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Chapter 1301

Moreover, it is said that at the family meeting, Dale and Edith are not allowed to attend.

To put it bluntly, I was afraid they would stop it!

As soon as Sarah said this, everyone’s face changed.

“Why don’t you? Everyone in the three families agreed, but you didn’t agree? Who do you think of yourself? Do you want to betray your ancestors?”

Melina and Doug scolded.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but Erick Group is not mine, it is King’s Landing, and there are many people who own a large proportion of shares! I can’t be the Lord!”

Plum dyed.

“Huh, you’re talking nonsense! Who are you lying to? Who doesn’t know that Erick Group is yours! Even if it is Levi? You are a husband and wife, and his is yours!

What’s more, he is handicapped, you have to take care of him, this company is all yours! “

Concubine Mann Jun angrily scolded.

“You are not allowed to bully mother! No…”

Jun Junhu had a small face and looked at everyone fiercely.

Sarah smiled: “What are you doing for the three joint development, isn’t it just for Erick Group? Don’t think I can’t see it!”

Mike glared at her and said angrily: “Yes, that’s right! We just want your Erick Group!”

“This is what you deserve to contribute to the Logan family and Mann family! Forget about your family after you have developed?”

Seeing that they couldn’t hide it, everyone showed their true colors.

“I want to tell you one thing clearly-it’s impossible, don’t fight the idea of ​​Erick Group!”

With that said, Sarah was about to leave with Junjun in his arms.

“Let’s go! But whenever you step out of this gate! Your child will have no name or surname!”

As soon as Sarah walked to the gate, Concubine Mann Jun’s voice sounded.


Sarah was taken aback, then slowly turned around and looked at everyone.

Concubine Mann Jun looked at her condescendingly and said, “This is Levi’s child, right? Why is it called Logan Wangjun?”

“What does it have to do with you?”

Sarah stared at Concubine Mann Jun.

“It’s related, why doesn’t it matter?”

Doug’s voice sounded.

“This child follows his mother’s surname, but the surname is Logan! I am the head of the Logan family, and I never agreed that she can be named Logan!”


Sarah was taken aback.

“As long as I say a word, I can deprive her of her surname! She can’t be named Logan!”

Doug stared at her.

“Yes! What is the surname of Levi’s child? Does he have the qualification? Logan should be deprived of his surname!”

Everyone in the Logan family scolded.

Melina also said: “Not to be named Mann! The Mann family also disagrees!”

Cross Wentao’s father smiled: “It’s okay if the surname is Cross, just see if she is willing or not!”

How could Levi’s child be named Cross?

Logan and Mann reluctantly considered.

Because it has something to do with Sarah.

No other surname is possible!

Sarah looked at everyone in despair.

This is premeditated!

She was just thinking about what they would use to suppress herself.

Now I understand.

This is making a fuss about the child’s last name!

Can’t be named Mann.

Nor can the last name be Logan.

Not to mention other surnames.

Only one last name is left-Garrison.

Let Junjun and his father’s last name.

But this is an unworkable road.

The Garrison family in Jingcheng had a thousand warnings-Levi’s child could never be named Garrison.

Any surname is fine, but Garrison can’t do it!

This is to put plum dye on a dead end!

“Sarah, we don’t make it difficult for you! As long as you promise Erick Group to support the joint development of the three companies, you will be surnamed Mann and Logan!”

Chapter 1302

“Otherwise! Junjun will never have a surname, even a household registration status! Believe it or not?”

Faced with the threats of the crowd, how could Sarah not believe it?

What can’t these people do?

Not to mention this little thing.

They even expected the character of Sarah.

Forcing her to agree!

“You deceive people too much!”

Sarah stared at everyone helplessly.

“It’s not that we bullied people, it’s mainly that Levi was disabled, and we resolutely refused to agree!”

At this time, the Junjun in his arms suddenly said: “Mom, I can have the surname Garrison! I want to follow Dad’s surname!”

Jun Jun knows everything.

Melina and others laughed; “Follow your father’s surname, right? Well, you can be named Garrison! Then you just wait for the revenge of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, and see if the Garrison Family agrees or not!”

Everyone looked triumphant.

“Hmph! They dare not! They are afraid of father! My father is the god of war in God of War! Everyone must be afraid!”

Jun Jun has gone through the things before and after.

Colin still regarded Levi as the god of war in God of War.

He even knew the fate of Lawrence and Garrison Family.

Even the Garrison family is under the control of Levi. She wants the surname Garrison, who dares to hold him accountable?

Junjun is innocent and innocent, and he speaks the truth.

“Haha, listen? What did Levi teach this kid?”

“God of War? Is there a crippled God of War? If Levi is the God of War, it would be a shame. Can I still look up in Morendam?

The God of War is Woodrow! Not Levi! “

“Don’t you worry about Levi teaching the child badly? Look at this lie?”

Everyone laughed.

Also blame the child’s education problems.

Sarah’s complexion is also ugly.

What does Levi teach this?

Indeed, you used to be the God of War.

But now it’s not anymore, what else do you mention?

The key is that Junjun is still young, she will take it seriously.

This will cause a lot of trouble in the future.

It will also seriously affect the development of Junjun.

This can’t work!

“Mom, I believe Jun Jun, Jun Jun can be named Garrison! No one can do it!”

Junjun insisted.

But who would listen to a child?

“Sarah quickly make a decision, don’t think about it for yourself, but also think about it for your children!”

“Furthermore, take Erick Group out to support the joint development of the three companies, and the future is yours! Junjun is also the princess of the three families! Beloved by thousands! Not necessarily a bad thing!”

Melina started to tempt her.

At this moment, Sarah really moved.

She didn’t want Junjun to become a child who didn’t even have a registered permanent residence.

A child doesn’t even have a surname.

How pitiful is that?

“I think about it!”

Plum dyed.

Too bully.

Relying on Levi sitting in a wheelchair.

First, one of his kidneys was removed.

Now they are threatening to take the Erick Group away with the child’s surname!

Sarah couldn’t even imagine what kind of family he was born in.

The rich are as deep as the sea!

The affection here became a joke.

She would rather be born in an ordinary family in her next life.

“The time can’t be too long, just give you one day! Otherwise, immediately cancel the child’s hukou status and deprive her of her surname!”

The crowd threatened.

Sarah carried Junjun home.

Levi knew something had happened at a glance.

“what’s happening?”

He asked.

Sarah told him everything that happened.

Levi was very angry, but he was a little bit happy.

“It’s okay, Junjun’s surname is Garrison!”

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