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Chapter 1309


Van’s eyes are about to fly out.

Colleen fell to the ground with a puff… her body trembled sharply.

The adoptive father and mother were dumbfounded on the spot.

Charlie’s blood pressure rose and he almost fainted.

A disabled person stood up in front of them…

This is an unimaginable thing!

Is he okay?

It’s all right!

Seeing Levi walk in front of them step by step, Charlie and others’ hearts almost burst.

Levi always pretends.

Not only that, he was also the Lord of Morendam’s thousands of people who went to Wanhaomen.

Jiangbei made such a big move, it turned out to be celebrating the change of surnames for his children?

All these changes were too fast for the Jiangbei Garrison Family to adapt.

They also remembered what Levi had just said to give them one last chance.

They disagree.

“No! Why do you all listen to him? Even if his body is recovered, his position as God of War has been taken away by Woodrow!”

The adoptive father Ramond looked unbelievable.

The same is true for others.

Levi is not disabled, everyone accepts it.

But he was deprived of the position of God of War, and he was just an ordinary person.

Why does the Morendam Ten Thousand Clan have to listen to him?

This is unreasonable!

“What is Woodrow? He even killed Woodrow’s Lord, four Lords, and even the first Lord of the East Island, Demon Blade! He is even the lord of the Zhentian Temple! And the capital has unanimously determined that he is still the God of War!”

Garrison Tianlin sneered.


This fact was a shocking blow to everyone in the Garrison family.

He is still the pinnacle!

Do not!

Stronger than before!

It just covers up the glory and edge of the body.


Too stupid!

As long as they are smarter, just like the Jingcheng Garrison Clan, they are likely to rise!

“We were wrong in King’s Landing!”

Charlie knelt down one by one.

Kowtowing to Levi begging for mercy: “We have no eyes! We are wrong!”




Everyone kowtowed, and blood was bleeding from their foreheads.

I dare not stop yet.

Levi ignored them.

Because they gave a chance just now.

Jiangbei Garrison Family didn’t want it.

He can’t help it.

So the Garrison family didn’t even have a chance to regret it!

Levi did not speak.

The Garrison Family kept kowtow.

Blood is coming…

Several people even passed out directly.

“From now on, I don’t want to see Jiangbei Garrison’s family still active in Morendam!”

Levi approached.

One sentence is equivalent to a trial.

The Jiangbei Garrison family has since disappeared, and Morendam will never have a place for them to survive.

Garrison Family’s heart is ashamed…

Completely finished!

At this time, Melina and Doug who inquired about the address were rushing to the Tianchen International Hall.

Seeing the vehicles outside the hall and a private helicopter on the apron, everyone was even more excited.

If they can climb up to some of the big shots, they will definitely rise to the top in the future.

If Sarah’s Erick Group were to be taken, the three of them would have taken off completely.

The thought of this made everyone’s heart surging, and they couldn’t bear it anymore.

Melina and Doug entered the hall with enthusiasm.

“Grandpa and grandma, I heard that Levi and his evil seed were caught here. I’m afraid they are suffering?”

Concubine Mann Jun just heard the news from Sarah.

At this time, there was a thumping sound in the hall.

There was a lot of movement.

It’s like fighting.

“It seems that Levi and his daughter are being abused!”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled.

Chapter 1310

“Let’s go in and have a look! This kid wants to change his surname? Is this going to be retribution?”

“I understand, the Garrison family came to Liwei this time in Jiangbei! It’s probably to warn Levi to change his surname!”

Concubine Mann Jun is humane.

They immediately entered the hall.

After entering the hall, they saw an incredible scene——

Dozens of people knelt on the ground, kowtow frantically.

Blood splattered, soaking the ground.

They immediately recognized that this group was from Jiangbei Garrison’s family.

Are they kowtow to plead guilty?

Someone stunned to death.

All the rest were knocked out to blood…

This this this!

Melina was terrified.

The calf is trembling, the body is stiff, the forehead is cold and sweaty…

It’s so scary!

Why do they kowtow?

Could it be…

Everyone looked at each other, and immediately thought of a possibility—because of the change of the surname of the monarch to Garrison, the Jingcheng Garrison Clan directly blamed the Jiangbei Garrison Clan.

Special punishment!

That’s why the Jiangbei Garrison Family kowtow…


Charlie, whose face was full of blood, let out a weak voice.

While Melina was afraid in their hearts, they stared at Levi fiercely.

Blame this broom star!

Look, it hurts others every time!

It will affect them sooner or later!

Jiangbei Garrison’s family was kneeling in the field.

The wealthy families in the capital and all over Morendam were all standing, but Levi was sitting in a wheelchair, calm and relaxed, looking indifferent.

What kind of system is this?

Are you too brave?

Melina saw Levi sitting in a wheelchair holding Junjun, she roared: “Levi, do you still dare to sit? Why not roll to the ground and kneel to apologize?”

Doug also agreed: “Yes, if you do something wrong and let the family follow the punishment, can you get away with your conscience?”

“You are a broom star, and your child is a little broom star! You still dare to sit and roll off the wheelchair?”

Logan Mann and Cross Sanjia shouted at Levi angrily.

This kid is too pretentious.



Suddenly Garrison Tianlin slapped the wooden table in half, making a huge noise.

“Are you talking here?”

Garrison Tianlin roared.

Frightened Melina and Mann Jianguo’s group.

Not only that.


At this time, thousands of people in the field looked at them all.

His eyes were fierce.

The breath is terrifying.

“Dare to yell at him? Are you tired of being crooked?”

“Going to die! Dare to do this in front of us?”

“Presumptuous! Say another try?”

Everyone scolded.

Being stared at by thousands of bigwigs.

Logan Mann and Cross Sanjia were scared to death.

Everyone is going crazy…


Everyone knelt to the ground uncontrollably.

“sorry Sorry!”

“We were wrong! This kind of occasion shouldn’t be our voice!”

“We are just a bunch of ants and bugs, please don’t remember the villain and spare us once!”

Melina and they all thought–without the permission of the big guys, they talked privately and made the big guys angry.

After all, everyone present is distinguished and distinguished, and it is the existence they look up to.

They are not qualified to speak on this occasion.

For example, the results now provoke the bigwigs.

Even the ancestors of the Garrison family were angry.

This is too great a crime.

At this time, even Sarah rushed over, she was mainly worried that Levi and Jun Jun had an accident.

When I came here, I saw people kneeling on the ground.

She was dumbfounded.

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