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Chapter 1299


Lawrence already had a bad feeling.

“From now on, everything in the Garrison family belongs to me! Anyone must listen to me!”

Levi approached.


Lawrence’s face changed.

Doesn’t this mean that everyone has become Levi’s slaves?

Handing over such a large family business is more uncomfortable than killing him!

“As for you, it’s very simple! There is a small town in the depths of the North Desert, dark and dark, it is a place that does not exist on the map!

Where I want to imprison you forever! Can’t take a step in a lifetime! “


Lawrence was about to explode.

Lock him in a hellish place for a lifetime, and he will go crazy!

He is the head of the first family, rich and powerful.

But to imprison him in a deserted border town for a lifetime, this made him unbearable.

Harder than death!

Especially for an ambitious person like Lawrence!

“No! No! Please! As long as you don’t do this, I will promise you everything!”

Lawrence started to be crazy.

“Levi, I am your biological father! You can’t do this to me!”

Levi sneered coldly: “Every time Nani kills me, have you ever thought about you as my father?”

“When my mother was pregnant and knelt in front of Garrison’s gate for three days and three nights, did you think it was my father?”

“Then when you imprisoned my mother, did you think it was my father?”

Levi kept asking questions, but Lawrence was speechless.

“Xiao Bei, take it away!”

Levi gave an order.

The Northern Heavenly King took Lawrence away.

His second half of his life will be spent in the small town of Beimo, and he will never take a step forward.

This is worse than killing him!

Levi didn’t want to kill him!

It can be said that there are a thousand words and ten thousand, Lawrence sins again!

Levi always shed his blood!

This is a fact that cannot be changed!

How could Levi do things like killing mothers and fathers?

But what Lawrence did must be punished!

It just so happened that this method allowed him to get the punishment he deserved!

The punishment he punished on his mother decades ago was finally paid for himself!

The way of heaven is reincarnation, who is forgiven by heaven!

Afterwards, Zhentian Temple secretly took over the Garrison Family, Long Family and other big families in Beijing!

Almost overnight, these giants were under Levi’s control.

To say that now, Levi is the real rich and foe country!

These Da Xia Ming’s strongest families belonged to him one after another.

The most intuitive is money!

Levi also asked other little friends, such as Jiang Hai’s major families, to be resolved.

Let people support the descendants of Phillip, the Three Great Heroes, the Tianfu Garrison Clan and so on.

These people shed blood for him for Morendam!

He can’t make their offspring sad!

Next, Levi waited for the task on one hand.

On the one hand, waiting for the enemies in the dark to appear.

It’s almost time according to the time.

They should show up!

At this time, the Mann family and the Logan family conspired with the Erick Group.

After Melina told Concubine Mann Jun’s plan, Doug clapped his hands in approval.

“Okay, let’s do it, I have arranged for someone!”

“Just waiting for the pair to dye their hands!”

Melina showed a successful smile.

Mann Jianguo sighed: “Sarah, don’t blame us! We just want the family to grow! We are also for future generations!”

Mann Jianguo always disagrees with such a cruel approach, and can only use family growth to paralyze himself.

Concubine Mann Jun showed a stern smile.

Chapter 1300

It’s not a day or two for them to covet everything about plum dyeing.

Now that the opportunity is finally here, how can you let it go?

On this day, Logan, Mann and Cross’s family asked Sarah and Junjun to come in the name of a family meeting.

Although Levi arranged protection by Sarah’s side, this was Logan Mann’s family, so he didn’t care much.

Sarah and Junjun have just arrived in the ancestral home of the Logan family.

A group of people gathered around.

All of them are aggressive, and their posture is the same as that of three trials.

Only then did Sarah feel a bit bad!

Soon, Doug and Melina arrived.

Among them are Cross Wentao’s grandfather and parents.

Then the theme proceeded…

“By the way, I have to thank Sarah! Otherwise, we won’t have the opportunity to meet, let alone get along so harmoniously now!”

Melina smiled.

But then she changed her words: “Now that everyone is a family, we must develop together. We have discussed and decided to let all the industries and network resources of the Logan family, Cross family, and Mann family develop together. We old people are in control!”

“Good! We firmly support it!”

The Logan family, Mann family, and Cross family’s juniors immediately supported them.

“This will make the three more powerful! This is also our old man’s wish!”

“I hope that soon, when it comes to the southern border of Great Xia, everyone thinks of only three of us!”

“What do you think, Sarah?”

Everyone looked at Sarah in unison.

This is the focus of the meeting.

Sarah nodded: “It’s a good thing! I support it too!”

“Sister, support is not just a mouthful! It must be done! For the development of the family, I am willing to use all of my assets and network resources!”

Mann Junfei said.

“Yes, I am also willing to provide everything to support!”

Mike supports.

“me too!”

Alfred supports.

Mann Xuecheng and others supported it.

In the end, Sarah was left alone.

She got it.

This is their strategy.

What is the joint development of the three?

Obviously, it is the Erick Group who has fancyed her hands!

But this excuse is really good.

Everyone is willing to come up with everything to support!


Of course, Mann Jianguo’s faces were ugly.

They think this is too cruel to Sarah.

“What about Sarah? What do you think?”

Melina asked.

Everyone looked at her one after another.

“I also agree. I use my own assets to support the joint development of the three companies!”

Sarah smiled.

Mann Jianguo immediately said: “Okay! Yes! Just use your personal assets to support it!”

“What’s so good?”

But Melina and Doug immediately stopped Mann Jianguo.

“What is a personal name? All of us belong to all the industrial companies under our name! It just happens to be specialised here in Sarah! This is not good!”

“If Sarah wants to support him, he has to take out everything! This is something everyone should abide by!”

Melina is humane.

“Yes, no specialization! Unless you don’t treat yourself as a family!”

Others said one after another.

Looking at the faces of everyone, Sarah smiled.

“You want Erick Group, right? Just explain how good it is, why bother to go around?”

Sarah asked.

“Yes, that’s right! Erick Group is now under your name, and it should be used to support the joint development of the three!”


“Then what if I don’t?”

Sarah didn’t understand their ghost thoughts.

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