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Chapter 1287

“Mom’s okay…”

Junjun hesitated to answer.

The key, Levi told her, to hide it temporarily.

She promised Dad.

Sarah and Ollie could see that there was a problem at a glance.

“You are not allowed to lie! Tell me what’s going on?”

Sarah asked with a cold face.

“Yes, it’s not a good boy who lied!”

Ollie reminded.


Jun Jun hesitated.

In a struggle.

On the one hand, he wanted to be a good boy, and on the other hand, he wanted to abide by the promise to Levi.

“Ms. Porter, hello, Ms. Logan! We will handle the matter tonight!”

At this moment, a few people came to face each other.


Sarah and Ollie were both taken aback.

“Not only that! Mr. Levi was framed before, and we have found out! Now the ban on Mr. Levi is lifted and he is allowed to enter Morendam!”

The man said.

Sarah immediately understood who this was.

“Thank you, where is my husband?”

Sarah asked anxiously.

“I’m still out there, I will be back tomorrow!”

“I want to tell you a good news. Mr. Garrison is getting better. He won’t lie down all the time. He can take a wheelchair!”

“It’s great! As long as he comes back!”

That humanity said: “I have to thank Mr. Qin Beishan, Mr. Qin, they are the ones who made Mr. Garrison get better!”

“Then does he hope to recover?”

Sarah’s eyes flickered, looking expectant.

“There is hope for now!”

Sarah and Ollie were delighted.

This is actually part of the plan in Colin’s order.

To the outside world news that Levi can return to normal.

What will the enemy think when he hears it?

Never want Levi to recover!

Therefore, deeper forces or enemies will emerge.

After all, those things were cleaned up by Levi before.

For example, forces related to the Palace of the Blood King will appear, after all, Levi was not injured by such a strong poison.

That’s why the news that Levi’s health was getting better was deliberately released.

In the dark, Levi and Beitianwang kept watching.

“The lord of the palace is going to play a dead person next, do you feel wronged?”

The Northern Heavenly King asked.

Let the current Levi sit in a wheelchair and pretend to be a useless person.

He felt uncomfortable.

Levi shook his head: “No, I am willing to do it for Da Xia! This little grievance is nothing.”

“The main reason is that your suspended animation caused many enemies to surface. It is so effective, so Morendam will let you continue to play it!”

Xitian Wangdao.

Levi nodded: “It’s true! There will be new tasks next, let’s prepare!”

On the second day, Levi was in a wheelchair and was sent back to Jiangbei.

The news spread quickly.

What is even more frightening is that Levi’s body improved under the treatment of Qin Beishan and other Chinese medicine practitioners.

I could only lie in bed and couldn’t move, but now I can use a wheelchair.

For a time, the whole world was boiling.

If you let Levi return to before, everyone can’t imagine.

There was a Woodrow who had just “beaten” the Zhentian Temple.

Here comes Levi in his heyday.

This threatens everyone too much.

No one wants to see it!

For a time, there were changes in the dark places all over the world.

Including Morendam…

When Levi was sent back, Sarah and others cried with joy.

Levi looked at his family, he was very happy.

“Even though I am in a wheelchair, I can protect you!”

Chapter 1288

Finally he was able to accompany his family as alive.

Even in a wheelchair.

Sarah and Ollie prepared a table of good dishes that night.

Jun Jun was embraced by Levi.

“Dad, I didn’t tell you the secret between you and Junjun! But if your mother said Junjun lied, it would be a bad boy!”

Jun Jun pouted his mouth, with a grievance on his face.

But it’s lovely.

Levi smiled and said, “Did you hear the conversation between my uncles and I last night?”

“Well, I heard it!”

Jun Jun nodded.

“The reason for concealing is that the fathers and uncles are doing good deeds, and Junjun is also doing good deeds, so Junjun is still a good boy!”

Levi smiled.

“Jun Jun got it!”

The little child’s face stretched out and smiled.

The whole family is happy.

after dinner.

Sarah smiled and said: “Our family is finally reunited, and then we will live the lives of ordinary people! It’s great!”

But ordinary people’s life is very difficult for them.

Even if Levi is like this now.

No, the news of Levi’s return spread all over the world, and it was as hot as before.

After Woodrow knew it, he laughed: “Haha, okay, I heard that Levi’s body is getting better and recovering? I, wait for him to fully recover, and then fight him again!”

“Well, Lord, you will defeat Levi one more time. Everyone will be served and served! All doubts can be broken!”

Po Jun smiled.

“En, although I don’t need to defeat Levi to prove myself now, this is an obsession in my heart. I must defeat Levi again.”

Woodrow looked proud.

Since defeating the Northern Heavenly King, his confidence has doubled.

No one pays attention to it.

It turned out that he might be a little jealous of Levi, but now Levi will only be a loser in his eyes.

“Levi can never recover. If he recovers, it will be a disaster!”

“Yes, it won’t die like this! His life is really big!”

“He is obstructing our plan, he must die!”

“Before he recovers, kill him!”

After hearing the news that Levi was still alive, various voices of this kind spread.

At the moment, the most angry is Sanxing Group.

In the luxurious manor of the Star Country Logan Family Consortium.

The senior members of the Logan family are going to explode.

Their prince is dead…

“Who did it? Find out immediately!”

“I want to avenge my son (grandson)! No matter who it is from Morendam, the Logan family of my star country will kill!”

The same goes for the Black Gold Consortium in the Lion Country.

“Find out, take revenge!”

“No matter what the cost, we must take revenge!”

The most terrifying thing is that the gate clan of the North Liang has already known about the disappearance of Fu Shenlin and four apprentices.

“Take a thorough investigation of this matter! The people of the Northern Liang family have died in the duny world, and if it spreads out, the reputation of our family will be stinking!”

Beiliang Gate Valve issued an order.

Immediately, the reclusive Beiliang family clique sent several groups of people into what they called the dunya.

The last time the clan sent someone into the dunya like this, it was two hundred years ago.

These hidden forces who had been silent for two hundred years finally couldn’t bear it.

It looks calm on the surface, but undercurrents are surging.

All because of Levi’s return.

He is back.

Storms are rising.

But if this was what he and Colin wanted.

The deeper enemies will emerge one by one.

Next, Levi two things.

First, wait for Colin’s mission.

Second, wait for someone to come to him.

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