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Chapter 1305

The next day, Jiangbei Airport Group suddenly applied for more private jet routes.

In all directions, there are all over the country.

Especially in the capital, the various powers are so powerful that they can only be approved.

So a private jet is on its way to Jiangbei.

Soon, there was a scene of luxury cars gathering at the airport.

It must be a big man who came.

This is a little further away.

The wealthy families who are a little closer have entered the battle with luxury cars.

From every corner of the long-long convoy, they gathered in Jiangbei.

Soon, the highways around Jiangbei became lively.

Everyone has never seen such a sight!

Almost all the water, land and air in Jiangbei have burst.

An unprecedented grand occasion.

“What happened to Jiangbei?”

“Such a big battle? What is this going to do?”

Soon everyone realized that something big was going to happen in Jiangbei.

It seems that in only half a day, the road is full of luxury cars, and helicopters are constantly flying around in the sky.

Jiangbei has never been so lively before.

“Dad, look, there are so many planes!”

Jun Jun pointed to the air and cheered.

Ollie said suspiciously: “I don’t know what’s wrong, it’s the same as Jiangbei’s accident.”

Everywhere was surprised by the movements of Jiangbei.

At this time, Melina, Doug and others who were still in the ancestral home of the Logan family naturally received the news.

“I heard that Garrison Tianlin, the ancestor of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, came in person, and almost all the high-ranking Garrison Clan followed!”

“Not only that! There is also the Long Family Patriarch who came with a high-level collective!”

“Elder Lin also brought a lot of people here!”

“All the royal families and royal families in the capital are here! This posture is too big!”

“The rich and powerful people from other places are here!”

Heard these news.

Melina and others were still shocked.

The goal of Logan Mann Cross Sanjia is to create a royal family.

But now, there are many more terrifying than the royal family.

“The Garrison family came to Jiangbei to deal with the change of Levi’s child’s surname. What about the others? What are they here for?”

“Yeah, why didn’t we hear a little bit of wind before?”

Everyone was very puzzled.

In this area, they are considered to be people with faces and faces, and they don’t even know about such a big thing?

“Hurry up and find out what’s going on?”

Melina ordered.

“In fact, I think this is an opportunity for us. How can so many powerful people gather together before?”

Melina, Doug and the others looked at each other, and they already had a plan in their hearts.

They will definitely seize this opportunity!

Sarah, who was in the company, suddenly received news that someone in the lobby wanted to see her.

After the plum was dyed, he unexpectedly saw a person-Old Man Lin.

“Yi… Mr. Lin, you are here…”

Sarah subconsciously said something, and immediately changed his name.

“Sarah, it’s me who can’t afford you!”

The words of Old Man Lin made Sarah inexplicable.

What does he mean?

“Sarah, I used to be sorry for you, I shouldn’t stand by and watch! But for the sake of the family, I had to do this!”

Elder Lin regretted it very much. When Garrison Tianlin told him to be with him, Elder Lin regretted it to the point of death.

“Ah, Mr. Lin is fine, you are right.”

Plum dye was surprised.

Old man Lin looked at Sarah complicatedly and said, “Actually, I really want to be your foster father… I wonder if I still have this qualification?”

Chapter 1306


Sarah was stunned.

Elder Lin wanted to accept her as a righteous daughter, so he even asked if she was qualified?

How is this going?

what happened to him?

Sarah was puzzled.

Before she asked for help at the most critical moment, Mr. Lin refused.

Now it is this attitude.

When she was about to agree, Old Man Lin sighed: “Forget it, I don’t deserve it!”

“I just came to see you, not dare to have other ideas.”

Old man Lin really didn’t dare.

It turned out that he wanted to accept plums for dyeing as a righteous daughter, so he accepted.

But now if he accepts plums and becomes a righteous daughter, wouldn’t anyone also call him a righteous father?

Then he dare not!

Later, Mr. Lin left.

Sarah looked dumbfounded.

what is this?

Not only that.

Sarah also heard that all the big wealthy families in the capital gathered in Jiangbei.

Even the Garrison family came.

“Could it be for Jun Jun to change his surname? Grandma and the others just said last night that the Garrison family is here today?”

After hearing the news, Sarah went straight to the house.

“The Garrison family is here, maybe it’s for Junjun.”

Sarah looked solemnly.

“What are you afraid of? What is the surname of my child, do I need them to care?”

Levi’s face didn’t matter, he was with Junjun counting the planes in the sky.

“But I’m afraid of this!”

“But fortunately, if something really happens, I can ask my adoptive father to beg for mercy! With his face, it is still possible for the Garrison Family to save the Lord from the trouble!”

It just so happened that Mr. Lin came to see her today, his attitude changed so much.

It’s okay to ask him for help.

Therefore, Sarah is not too worried.

Levi didn’t feel relieved at all.

It’s just a group of fleas.

At this moment, more and more wealthy families are gathering in Jiangbei.

In the Jiangbei Yejia Manor.

Charlie and Levi’s adoptive father and mother are also curious about this matter.

In particular, Van and Colleen, who were in charge of the main investigation, were even more confused.

“I don’t know what happened, we can’t find out!”

At this moment, outside the Garrison Family Manor, there was a sudden roar of engines.

Everyone rushed out.

However, dozens of cars were seen parked at the door.

An old man got off the car, crowded around him.

“The ancestor of the Garrison Clan in Beijing is here!”

Hearing this identity, Charlie and others were shocked.

Looking back up, the Garrison Family in Jiangbei can actually be regarded as a branch of the Garrison Family in Beijing.

“The ancestors come, what is your order? Jiangbei Garrison Family will do their best!”

Charlie and others knelt to the ground.

Garrison Tianlin directly arranged: “First, you arrange a place that can accommodate many people! Second, let Levi and Garrison Wangjun come together!”

“Understood! Let’s do it right away!”

“Van, hurry up and do it!”

Charlie asked.

Jiangbei Garrison’s family trembled in their hearts.

The Garrison Clan of Jingcheng is going to use Levi to operate.

Especially seeing people like Garrison Tianlin with solemn expressions, they even realized that something big was going to happen.

Completely misunderstood Garrison Tianlin’s meaning.

Van and Colleen first arranged a conference room that could accommodate several thousand people.

Afterwards, they went to find Levi in person.

“Hehe, Levi, you have to change your child’s surname! You asked for it!”

Van and Colleen had come to find fault after Levi was abandoned.

They were very excited when they heard that the Jingcheng Garrison Family was going to deal with Levi.

The more miserable Levi was, the more excited they were.

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