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Chapter 1307

After all, Levi ruined their generous life and life.

Now that they have finally waited for the opportunity, can they be upset?

Van and Colleen arrogantly came to Levi’s residence.

Levi was taken aback.

I didn’t expect these two people to come.

“Levi will arrive at Tianchen International Hall at 8 o’clock tonight! Dare you?”

Van looked at him playfully.

“What are you going to do?”

Levi asked.

“Of course it is to clean up you, depending on whether you dare to come?”

Colleen also looked at Jun Jundao: “Such a lovely child, it’s a pity that I gave birth to the wrong family because a surname is about to be dealt with.”

“Levi no matter how brilliant you were in the past, now you can only sit in a wheelchair and be bullied by others!”

“Even if you were once the god of war in God of War? Can you save your wife and daughter now? Not just watching!”

Van sneered: “How brilliant you were at the beginning, but now? Can you still be so arrogant?”

“Be sure to come, don’t let us look down on you!”

Van and Colleen left arrogantly.

Soon after, the Western Heavenly King came and told Levi the matter.

“Okay, go tonight!”

It was almost eight o’clock in the evening.

When Sarah got the news, the Garrison family named Levi to take Junjun with him.

She hurried to stop, but after all, she was a step slower.

Sarah quickly called Mr. Lin.

“Old Lin, please save my child once, and the Garrison family will start with her. Please, please save my child and husband!”

“Ah? What is it with?”

The old man on the other end of the phone was stunned.

Who would dare to deal with them?

Are you looking for death?

this is not!

Just as he was about to say something, Garrison Tianlin’s voice came in his ear: “Garrison Zhan Shane is here! Everyone, hurry up!”

Hearing this, he could only vaguely promised Sarah: “Okay, okay…”

Sarah hung up the phone and was relieved.

In Tianchen International Hall.

Charlie and the Garrison family are waiting.

Levi’s adoptive father said, “I don’t understand. Since the Garrison Family in Jingcheng wants to deal with Levi, why don’t you just do it? Let us come instead?”

Many people have this doubt.

“It’s very simple! The Garrison Clan in Beijing is a superior existence. They would bend down to do this kind of thing? Let us do it perfectly!”

Charlie explained.

Everyone understood in an instant.

The Garrison Clan in Jingcheng would not bend over to do this for Levi.

They can only arrange it.

Soon, the Northern Heavenly King pushed Levi into the field.

Jun Jun was embraced by Levi.

“Levi, do you really dare to come?”

When everyone in the Garrison family saw Levi, everyone was basically angry.

Two years ago, Levi brought too much shame to everyone.

Almost ruined everyone’s everything.

Everyone dared not speak.

Want revenge, how can it be possible?

That is the God of War!

How can revenge?

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Levi would become like this.

Give them a chance to avenge.

“Why didn’t I dare to come?”

Levi smiled.

Jun Jun muttered: “Dad is the God of War, so I won’t be afraid of you.”

“Hahaha… God of War? A joke!”

“Where is there a handicapped in God of War?”

Jiang Beiye’s family all laughed.

“Levi is telling you the truth! It is the Garrison Clan in Beijing that brought you here tonight! They want to deal with you!”

“Who asked you to change this little ba5tard’s last name!”

“Our big feud is finally going to be avenged! If the Garrison Family does it, you will definitely die!”

Chapter 1308

Jiangbei Garrison’s family has been waiting for this day for too long.

Everyone wanted to get rid of Levi and hurry up.

“Dare he?”

Levi said coldly.


Van smiled.

Colleen smiled.

Everyone laughed.

“Levi, you are so arrogant?”

“Don’t dare? Why don’t people dare? What kind of thing are you?”

The Garrison family scolded angrily.

Levi hugged Jun Jun and smiled and said, “For the sake of my daughter’s face, I will give you another chance, otherwise you won’t even have time to regret it later!”

The Northern Heavenly King, who was pushing the wheelchair, smiled and said, “You can’t cry even if you cry!”

“Hahaha… Levi said the opposite, right? You beg for mercy now, and we can help you beg for mercy later!”

Charlie smiled.

The adoptive father and adoptive mother even looked at Levi jokingly: “What about your rhetoric at the cemetery? What mercenary million dominates the world?”

“Yeah, what about the right to say good? How about the best minister? Why are you sitting in a wheelchair now?”

They were all so scared that they lay on the ground and did not dare to move.

Now one by one straightened their waists, facing Levi Yaowu.

“Well, there is only one chance, you have lost it!”

Levi smiled.

“Levi, I think you’ve lost your mind, right? Are you talking nonsense!”

The Garrison family scolded.

“The big guys are here, everyone get ready!”

At this time, news came from outside.

Charlie and others hurriedly stood by to prepare.

The door opened.

Garrison Tianlin brought the top of the Garrison family to come.


Charlie greeted him affectionately.


It’s just that they were all pushed away.

Garrison Tianlin, Garrison Kuanglan and others all walked to Levi.




Everyone knelt to the ground one by one.

Everyone shouted at Levi together–

“Meet the Lord!”

“Meet the little lord!”

“Congratulations to Xiaozhu for changing his surname!”

“This is a blessing for all races! The Garrison family gave away 888,880,000 in cash!”

“Send another small main island!”

Jiangbei Yejia was stunned.

But this is just the beginning.

All the members of the Long Family of the Second Family came to the front together and knelt on the ground.

“Meet the Lord!”

“Meet the little lord!”

“Congratulations to Xiaozhu for changing his surname!”

“Send Xiaozhu a playground!”

“Give me another castle!”

Next, Mr. Lin Jialin led the team to the court, also kneeling in front of Levi.

The shouting is the same.

The gifts given are all priceless!

The same goes for the Qin family, the royal family in the capital.

The same goes for the Jiang family of the royal family in Beijing.

The same is true of the major royal families in the capital.

The same is true of the great royal families in Jianghai.

The big families of Morendam came to worship together.

Soon, thousands of people were accommodated here.

The most frightening thing was that thousands of people all knelt down in front of Levi.

“Congratulations, Xiaozhu changed his surname!”

Who is the lord?

Of course it is Jun Jun!

Jun Jun changed his surname, but Morendam Wan Clan came to congratulate…

This is unimaginable!

Van was stunned.

Colleen was stunned.

Charlie was dumbfounded.

The adoptive father and mother were dumbfounded.

Jiangbei Garrison’s family was all dumbfounded.

This…what’s the situation?

Why do people call Levi the Lord?

Isn’t he a ruin?

How could big clans like the Garrison family listen to him?

This is impossible!


The Garrison Family couldn’t accept all this in front of them.

But the most terrifying scene appeared-

I saw Levi got up from the wheelchair holding Junjun…



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