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Chapter 1285

Logan Zhengshuo’s voice immediately sounded.

“Not only you can’t move me, you can’t move Mr. Williams either!”

“You know the strength of my Logan Family Consortium and the Black Gold Consortium. If you move us, the consequences are unimaginable!”

Williams also immediately agreed: “Yes, that’s right. We might as well sit down and talk! What conditions do you want, we will try our best to promise you!”

“For example, money, such as oil extraction rights! As long as you bring it up, we can satisfy you!”

Logan Zhengshuo also said: “Yes, everyone makes friends, wouldn’t it be better to cooperate? There is no need to hurt peace!”

“You fucking auctioned off Lao Tzu’s daughter! Lao Tzu wants to make peace with you? Stupid! Brain damage!”

Levi suddenly roared angrily.

Everyone present was shocked.

In my impression, this is the first time Levi has expelled foul language!

Logan Zhengshuo was startled.

Williams was also startled.

“Resolve them!”

Levi turned and hugged Junjun to leave.

“No, Levi, you can’t move us. If you kill me, my family will retaliate wildly! Even you!”

“Yes, there are many Lord-level experts around us. Do you really think you can easily kill us?”

Logan Zhengshuo and Williams are still struggling before they die.

“Then I don’t mind removing the Logan Family Consortium and the Black Gold Consortium from this world!”

Levi’s words made Logan Zhengshuo startled, and their bodies trembled.

He smashed into the East Island, killed the demon sword, and took the head of Watanabe Sky.

It seems that he really dare to do…


The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

“Kill kill kill!”

Zhentiandian Lord shot.



Brian fell.

Qiao Jinqiu fell down.

Leo fell.

Kameda Ichiro fell.

These people don’t even have the opportunity to struggle.

Who can compete with Zhentian Temple?

Although Logan Zhengshuo and Williams are protected by many Lord-level powerhouses and god-level powerhouses.

But the Northern Heavenly King alone can absolutely crush them.

Not to mention that there are a large number of Lords in the Zhentian Temple.

They couldn’t protect Logan Zhengshuo at all.

Although there are Lords, they are all ordinary Lords.

How can you fight the Northern Heavenly King if you don’t even reach Woodrow’s level?

A few of Fu Shenlin’s ranks are still improvised.



The two also went to hell soon.

What other perverted tycoons were also sent away one by one.

Other people who watched the excitement were abandoned one by one…

The Zhentian Temple does everything without procrastination.

Everything on the scene will be processed soon!

Levi’s monstrous anger was able to dissipate.

If it weren’t for holding Junjun, he really wanted to do it himself.

These bastards!

These beasts!

Start with women and children!

It’s not as good as a beast!

He also wanted to auction his daughter and possess his wife.

court death!

“Dad, is your illness cured?”

Jun Jun hid in Levi’s arms and asked in a low voice.

“Dad is already fine! Junjun don’t have to worry about Dad!”

Junjun danced and danced: “It’s great, great!”

“Then let’s go to see your grandmother and mother? They all thought that your illness was not cured, so they didn’t let me call Dad! I’m afraid you are worried!”

Don’t look down on you, but you know everything.

“Haha, Dad is fine! Dad will always guard you by your side! Don’t be afraid, Jun Jun!”

When Levi was holding Junjun and was about to walk back.

But a few people showed up.

It turned out to be them?

Levi was puzzled.

Chapter 1286


It hasn’t appeared in a long time.

“Meet God of War!”

Several Colin shouted together.

Levi smiled: “I am not a god of war anymore!”

“No, you are the God of War!”

“Everyone knows this!”

Colin smiled.

Junjun clapped his hands: “Yes, Dad is the God of War!”

Levi smiled and touched her daughter’s head.

“Why are you here?”

Levi asked directly.

“Come on the next order!”

Colin’s expression was solemn.

“Okay, say it!”

“God of War, the command is very simple-you can appear as alive, but you can’t let the outside world know that you have recovered! You need to be in a wheelchair!”

“Because of a series of abnormal things recently, some people are already guessing whether you are alive!”

Colin said.

Levi nodded: “Well, I feel it too.”

“The main purpose is that some hidden traitors have not been exposed yet, and you need to use the Zhentiandian to eliminate everyone at once! Once and for all!”

“God of War, you also understand that this opportunity is too rare. It allows you to investigate and deal with it in the dark, which I didn’t even dare to think before.”

Colin was surprised.

This is what Morendam hopes.

It is not that there is no expert in the dark to deal with it.

But there has never been a Tianjiao like Levi.

Naturally, he handles things much better than those people!

The most important thing is that this opportunity happens to happen-Levi is no longer the God of War.

Levi understood that Da Xia wanted to use his time of trouble to let him clean out all those who were harmful to Da Xia from the dark.

What he solved not long ago was only a small part.

There are more that haven’t surfaced yet!

For example, why did the Blood King Palace come back? Watanabe Tenner hid it even if he died.

This matter is always a hidden danger!

Need to be dealt with!

Of course there are other people and things.

Levi naturally agreed.

As long as it is Morendam, he will do whatever it takes.

Besides, I can stay with my family and protect them.

Ming, he can kill the enemy on the battlefield and sweep thousands of troops.

Secretly, he can find out the traitors and eliminate the danger.

This is Levi!

As long as it is beneficial to Morendam, no matter how harsh, he will agree.

“God of War, someone will contact you secretly and will provide you with the next task!”

“God of War War God’s order is also the highest level! You need to keep it secret from anyone!”

Colin glanced at Jun Jun Dao.

“Okay, I understand!”

“Okay, next we will arrange for the God of War you to enter as alive!”

After Colin conveyed the order, he left quickly.

Levi looked at Jun Jun and smiled: “Jun Jun, promise Dad, tonight’s affairs will be kept secret! I can’t tell grandma and mother later when I go back!”

Because this is Morendam’s highest order, Levi can’t violate it either.

After all, he is Morendam’s fighter!

It is the duty of a soldier to obey orders!

“Okay, Dad, Jun Jun knows!”

Jun Jun promised.

After that, Levi kissed her and sent her back.

“Junjun don’t worry, Dad will look for you tomorrow.”

Levi waved.

Sarah thought that tonight was over, but they didn’t expect someone to save them.

But they didn’t know what happened.

Did the Logan Family Consortium let them go?

It seems impossible!

Someone saved them.

Soon, Jun Jun was sent to everyone.

“Junjun, tell your mother, what happened?”

Sarah asked anxiously.

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