah and they are now under the control of the Sanxing Group, but the soldiers in the Tiandian Temple secretly are staring at him.

Once something goes wrong, the soldiers of the Zhentian Temple will be killed.

Not only that.

Levi also arranged for Xiao Qin’s side.

It’s just that it’s too late to know, Xiao Qin and the others have been arrested.

But someone was staring secretly. Once Xiao Qin and the others had an accident, a Lord of Zhentiandian would rescue them.

So the situation is under Levi’s control.

This is something that Sanxing Group never thought of.

Originally, Levi had left this matter to other people in Zhentian Temple to solve it.

Because at the moment he is in the wolf country and has just sent the Yama War God back to his hometown for burial.

But after Levi received a call from Junjun’s milky voice.

He couldn’t help it.

He has to resolve this matter himself.

“Xiaoxi, Xiaobei will return to Morendam!”

Levi said with a cold face.

Jun Jun’s voice has been lingering in his ears.

Sanxing Group, you provoke me!

He dare to kill the Great Army Lord of East Island!

Does he dare not move Sanxing Group?

“Hall Lord, Logan Zhengshuo has completely emptied Erick Group! And held a press conference to change its name to Zhengshuo Group!”

Xi Tian Wang whispered beside him.


Levi said angrily.

I have to say that everything that Logan Zhengshuo did was to poke the hatred of Zhongye Levi.

It’s just that he didn’t even think that Levi was still alive…

More powerful than before!

More terrifying!

It was night in a blink of an eye.

Sarah and Ollie panicked all day.

But helpless.

There was nowhere to call for help, and there was no way to escape.

“Are we destined to end this way?”

Sarah was very unwilling.

Marrying Levi in this life is impossible to be an ordinary person.

But such a solution, she couldn’t accept it.

“Grandma, don’t worry, Mom, Dad will come to save us in a while!”

Jun Jun clenched his small fist and looked expectant.

Children are naive.

But I believe in every promise!

They think they will do what the adults promised.

Levi promised to come and rescue her, he must come!

“Dad is the God of War! Better than Superman!”

Jun Jun shouted.

Sarah didn’t want to break the child’s fantasy, and said nothing.

Soon after, people from Sanxing Group took Sarah away.

The location is Hall No. 1 in Jiangbei.

This is a private auction house.

At this moment, the seats inside were full of people.

Some came to the real auction, and some came to see the excitement.

Logan Zhengshuo was sitting in the first row, and Williams next to him could not bear it anymore.

He thought about how to torture him…

Just wait for someone to show up!

“My purpose is very simple! Let the whole world see the fate of offending our Logan family consortium! Even if it is the God of War, it must be the fate that offends my Logan family consortium!”

Logan Zhengshuo is revenge on the one hand, and fright on the other.

He wants to declare to the world-I even dare to move the God of War War God’s family, let alone other people!

“Bring people up!”

Logan Zhengshuo gave the order, and the three of Sarah were taken to the court.

After Williams saw it, his eyes were shining.

“Levi’s wife and mother have already belonged to Mr. Williams, the next step is the question of the belonging of Levi’s daughter!”

“The auction starts, starting with 100 million!”

Chapter 1282

“One hundred and fifty million!”

The rich people immediately responded and shouted the price.

“I give out two hundred million!”

Everyone saw Junjun with a crazy look in his eyes.

For one thing, everyone has this habit.

Secondly, this is Levi’s daughter.

So everyone bids like crazy.

“Three hundred million!”

“Five hundred million!”


The rich are scrambling to shout high prices.

“I’ll join in the fun too, 1.5 billion!”

The people who were speaking were Brian, Leo, and Qiao Jinqiu, members of the Jianghai princeling party.

Their family once became Levi’s slaves.

Brian’s hand was even abolished.

He always remembered this hatred!

“Just two billion!”

Qiao Jinqiu’s hatred for himself is beyond imagination.

“I’m here to join in the fun too, three billion, Levi’s daughter, I have to decide!”

It was Kameda Ichiro who called out the price.

He was kicked out of the river by Levi, but after Levi’s accident, he returned.

Also got the support of Jianghai’s kings!

Seeing the enthusiastic scene, Logan Zhengshuo was happy to blossom.

These people were all foreign nations who had drove Levi out, but now they jumped out one by one.

I also want to torture Levi’s women.

He was so happy!

Others are also very happy.

Sarah looked at these people and said angrily: “Beasts! A bunch of beasts!”

“Sarah, guess what price your daughter can finally sell for?”

Logan Zhengshuo sneered.

“You must die!”

Sarah has the heart to kill.

“Sarah is a bit immoral for you? I didn’t even put your daughter in a cage to buy, so you cursed me to death?”

At the beginning, Logan Zhengshuo wanted to put Junjun in a cage for auction.

“five billion!”

Williams couldn’t bear it for a long time, and held up the sign high.

“Sarah didn’t expect it? Your daughter would be so valuable, right?”

Logan Zhengshuo laughed.

Sarah and Ollie were so angry they were crying.

“Six billion!”

Unexpectedly, the auction will continue.

It shows how obsessed everyone is to avenge Levi!

“Seven billion!”

“Ten billion!”

Finally Williams called out a price of 10 billion.

He glanced around, no one shouted at him anymore.

“Ten billion once!”

“Ten billion twice!”

“Ten billion three times!”

“Levi’s daughter Logan Wangjun will eventually belong to Mr. Williams!”

“Finally, congratulations to Mr. Williams for getting Levi’s mother, wife, daughter, younger sister and sister-in-law at one time!”

“Envy Mr. Williams, enjoy it in the evening!”

In the end, Williams took the photo, and everyone congratulated him.

Williams’ face was red, and he was excited at the thought of night.

This will be his most memorable night!

“Levi, you can smile in hell. Your family members are taken care of by Mr. Williams! Don’t worry, he will be very gentle!”

Logan Zhengshuo laughed.

Williams was also laughing.

The ugly appearance is simply disgusting.

“You are just a bunch of beasts, don’t even let go of the children! You will be hell sooner or later!”

Sarah yelled at everyone.

Only ruthless ridicule in exchange.

The people present either came to retaliate or came to watch a joke.

Levi’s family had such a fate for everyone to be happy.

“Mom, don’t worry, Dad will show up right away!”

Jun Jun pointed to the door.

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