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Chapter 1283

“Levi will appear? Boy, you are too naive, right?”

“Your father is dead, how could he show up?”

Logan Zhengshuo ruthlessly exposed Junjun’s words.

Who does not know about Levi’s death?

Jun Jun stared at Logan Zhengshuo stubbornly: “You bullshit! Dad is still alive! I even called Dad!”

“Hmph, you bad guys are waiting! My father will be here soon, and he will take care of you!”

Junjun looked at everyone fiercely.

But no one took her words as the same.

“Sarah, do you usually teach your children these lies? Levi is dead, but you say you are alive? Is it interesting?”

As soon as Sarah was about to speak, Junjun said gruffly: “You fools, my father has never died. He deliberately lied to you!”


Hearing this, Logan Zhengshuo was stunned, he always felt something was wrong.

Sarah glared at the crowd and said, “Stop Jun Jun, I’m afraid you will scare them all! My husband is still alive, he will find you!”

Everyone’s complexion changed drastically now.

Some people even broke out in cold sweats.

If Levi was still alive, it was a threat.

It is dangerous to them.

Ollie also took the opportunity to say: “Yes, my son is still alive! Didn’t you think of it? When he finds you, you will know it is terrible.”

Everyone became more panicked, their faces pale.

What if it is true?

“Sarah what nonsense are you talking about? Come here, separate Sarah and the others! Leave Levi’s Nie Zhuang alone!”

Logan Zhengshuo roared furiously.

The subordinates stepped forward to separate Sarah and Junjun.

Sarah and Ollie cried out immediately.

“Don’t worry about grandma, dad will come to save me!”

Jun Jun has a calm face.

In the end, the two parties were forcibly separated.

Sarah and the two were arrested elsewhere, leaving only Junjun in the field.

Despite the resolution of the farce just now, many people still gasped.

Levi was still alive, no one dared to imagine.

Even Logan Zhengshuo had cold sweat on his forehead, and he took out a handkerchief to wipe it.

“A kid talking nonsense! Look and see it scares you!”

Williams looked at everyone with disdain.


But the next second, the earth-shaking sound blew out of thin air.

The entire hall shook violently, and everyone was shaken.

Everyone looked behind while screaming.


The door was directly blasted open with a kick.


What’s more terrifying is that a wall completely collapsed!

Someone outside directly flattened this wall!

It was shocking!

Everyone was immersed in shock.

In the next second, everyone saw the black crowd coming across.

All in black.

Tang knife.


For these people.

Everyone is familiar but unfamiliar.

“Zhentian Temple!!!”

“It’s from the Zhentian Temple!”

Logan Zhengshuo was the first to recognize it and couldn’t help exclaiming.

Although Woodrow “beaten” Zhentian Temple, the shadow that Zhentian Temple brought to everyone was still there.

Whoever sees it will be shocked!

People from the Star Country Logan Family Consortium quickly protected Logan Zhengshuo.

The Lords of the Black Gold Consortium also immediately became vigilant and treated them seriously.

The others were all in a panic, staring blankly at the menacing Zhentian Temple.

“It’s Dad, Dad came to save me! Yeah!”

Junjun cheered and jumped for joy.




Not only that, but Lords of Zhentian Temple appeared on the auction scene.

They’ve been waiting for this opportunity a long time ago.

Chapter 1284

Logan Zhengshuo and others were dumbfounded.

It would never have occurred to me that the auction scene was fraught with danger.

Hidden so many Lords of the Zhentian Temple.

The point is that they didn’t notice it at all!



Suddenly a few Lords appeared on the stage in front, and all Lords who were watching Junjun flew away.

“See the little lord!”

They guarded Jun Jun to death.

Logan Zhengshuo was frightened.

Cold sweat kept coming out.

They stared forward in a daze.

The tense legs were shaking.


The toppled wall in front revealed the dense figures of the Lords of the Zhentian Temple.

The four kings appeared immediately.

Finally, the four heavenly kings stood on both sides, and a figure came slowly.

“Dad, daddy…”

When Junjun saw this person, he immediately danced and cheered.


Logan Zhengshuo and the others were stunned.

But when their eyes fell on Levi, they could no longer calm down.


The living Levi!

Healthy Levi!

It turns out that Sarah was right!

Tong Bass Wuji!

Children can’t tell lies at all!

His father is not only alive, but also to rescue her!

Levi’s face was extremely gloomy, and his eyes were full of bloodthirsty killing intent.

He came step by step, like Shura out of hell.

That killing intent, intruded into everyone’s body.

Everyone’s scalp was numb, and a chill on the soles of their feet hit the sky.

Everyone in the field voluntarily gave way.

Everyone has been town.

Even the Logan Family Consortium of the Star Country and the Black Gold Consortium of the Lion Country looked at Levi in a daze.

The atmosphere dare not breathe.

This man has caused too many people to have nightmares.

Levi walked all the way to the stage and hugged Junjun.

The killing intent and violence just disappeared instantly, replaced by a smile.

“Junjun, Dad is here, don’t be afraid!”

Jun Jun smiled: “Jun Jun is not afraid, I know Dad will come to save me!”

“Levi, why are you alive?”

Logan Zhengshuo looked at him with an incredible expression on his face.

This is a fact repeatedly confirmed by Higashishima Army Lord Watanabe Tenner.

He can’t live…

The most important thing is that he turned out to be the Lord of Zhentian Temple!


All this is a bureau!

The bureau of the Zhentian Temple cloth!

Levi glanced at him and said, “Otherwise, why do you think Zhentian Temple was only defeated in Morendam?”

“What? Zhentiandian deliberately lost to Woodrow!”

The crowd suddenly woke up.

All the clues of the matter will be sorted out quickly.

Levi’s death was his game!

Obviously they are in.

Think carefully.

Logan Zhengshuo broke out in a cold sweat.

I was afraid that he came to Morendam and wanted to do something with Sarah, so he was known.

Everything is under Levi’s control.

The reason why Levi will appear now is that he hasn’t done anything extraordinary before…

Others quickly figured out this problem.


too frightening!

Especially knowing that the Zhentian Temple was because of Levi, after deliberately losing to Woodrow, he became more and more frightened.

Zhentiandian is still strong!



Brian, Leo, and Qiao Jinqiu were so scared that their teeth trembled.

An unexpected thing happened…

The point is that they all stepped in.

“Hall Lord, what should these people do?”

The Northern Heavenly King asked.

“Participants, kill.”

“Participate in the fun, waste.”

Levi said coldly.

“No, Levi, you can’t move me!”

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