The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1303 – 1304

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Chapter 1303

In fact, Levi really wanted to let Levi be named Garrison.

I’m just embarrassed to mention.

Sarah suffered too much for him.

The child followed the mother’s surname, and Levi didn’t say anything.

This time, Logan Mann and Cross’s three-family forced the palace, just in line with his ideas.

Changed the surname to Junjun.

“Huh? Levi, what do you think? Have you forgotten how the Garrison family warned?”

“Does Junjun dare to be named Garrison? Isn’t this angering the Garrison family?”

Sarah asked.

She knew Lawrence could do anything.

Even the baby Levi wanted to kill.

Jun Jun, he will do it too!

“Does the Garrison Family dare?”

Levi said coldly.

Garrison Family is under his control.

He can now abolish all Garrison Family’s house rules.

Not to mention Junjun’s surname Garrison.

“There are other things you shouldn’t teach Junjun. For example, you are the God of War.

You were before, but now you are down. You are now teaching Junjun to mislead her and affect her growth! “

Sarah warned Levi seriously.

Junjun immediately said: “Mom is not! Dad didn’t teach me indiscriminately!”

Levi smiled and said, “Sarah, don’t worry! Junjun’s surname is Garrison, and the Garrison family can’t do anything.”

“Look, I am not Garrison yet?”


Sarah hesitated.

She really did not dare to let Junjun be named Garrison.

The methods of the Garrison family group are well-known.

“Sarah believe me again, okay? Junjun’s surname is Garrison! Garrison family won’t be so good!”

“Do you really want to cede Erick Group to them?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

Sarah hesitated, but reluctantly believed it.

He only expected that Garrison Jia couldn’t do anything to deal with a child.

“That’s great! Jun Jun, you will have your father’s surname from now on. Your surname is Garrison, and your name is Garrison Wangjun!”

Levi was very excited and said to Junjun earnestly.

“I see, Dad! I’m Garrison Wangjun!”

Jun Jun also nodded.

Levi was so excited that he didn’t know why: “No, let’s have a dinner party, let’s celebrate!”

The next day, Levi organized a dinner.

Apart from the family and Dale and Edith, only Boyd Xiao and Natalie participated.

The family is happy.

Dale and Edith had great opinions on Levi, but they were very accepting on the face of Sarah.

What’s more, there is Junjun.

Halfway through the dinner, the three families of Logan, Mann and Cross came together.

“When is Sarah? Are you still thinking about hosting a dinner party?”

“Furthermore, why didn’t you call us at the dinner? Didn’t you treat us as family members?”

Melina and others looked angry.

Dale and Edith quickly apologized: “No…No, we just got together simply, so we didn’t call the elders to come.”

Levi looked upset: “Why are you here?”

Melina glared at him and said, “Why are we here? Naturally, we came to find a son to dye it.”

“How are things considered?”

Everyone looked at Sarah.

“I’ve decided, the child will be called Garrison Wangjun from now on! Follow his father’s surname!”

Plum dyed his face firmly.

“What? Dare to let the child be named Garrison? Are you crazy?”

Melina was shocked.

When they wanted to come, no matter what, Sarah would not let Junjun be named Garrison.

Don’t dare!

“Yes! The last name is Garrison!”

“Well, don’t blame us for being impolite, and tell the Garrison Family about this right away.”

Levi smiled: “Tell me, the Garrison family members have to kneel down when they see me!”

Chapter 1304

When Levi said this, everyone was stunned.

A handicapped dare to speak such big words?

Everyone in the Garrison family knelt down to him?

Foolish dreams!

Even Sarah felt embarrassed.

Before Levi was the god of war in God of War, he could do it naturally.

Now he is like this…

“Okay, you have a seed!”

“Then you wait for me, I will tell the Garrison Family, do you think the Garrison Family will spare you?”

Seeing Sarah’s attitude, Melina and the others were completely angry.

Tell the Garrison family everything.

“Whatever you do!”

Levi doesn’t care about Tao.

Even Junjun agreed: “Yes, Junjun will be called Garrison Wangjun from now on!”

Sarah didn’t care about anything else, and stood on the side of her husband and daughter.

Drive away Melina and his party.

After that, the dinner continued.

Sarah approached Levi and asked in a low voice, “Junjun’s surname has been changed. Do you want to change Junjun’s name as well? What about Garrison Wanjun?”

Levi shook his head: “No, just call Junjun by this name. It can always remind me of my guilt for your wife!”

“Well, I’m all up to you!”

Sarah didn’t say anything anymore.

After leaving, Melina quickly contacted Jingcheng Garrison’s family.

The one who answered the call was the housekeeper of the Garrison family in Jingcheng.

“I am… and Levi’s child uses the surname Garrison…”

Melina added a lot of fuel and vinegar.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

The butler of the Garrison clan asked rhetorically.

“Ah? No, didn’t the Jingcheng Garrison Clan forbid Levi’s children to use the Garrison surname?”

Melina was very surprised.

“What’s wrong with the Garrison surname? Morendam has so many Garrison surnames, can we manage it? You want to use this matter to sow discord?”

The Garrison Clan steward asked.

“No…it’s not…”

“we do not have!”

Melina was terrified.

“If not, then roll as far as possible!”

The butler of the Garrison clan hung up angrily.

People like Melina would never have imagined that the Garrison clan would celebrate because of the change of the monarch’s surname to Garrison.

Garrison Family is now completely in the hands of Levi.

The Garrison family is very afraid of what will happen in the future.

Will Levi use them…

But now there is news that Jun Jun changed his surname to Garrison.

That means that Levi thinks he is the Garrison family…

This is a good thing!

“No! Junjun is the little lord of our Garrison Clan! She changed her surname, we should congratulate!”

“Come here, go and prepare the most noble gift, we can go to Jiangbei Road, He Xiaozhu to change the surname!”

“Not only that, but the Long Family, the Lin Family and the Royal Family must all celebrate!”

“Contact the Garrison Clan from all over Morendam again, and go all!”

Garrison Tianlin personally came forward to preside over this matter.

This is the only opportunity for the Garrison Clan.

The Garrison Clan’s survival was within Levi’s thoughts.

If this thing is done.

Levi will never hurt the killer.

They want Levi to see sincerity!

The Garrison family prepared precious gifts.

So are the Long Family and Lin Family.

This is something Melina and the others never expected.

Jun Jun just changed his surname and it caused a major earthquake.

Hundreds of giants in Morendam came to celebrate.

What kind of scene is this?

On the day that the daughter of the God of War changed her surname, the Morendam Wan clan came together—Congratulations, Xiaozhu changed her surname!

No one expected this.

After all, Levi has been abandoned, who will listen to him?

But where does everyone know?

Although he is in a wheelchair, he is stronger than before.

Jun Jun is the daughter of God of War!

Who dares to change her surname!

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